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the black shadow
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Im a nice person friendly, weird, helpful, and easy to get a long with, and in the 800 my time used to be like 3:30, and I beat it with my friend, and got 2:37. If anyone needs anyone to talk to, im here :D
singing, making up songs, track, cross country and girls, ffr, runescape, and myspace, and a lot more and the EVIL inside me
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RB/SOUL, pop, country, and more, Backstreet boys, Ne-Yo, and more
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AquaTeen writes...
at 9:28:19pm on 9/17/15
Hey stranger! I hope everything is going good for you ^_^
NicoleLee1204 writes...
at 5:16:39am on 10/28/12
thanks for the compliment, but i have a wonderful girlfriend who i love very much.
AquaTeen writes...
at 11:38:53pm on 10/4/12
You're very welcome :)
NicoleLee1204 writes...
at 11:24:17pm on 10/2/12
Not alot, whats up with you?
AshPeltola writes...
at 9:28:13pm on 10/2/12
It's cool
I like it writes...
at 5:52:57pm on 10/2/12
hey babe
AshPeltola writes...
at 4:33:46pm on 10/2/12
AshPeltola writes...
at 4:10:38pm on 10/2/12
Oh thank you :)
AshPeltola writes...
at 4:04:22pm on 10/2/12
I'm alright.
AquaTeen writes...
at 1:22:30pm on 10/1/12
Awwwwwwww that's adorable :) I'm so happy for you :D
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