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Posted on: July 3, 2012, at 10:42:15pm

  1. Yes, yes, and yes :)

  2. Lololololol I couldn't if I even tried. I suck

  3. your a genius i wish i thought of this

  4. haha Niiiiice AAA get!!! I should have that by now too, but whatever lol

  5. Being re-AAAing stuff and I see your name all the time in top 10 rofl..

  6. U welcome man! thanks, I hope, I'm trying to at least BF the song. :)

  7. Thanks! hahahaha I switch between mirror, it helps me a lot o:

  8. Thanks, one of the few .gifs I've actually liked as well ^.^

  9. Look at you... Sneaking in the top 10 of a fucking 92.

  10. Thanks for ur support :D!

  11. Thanks, still messing around with it though. Not done yet.

  12. so many AAAs D:

  13. here and there yes

  14. It's a great setup, and an even greater game! Sending 100 credits now!

  15. That'd be pretty fun

  16. you know you like it 8)

  17. your a genius i wish i thought of this

  18. Watch this rofl

  19. Thanks for the vote.

  20. I can see that, good job.

  21. LOL, just tied you in AAAs! :p

  22. :)

  23. What's giving you so many goods in Coward Killing Time ?

  24. Oh, just relax a bit, play around with mirror and speedmods until you feel comfortable. Pretty sure you can do better on this one if you keep trying. I can't read Jamais Deux at all and I can almost AAA this song, so I'm assuming you simply haven't adapted/tried much yet. Your Reality Hits Hard Bro is amazing btw.

  25. Really nice profile mate! Greetings from Poland :)

  26. can you send me your input file? The legacy songs might not be flagged correctly due to formatting of some kind.

  27. starwolf AAA o.0

  28. you're too good for me now

  29. Just passed you in AAA's. :)

  30. hey thanks for the vote! :)

  31. Congrats on 1k AAAs man! :')

  32. wow you keep getting stuff LOL, grats on Vet status man!!! XDD

  33. It's called BBCode, lol. Look it up.

  34. Well, so much for ninja-ing you :(. Congrats.

  35. Yep, can't believe 1 second made all the difference...

  36. Forget what I said, the token has been unlocked for you now! No need to wait until tomorrow!

  37. Just makes me sad to know that we should both be at the same avg rank and skill set atm lol

  38. No because my computer died on me over 6 months ago in the middle of a tourney when the final three was you, myself, and someone else. When I got 9-0-0-0 on PCS and 3-0-0-0 on Puzzle and you were the only one close to me. After that PCS my comp broke. I was devistated.

  39. Ill need a lot of time and a lot of luck now. I know when I get back I can get ONI now though

  40. How much SM do you play?

  41. Why do you say that o.O ?

  42. I'm not a duck ...

  43. What do you mean by that ?

  44. The lag issue isn't as bad as before but it's a lot more complicated than that. My random thought says that I'm going to do a writeup about this FFR hiatus.

  45. <3

  46. I can't compete with you unless we pick the only few songs I somehow beat your score because I mash hard parts and get away with good pa. Just sayin~

  47. ps: Nice ERB AAA lmao..

  48. 48th lololllolooololollll

  49. Good luck in D6 man, I'm rooting for ya! I expect at least top 20 from you. B)

  50. Eh, don't worry about. I'm totally in the same boat as you. Haven't played FFR for more than 30 minutes straight probably since the last official. :\

  51. supbro

  52. ayyy ty

  53. Augusta, Jo-ja

  54. Congrats on reaching 1800 AAAs! Also nice new legendary etude fc! So tough to hit those jump jacks. Keep up the wonderful scores!

  55. Congrats on Coactive!

  56. bro wtf sick husigi score :O

  57. man ur so good at jacks lol

  58. 1900+ aaas 8]

  59. bro your pfp, holy shit wtf is that

  60. not sure if I wanna know what Ferb looks like in front view now...

  61. :O

  62. being recognized by front-facing phineas, this is truly the peak of my career

  63. Thanks dude! I feel kinda lucky to have made it this far but yea top 8 would be the icing on the cake :D you're playing really well this tourney.. wouldn't be surprised to see you make it to the final 3 :D

  64. Hey, what’s up

  65. Thanks :)

  66. Lol cool. Grats on all of the recent AAAs and that spon con run was really neat last night! You'll probably pass me in AVG rank soon. Keep it up!

  67. leaderboards*

  68. Thanks bro 😎


  70. You absolute jackman, grats on earning Derby through a Punkture AAA!!

  71. Congrats on Derby man! Sick Punkture AAA!

  72. Derby on Punkture :O u monster

  73. Ayy, grats on derby and that sick punkture AAA!! You've finally done did it :o

  74. TY! Glad I pulled that one off, System Doctor was by far the trickiest file to AAA imo