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I'm a sadistic guy who wants to take over the world. Simply put. All flash flash revolution/ddr players would definatly survive! Oh yeah and I'm the creator of Xism and I'm 16. I'm also the creator of March of Vengeance. I have had roughly 2 years of experience with piano, but I already know how to play a lot of classical music and am learning how to play some Thelonious Monk ( hard jazz pieces). Oh, and fuck the Cowboys. I hope they lose to the Redskins every single time!!!
Like to play, make, and rate stepfiles, Love videogames, play the piano, and play sports. I hate reading... no matter what I'm afraid. I believe in taking over the world so that it will move on faster so that people don't waste countless years studying and doing the same devastating tasks over again
Fav Music:
Anything that isn't too unpopular or from personally disliked artists, games, or entertainment. I make my own music with generally horrible midi instruments, but trust me, they have real potential. Don't imagine them in the way that you see them. Imagine them as a next generation song in a RPG
Fav Movies:
Mostly anything thats funny, but not too many scary movies cause most of them just aren't scary and personally I have a sadist side that just doesn't get satisfied in non-scary movies resulting in mass genocide of people (in my mind for now)... 30 DAYS OF NIGHT WAS AWESOME!!! LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD IS THE FUCKING BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Screw the Cowboys
Posted on: October 11, 2009, at 08:44:39pm   [0 comments]
Just when things seemed to be going so swell, the Redskins just HAD to fucking lose with the gay ass Panthers punt gay SHIT. On top of that the damn Chiefs had to lose to the stupid fucking Cowboys. FUCK THE COWBOYS, YOU GUYS ARE GOING DOWN WHEN WE PLAY YOU I DON'T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT THE RECORDS AND STATISTICS. FUCKING FUCKK!!!! FOR SEAN TAYLOR!!!!!!!!!!

One Winged Angel
Posted on: August 12, 2008, at 10:13:40pm   [0 comments]
I made a new techish version of One Winged Angel. Check it out at

One Winged Angel With Chorus
Posted on: May 16, 2008, at 08:47:54pm   [0 comments]
look for "One Winged Angel (insane) W/ Chorus"
This is my insane version of One Winged Angel.
Though incomplete, it's on its way!

One Winged Angel
Posted on: May 14, 2008, at 07:02:21pm   [0 comments]
I've been working a little on this project for a new version of One Winged Angel. If you want me to post it up what I have so far let me know.

Song of Devils
Posted on: April 7, 2008, at 02:52:11pm   [0 comments]
I made a new song for all you sadists out there who love fast, evil songs. This whopping 450 bpm song should relieve you of your rage (especially if u have steps to it and Actually dance to it lol [good luck rofl]). I made a few steps to it but the song and steps are incomplete.

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DeadSquid writes...
at 12:49:18am on 8/4/12
Hey! kurai_neko is now DeadSquid, after years and years of not being on FFR xD
LaZboy77 writes...
at 12:09:07am on 7/20/12
Thelonious Monk, huh? So do you play like "stride" piano?
GretchenV writes...
at 11:39:18pm on 7/19/12
The first post on your wall in years!
kurai_neko writes...
at 2:10:19pm on 6/22/08
heyy you're online!
Rakkas writes...
at 8:16:02am on 5/26/08
lol thanks...i put it there cuz of inside joke with my friend
aichi_tetsugaku writes...
at 10:48:50pm on 5/16/08
aichi_tetsugaku writes...
at 10:44:08pm on 5/16/08
thank you
aichi_tetsugaku writes...
at 8:49:16pm on 5/16/08
I love your profile
Godnick writes...
at 8:13:14pm on 5/14/08
PS: Nice page :)
Coda375 writes...
at 3:03:25pm on 3/15/08
happy b day
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