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Hi you bunch of crazy basterds i like to pretend im a ninja and go out and pierce random things on my body its fun and it makes people wince in pain when i were all my piercings but rarely it happens i drink lotsof energy drinks and work ar subway oh almost forgot im 17 ahhhhahahaha
i like to play ddr and skateboard.. i play guitar in a band and we are alright but i dont ant to brag so im not going to ya im stretchy like elastic so ya hit me up if ya want i wont stab you unless you ask
Fav Music:
Aterey,A7x,As I Lay Dieing, Sina Beach, Megadeath, Korn,Otep,Childern Of Bodem, Dimmu Borgir , and pretty much any good sounding music
Fav Movies:
I cant say theres so many out there
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BeckyDances687 writes...
at 11:03:46pm on 5/14/08
wow. Inlove with ur pic... <3 lol i love ningas.. :D
HeavensAngel13 writes...
at 7:24:32am on 2/25/08
nice picture
luneslipper writes...
at 12:56:01pm on 2/19/08
nothing much, your background is funny heh
parafreak writes...
at 8:07:43am on 2/19/08
hey wats up
parafreak writes...
at 8:30:18am on 2/14/08
i love your pic
gorillakyuubi writes...
at 8:16:59am on 2/14/08
omg ur a ninja.....just like me!!!
Azriel574 writes...
at 9:00:49am on 2/5/08
whoo this is exciting
Corn_Corinne writes...
at 9:44:42pm on 2/2/08
hey wats up?
BeckyDances687 writes...
at 12:24:53pm on 1/29/08
hey hey ;)
lynn_izzy writes...
at 9:09:00am on 1/29/08
hey, i got fourth post! sweet!
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