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Posted on: October 16, 2020, at 09:40:09pm   [4 comments]
Posted on: August 26, 2020, at 02:28:10pm   [2 comments]
it was easy until the last 2 rounds. Isometry was good besides the first 700 notes of it which i hate and Revenge was a really good file to end it, it didn't have anything super unplayable and one of the reasons why myuka's score was really ahead of mine was because i didn't spend any of my good sessions on FFR that week, i spent them all on Etterna and i only PBed twice on the same day the file was out.
I still will be playing time to time and try to improve some scores.

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Posted on: June 29, 2020, at 01:34:11am   [2 comments]
So today was the showcase of the tourney, i guess good luck to everybody and i hope a new version gets out to fix input issues, that could help a lot to me so i dont get mad everytime i open the game.
so have fun everybody and remember that if you win you get happier than if you lose, so dont lose.
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nito kun writes at 11:17:51am on 7/24/23
SK8R43 writes at 11:51:03pm on 7/22/23
Welcome to D9!!!!
MysticChromium writes at 5:49:00pm on 7/22/23
the beast
NotSpiralingEnough writes at 3:14:40pm on 7/22/23
D9 is real (again) !!
Microbe-Obliterator writes at 10:26:16am on 4/13/23
The fact that you are still improving to this day is absolutely INSANE
Wagg writes at 1:54:46pm on 3/10/23
Blaineket writes at 3:06:48am on 11/13/22
Any interest in kane and trying to surpass him? I would love to see you break your limits and a true fight for 1st!
Skayles writes at 2:10:27am on 8/6/22
lmao nice safe score on exxxcaliborg sightread. im curious to see how the rest of d8 handles it but i can't blame you for not wanting to play it again lmao
Ghost_Medley writes at 12:45:20am on 6/10/22
gg on speedvibe heavy! you're making good progress as a player :mrgreen:
ToonE156 writes at 3:59:25pm on 3/7/22
Congrats on #1