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Gilly G
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Gilly G's Gameplay Stats Today
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Hi. My name's Guillaume, but call me Gilly. I've been living in France since '04, having stayed at the USA beforehand. Voilà.
Girls, Stepmania, girls, FFR, girls, games, girls .. did I forget something?
Fav Music:
Everything OTHER than most rap / hip-hop crap
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- Unlocked Tier 2!
- FFR 9th Official Tournament: Division 6 - Participant
- FFR 3rd Official Tournament: Division 2 - Participant
- FFR 4th Official Tournament: Division 4 - Participant
- FFR 5th Official Tournament: Division 5 - Participant
- FFR 6th Official Tournament: Division 6 - Participant
- FFR 7th Official Tournament: Division 6 - Participant
- FFR 8th Official Tournament: Division 6 - Participant
Comment wall
Hagane77 writes...
at 1:31:37pm on 11/7/14
come mp coz you always wanted :D
Hagane77 writes...
at 6:43:17am on 11/3/14
Hateandhatred writes...
at 3:59:30pm on 10/13/13
Lol j'imagine que t'aimes les filles...
ScylaX writes...
at 7:49:30am on 8/11/13
Est-ce que tu es encore en vie ?
Stopmovin writes...
at 8:28:20am on 1/27/13
Does seem allot easier yeah, but it does take some time :)
Stopmovin writes...
at 3:49:14pm on 1/26/13
Ah I see, I don't need a 5 year old account for veteran :P, my account is old enough but I need 3bill total score :/
Stopmovin writes...
at 2:26:54pm on 1/26/13
How do I get a hold of this new engine you talked about in the tournament thread :D ?
Pseudo Enigma writes...
at 8:08:57pm on 10/29/12
good point. I'm glad you think that way.
Pseudo Enigma writes...
at 4:37:19pm on 10/29/12
wtf them 99s in runescape. You sure love to grind. :S
Sidek writes...
at 5:18:26pm on 7/30/12
are you still playing stepmania??
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