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Not too much is known about me. I've come to retest myself.
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Posted on: December 8, 2011, at 05:12:30pm   [0 comments]
'Tis interesting how much I actually lurk here. xD Even though I play solol, I still come on here to play. Sadly, I can't play half as good as I used to be, even on the standalone, with latency with my keyboard. Ah well. Not like I play much FFR anyway. XD

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LongGone writes...
at 3:34:48pm on 12/12/11
Thats a pretty good website, though perhaps more info than needed lol
The most commonly used mech KBs today use Cherry MX microswitches (red/blue/black/brown/etc.), look up those
LongGone writes...
at 2:57:49pm on 12/12/11
Do some research on them before buying (black, blue, red, brown microswitches)
Also, not all mechanical keyboards have NKRO like that Steelseries model (to save costs). An example is Razer's excellent Blackwidow keyboard; it uses blue microswitches, pretty decent build quality, has backlight if you want to pay for it, and has a gloss finish. However it only supports up to 6k.
There are more premium other brands for Mech KBs like Deck and Filco which support NKRO and have a range of different coloured switches, you might want to look at those if you need choice
LongGone writes...
at 2:54:26pm on 12/12/11
Some laptop keyboards support up to 7keys because their internal connection uses a parallel ps/2 interface.
Forgot to mention an important thing about them;
Those keyboards which supports all keys like the SteelSeries, -only support this functionality on ps/2 ports-. These kbs normally have a USB plug, but comes with a ps/2 adapter. If you were to plug this KB directly using the USB port, you will only get the usual 6key max support. This is because of a USB specification limitation. Keep this in mind if you are using a laptop (as they usually do not have ps/2 ports).
The only exception I know of is again, that Microsoft Sidewinder X4 keyboard which uses a USB port, but supports up to 20+ keys at once. (I have one and don't really like the feel of the keys tbh, but most BMS players use this)
Most mechanical KBs are great, SteelSeries 6g is a solid keyboard but bear in mind it uses Black microswitches, which may be a little stiff. Do some research on them before buying (black, bl
LongGone writes...
at 11:45:46pm on 12/9/11
Would be more appropriate to write here directly since you brought this up; Hmm.
Most (not all) mech KBs have NKRO built in; i.e that superior anti-ghosting feature that allows N-key(as many as there are on the KB) presses at once. Most standard/high end KBs only support 6/10KRO (6 simultaneous presses, +4 modifier keys like ctrl/alt/shift/etc.), which is sufficient for 6k SM solo but lacking for 7k games. A compromise would be a setup like (LeftShift)ZX(spacebar)JKL, which is a decent workaround for most USB keyboards
A rare exception is Microsoft's Sidewinder X4 keyboard, which is fairly affordable and supports at least 20keys at once. One or two Korean brands also allow that but I don't know much about them
Allex97 writes...
at 3:12:32pm on 12/2/11
Thanks,I know right XD
Kimmikaze writes...
at 9:53:28am on 12/1/11
I like your avvie<3.
typing like wat writes...
at 5:32:17pm on 11/16/11
Sky Kitten writes...
at 3:54:37pm on 11/7/11
yumm3h indeed. ?.? Good luck with everything, though. <3
Starlight562 writes...
at 11:52:11pm on 11/6/11
I rarely use MSN now, haha.
And how is it living by yourself? I'd be terrified.
; - ;
Sky Kitten writes...
at 6:52:34pm on 11/6/11
Not muchhhhhhhhhhh, just finished some homework, hehe. :3 You?
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