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i like playing games like css dod:s ffr sol dota HL im a homeless net cafe person
gaming reading manga finding pics of anime to copy & other things air druming
Fav Music:
30 sec to mars veroncas paramore any swing songs classical
Fav Movies:
chocolate nemo jack fat life as a house august rush
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Rapta writes...
at 6:20:18pm on 11/10/18
Nice profile
Segenam writes...
at 8:25:47am on 11/1/15
on comment back to yours, it's actually surprisingly possible on some of the more complicated songs, if skilled enough you probably can do most songs, only one I've had trouble FCing using one hand under the 20 mark is Sakura Blue Sky, something about the notes make it really a challenge, while at the time time I've FCed Glaciate, Tomorrow Untrodden, Flutter, Mario Eurobeat and some other 25+ songs with one hand (also "beaten" Disappearance of Hatsune Miku -Theatrical Version- with one hand but that was purely button mashing and I could never FC that). Don't give up on what you can FC/"Beat" with one hand, just I don't see it possible to FC all the songs or unlock all the tokens with one hand witch is the only reason I even think aobut using two.
Segenam writes...
at 8:57:55pm on 10/30/15
Thank you for the advice, I may still shift to two handed as it does seem like the songs are designed for two handed play rather than 1 handed... though my main play style will always be one handed and just use both on those songs that are nearly if not impossible with one handed play. I may have only been playing for 4 years but 33 AAAs and 280 FCs are all off of one handed play and even with that some of the songs just seem impossible to move at those quick speeds with only one hand.
Ksl33zy24 writes...
at 8:43:47pm on 7/31/14
hello you dont know me but i dont care ive just hit
2 billion points yeah for me
Synthlight writes...
at 12:45:20pm on 1/31/08
First person to post on your wall.