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I'm a high school student! yo! And... have a G2 and a job. I'm 17! omg! And very sleep deprived.
I like Disney, watching Boondocks, and listening to Britpod. I also like eating shrimp and synthesizing copywritten DVD's onto my Video iPod. Being bisexual is fun, too, now if only it were an interest.
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Too much. So let me dumb it down for you. Anything. And. Everything.
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Shaun Of The Dead, Inside Man, Man On Fire, Trainspotting, 28 Days Later, Snakes On A Plane, Odd Couple II, Moulin Rouge, Hotel Rwanda... (and much more)
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My Little Girl's All Growed Up
Posted on: July 1, 2007, at 10:09:43am   [0 comments]
Happy 140th Birthday Canada!
Good on ya' (and keep it going).

Keep doing that good thing you do.

It's My Birthday, Wanna' Spank Me?
Posted on: March 29, 2007, at 09:58:00am   [0 comments]
It was on this day (March 29th), that I, Jesus (Christ), was born.
Today's my birthday, kickass, huh?

(I Need To Get My Mind) Off Us
Posted on: March 3, 2007, at 12:28:40pm   [0 comments]
And just when you think, things couldn't get any better... they don't. When it hurts so much that you can't even bear seeing their name (you know). Love might stink (sometimes), but you get used to the smell (don't you). It's weird like that. And now we're broke.

I liked love (but not the kind that hurt).

Posted on: October 6, 2006, at 07:11:32pm   [0 comments]
You know life is good when you get your G1 license (ability to drive for those who aren't Canadian). Without a hitch.

And get a perfect score, even though your pessimistic side... almost won out.

I can drive now, babeh -thumbs up-

And that's it for now.

Please swasbuckle responsibly.

I feel SO good right now... can't even use words to explain it.

You Had Me At, "Can I Borrow A Smoke?"
Posted on: September 2, 2006, at 09:38:46pm   [0 comments]
Ah. And yes. A new blurry picture.

The blurrier the better. Haha. Or whatever.

It's there. I'm here. It works.

Bitchin'? Not much.

Comment wall
ddrfeline writes...
at 5:34:41pm on 11/15/09
I wish you'd come back to FFR.
moondoggie_luv writes...
at 3:10:51pm on 3/14/08
omfg! i havent talked to us in forever! hows life?
jk=hood writes...
at 9:44:48pm on 3/1/08
Because you read this,
> >
> >you will get kissed on friday.
> > By the person u flirt with
> >B R E A K I T
> >
> >and your crush will ask someone else out.
> > and then he or she will come back running
> >
> >Tomorrow
> >
> >will be the best day of your life.
> >
> >How ever, if u don't send this to at least 10 people, by at least 1 am,
> >
> >you will have bad luck for the rest of your life.
> >
> >Just copy,
> >
> >
> >
> >paste
> >
> >and you will get kissed on Friday.
> >
> >
> >DON'T send it back to the person who sent it to you, TAG UR IT!
> >
> >This is so scary.
> >Send this to 15 people
ClAsSiC_RoCkEr writes...
at 12:44:13am on 2/26/08
devildogg writes...
at 2:58:40pm on 12/19/07
Hey! (freesampl speaking) wassup homie-licious?
hot_girl95 writes...
at 8:42:50am on 12/17/07
hi.....whats up...... me bored...... nad yes being bi is soo fun!
theangel333 writes...
at 7:24:54pm on 12/2/07
lol hey it was pretty good =p
anyway thats good to hear ^_^
theangel333 writes...
at 12:47:35am on 12/2/07
nm how about u biSEXY =p
theangel333 writes...
at 10:57:00pm on 11/28/07
ello pretty lady n.n
devildogg writes...
at 12:48:57pm on 11/27/07
Oh so friendly eh? xD Wassaaaap?! Havnt talked to you in a while. . . email me! **
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