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I'm 17 years old i play alot of sports and video games and love to draw
tae kwon do, video games , sports , video games , and all the girls in the world (except for a select few lol)
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all except polka and country
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ahhh to many to name
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HK_KrAz3 writes...
at 9:08:11am on 11/6/08
nope i own a wii and a PS3
HK_KrAz3 writes...
at 9:48:20am on 11/3/08
yea bro havent seen u in yrs lol wut up
CAFK writes...
at 11:34:17am on 2/13/08
Happy Birthday! n_n
CAFK writes...
at 6:10:47pm on 1/25/08
Haha, hihiii! I just started college last August and will be in Undergrad for another 3 1/2 years. I'm going to have to go for my MBA after that, so we'll see. ;] How about you? How've you been?
phe0nixblade writes...
at 2:16:13pm on 10/24/07
I don't add random people just because they like 1 thing the same as me. So, yeah.
onewingedangel99 writes...
at 12:50:39pm on 7/6/07
ohh that person who last commented mad eu look gay killa kill him
AnnaisAwsomex3 writes...
at 9:11:54pm on 7/2/07
lol im guessing your the kid i met in the ipod store.
i stopped playing because like idk.
i had a life i guess?
midorim writes...
at 1:58:31pm on 7/2/07
wats ^
RaikouRider writes...
at 9:17:25am on 6/29/07
For stepmania skins: www.stepmaniathings. com
thayerloverforlife writes...
at 10:37:35pm on 6/28/07
hey was good im just chillin lol
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