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I'm 21. I am going through to relive my experiences on FFR. And I was a weird kid.
Stuff and things.
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Citizen After the Burial Balance and Composure Within The Ruins Architects Title Fight Brand New Taking Back Sunday
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NEoN BLuE writes at 6:29:27pm on 5/7/16
What the fuck was wrong with us?
Gummy-Bear writes at 11:43:11pm on 5/12/12
do you remeber me old friend
Kingofcheese writes at 1:09:20pm on 12/20/09
hello captain neon
phe0nixblade writes at 8:07:07pm on 8/30/09
hey man, i totally remember making fun of you because i read your about me before and laughed because you're some emo fag, ps a downvote or and upvote; a vote is still a vote so thanks br0
Panic4Me writes at 3:59:45pm on 8/26/09
I am aware that my avatar is a picture of Alex Evans. I'm using it on purpose. Hence my custom title, "Heartbreaker". I am a girl. My about me section is in fact true, minus a few small details that I changed to make it appear as if I were a boy. I'm doing it as a joke between myself and friends who have known me on this site for a long time. We wanted to see how many people would actually fall for it. FFR has already been through the "use a picture of Alex Evans and say it's you" phase, so most people would realize it's not true. I'm just looking for a few good laughs with friends, and I'll be changing my profile back to the way it was previously within a few days.
itachi_kitty writes at 10:12:48am on 8/24/09
itachi_kitty writes at 9:01:24pm on 8/6/09
Heyy~ :D
*Tears Of Blood* writes at 6:54:43pm on 6/13/09
OMg Its You lol
tifa1 writes at 8:15:37pm on 4/30/09
Just wanted to leave some love on your page(:
tifa1 writes at 4:49:03pm on 4/29/09
Well i WILL!