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Sprite- writes...
at 1:29:16pm on 10/25/09
I can't fix scores. I'm only a moderator. You have to post it in the unrecorded scores thread.
Azafreak writes...
at 6:30:10pm on 9/4/09
it was :
Tambourin chinois( easy AAA)
Szamar madar
Garyuu idk what
Piano etude ( gymnastic)
BH ( idk what the full name XD)
suijesstu( danse 2 FMO )
Azafreak writes...
at 5:42:34pm on 9/4/09
yes ? it was tambourin chinois. why do you ask it?
You have no idea writes...
at 5:47:21pm on 8/12/09
Thanks for le vote back. :DD
Orange Dude writes...
at 6:30:16pm on 7/19/09
Wrath's rolls kill me...
Orange Dude writes...
at 1:01:02am on 7/19/09
Well AAAs aren't everything but I think both Wrath and Red Alert are pretty straight forward, I just can't AAA wrath to save my life.
Orange Dude writes...
at 6:47:56pm on 7/18/09
The rolls on wrath are effing me up. I haven't played it in a few days and 2 0 0 0 is good enough to make it to the next round so I'm not worried.
Good job on getting [heavy]!
EAGAMES writes...
at 2:41:58pm on 7/17/09
I have Kidney Stone, Planet Karma, Almost There, J'ai, etc... rank 1. No one can really touch them.
EAGAMES writes...
at 11:40:13pm on 7/16/09
He probably has the full 9/9. I don't know.
Also, Rubix can like PFC 99% of the game, and the rest get rank 1 on them. He's just battling carpel tunnel so now he sucks.
EAGAMES writes...
at 8:37:40pm on 7/16/09
Rubix FCd both DP and holds the rank 1 on CP with if I'm not mistaken.
I use "nm53"
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