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Nothing Much. You just need to kow i'm a girl, i love yaoi and yuri, i'm christian, and i'm a nerd
video games, vocaloid, music, anime, manga, yaoi, yuri and the legend of zelda
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Metallica, Lady Gaga, and Katy Perry
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Tranformers, and old disney movies
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the #1 espeon writes at 2:27:00pm on 11/24/12
Hilo vocaloid = <3 Awesomeness :D hehe YEAY ^__^ n yaoi n yuri <__< i wike em too LOLXD
Marie-Perle writes at 1:26:39pm on 6/13/12
=) Hetalia ~ <3
MidnightMagic12 writes at 12:03:13pm on 6/12/12
Nyan! Nice profile! :)
zombieluver5 writes at 10:22:26pm on 4/1/12
^^ EPIC WIN! Loving the Avatar too :3
-Goldplaya- writes at 1:12:55pm on 4/1/12
like your avatar <3
Kokonoe Rin writes at 1:12:50pm on 4/1/12
Anime, Otaku, and nerd. Kokonoe approves. And welcomes you! :3
AnimeOtakuNerd writes at 12:54:37pm on 4/1/12
You know what to do here
I didn't draw this V