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Kesshutsu writes...
at 3:57:52am on 9/12/08
Spam =)
MyBrokenDream writes...
at 1:35:58pm on 8/14/08
yur avi is cute
Litodude writes...
at 4:03:45am on 3/25/08
Don't listen to Tay, she hates everything =x
ShastaTwist writes...
at 3:05:31pm on 3/22/08
Ew, why the hell are you on FFR?
Flaming_Dingleberry writes...
at 6:35:28pm on 3/21/08
Thanks for watching
Reach writes...
at 10:11:00pm on 12/15/07
yeaaaa I finished today.
Have a nice holiday! :)
Reach writes...
at 9:20:17pm on 12/1/07
Uh yea it's been pretty good. And by that I mean incredibly shitty ;p But good in that I've been doing pretty well. Finals are coming up, which is going to be hell. I need my nude silhouettes to get me through the rough times bee ;o
Dracoowl writes...
at 1:33:23pm on 10/15/07
Long time no see Bee Bee ^_^
Master rx-8 writes...
at 4:13:40pm on 8/16/07
do you have a bf?
because you look very pretty and if you don't I want to be the first
Master rx-8 writes...
at 4:12:32pm on 8/16/07
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