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Location:Houston, Texas, USA
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Zennixx's Gameplay Stats Today
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About me:
Names Zennixx. I'm currently staying in Richmond, Texas. I Professional Video Gaming and when I'm not playing Counter-Strike: Source im mostly playing FFR. I chill out most the time with friends and get smashed and have a great time. Thats about it. Anything else can be found out through hanging out with me ^_^.
Skateboarding. Girls. FFR. Clothing. Video Gaming. Acoustic Guitars. Poetry.
Fav Music:
Screamo. Alternative. Indie. Rock. Rap. Favorite Band: Minus the Bear.
Fav Movies:
Anchorman. SuperBad. Wristcutters: A love Story. ^_^
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My Goals
Posted on: March 24, 2008, at 04:08:34am   [6 comments]
>Game Related<
[x] Reach top 10,000 in ranks __________________________ ::Completed May 7th, 2008::
[x] Reach top 5000 in Ranks ___________________________ ::Completed August 7th, 2008::
[_] Reach top 1000 in Ranks
[_] Reach top 10,000 in Average Ranks
[_] Reach top 5000 in Average Ranks
[_] Play 10,000+ games
[_] Play 20,000+ games
[_] Reach Multiplayer level 15
[x] Get 2000+ profile views ___________________________ ::Completed March 27th, 2008::
[_] 6000+ Profile Views
[x] Get 300+ profile votes ____________________________ ::Completed June 20th, 2008::
[x] 70+ FC's ________________________________________ ::Completed April 30th, 2008::
[x] 100+ FC's ______________________________________ ::Completed May 29th, 2008::
[_] 250+ FC's
[_] 20+ AAA's
[_] 100+ AAA's
[_] 250+ AAA's
[_] Reach 300 Forum Posts
[x] Reach 20,000 Credit Marker ________________________ ::Completed April 15th, 2008::
[_] Reach 50,000 Credit Marker
[x] Reach a Grand Total of 500mil ______________________ ::Completed May 14th, 2008::
[x] Reach a Grand Total of 1 Billion ____________________ ::Completed August 25th, 2008::
[_] AAA all difficulty 1 songs
[_] AAA all difficulty 2 songs
[_] AAA all difficulty 3 songs
[_] AAA all difficulty 4 songs

>Non-Game Related<
[_] *Meet and hang out with someone you met in FFR

*Goals with stars are considered extremely difficult and may take some time to complete.

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fersureex3maybee writes...
at 3:55:20pm on 2/12/09
hey. im brittney :]
Alexis Like Music writes...
at 7:32:18pm on 1/16/09
hey whats up? =P
foties101 writes...
at 2:00:04pm on 12/26/08
hi waz up havent talk to u in a long time waz up did u have a good x
Summerschool writes...
at 3:54:01am on 11/19/08
Hiya, CS:S is fun. :D
lord s snake writes...
at 3:25:51pm on 11/10/08
thanx for the vote <(^.^)>
isumekey writes...
at 8:19:08am on 10/26/08
Awww. You so cute. :3
logo d writes...
at 10:44:16pm on 10/25/08
thanks 4 da vote
logo d writes...
at 11:48:02am on 10/25/08
Hannah016b writes...
at 10:37:26am on 10/25/08
thank youu!! for the vote
Lone52soldier writes...
at 7:26:24pm on 10/22/08
hey wats up
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