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I'm Davey
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Actually a lot lol
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Posted on: March 11, 2012, at 11:43:18pm   [1 comment]
Spending a couple hours @ Photoshop making this new very hot lay-out. It's pretty
Posted on: February 29, 2012, at 03:15:20pm   [1 comment]
Posted on: September 17, 2011, at 11:26:18am   [3 comments]
Since my new keyboard (Logitech UltraX Premium) I'm actually able to AAA :).
edit: now logitech illuminated

Get 200 AAAs Check! dunno
Get 250 AAAs Check! dunno
Get 300 AAAs Check! 12-10-2011
Get 400 AAAs Check! 12-20-2011
Get 450 AAAs Check! 12-29-2011
Get 500 AAAs Check! 01-07-2012
Get 550 AAAs Check! 01-14-2012
Get 600 AAAs Check! 01-24-2012
Get 650 AAAs Check! 02-16-2012
Get 700 AAAs Check! 03-02-2012
Get 750 AAAs
Get 800 AAAs
Get 850 AAAs
Get 900 AAAs
Get 950 AAAs
Get 1000 AAAs

Wish me luck!

12-15-2011: first FMO AAA Heavenly Spores! More to come..
01-02-2012: AAA'd Midnight Dragon and got [Oni] !

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frigtionn writes at 12:46:55pm on 10/28/13
just starting to smash some arrows again.
lol i can still do this shit
popsicle_3000 writes at 4:52:01am on 11/24/12
your profile akjsldfkj
TheThong writes at 6:10:28am on 3/7/12
I've been playing for 5 years now. :) I play mostly folk/rock/classical stuff.
TheThong writes at 3:37:20am on 3/7/12
That sounds awesome!! :) Too bad about the busy-ness though. :(
TheThong writes at 11:00:51pm on 3/6/12
3/4 years? As in...3/4's of your life? XD Ahh, not a fan of RnB, unless you're talking about rhythm and blues from back in the day. I love Andy McKee! I haven't heard of Antoine Dufour though. Do you play any other types of music/songs? :O
TheThong writes at 5:39:00pm on 3/6/12
Yep. They're all mine. :) The two little ones are a ukulele and a display guitar though.. and recently I bought another ukulele. :) Do you play guitar?
reuben_tate writes at 3:41:06pm on 3/6/12
Thanks for the vote! (^)>
kmay writes at 10:01:40am on 3/3/12
catch me in AAAs!!! i know you can do it
kmay writes at 8:28:47am on 3/3/12
bahahahahaha maybe later
BethanyBangs writes at 4:28:37pm on 3/2/12
I'm too lazy to play ffr. :3