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Tim Allen writes...
at 7:42:26am on 10/31/14
happy birthday
Jonlovesddr writes...
at 12:47:15pm on 6/8/13
let's throw up in d3
MarioNintendo writes...
at 2:30:11pm on 5/20/13
hahahaha took you long enough to answer XD
MarioNintendo writes...
at 5:16:07pm on 5/1/13
yo sup looool.
Tidus810 writes...
at 11:30:22pm on 2/19/13
Hey thanks! I really appreciate that. :)
And to be honest, I really like that file too. Something I'm actually proud of haha. :P
sspeckless writes...
at 11:24:54pm on 2/4/13
Nice! should be...*knock on wood* :)
sspeckless writes...
at 12:36:03pm on 2/4/13
you can do it!
popsicle_3000 writes...
at 8:32:19pm on 2/1/13
yeah, i'd need to as well! i'm quite busy atm w/ university :(
j-rodd123 writes...
at 5:31:57pm on 1/31/13
haha thanks dude! and nice 3g, you can get the aaa!!
The~J~MaXx writes...
at 5:16:16pm on 1/31/13
Yeah thanks! :D It's a lot stronger tourney than my first one but I'll give all my best! :). Keep playing too!! not so far from the AAA.
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