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Just your typical over-achieving friendly guy on the internet. No big deal. I'm 19. Tend to troll.
Graphic Design, Web Design, League of Legends, Philosophy.
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Symphony X, Kamelot, Hall & Oats, Eleina Seigeman, meh.
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Favorites? FAVORITES? No thanks.
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Posted on: July 21, 2012, at 11:09:24pm   [0 comments]
Probably going to do it sometime this week, and if I do in-fact make a template there will be seperate .psd files for the header and background. Multi-resolution? Maybe, but more than likely it'll be specifically for 1080p and free for anyone to edit for other resolutions.

Will upload it to my deviantart here when its done, as well as this page of course. Hurp durp.

dA: http://counterclockwork.deviantart.com/

Its not all that bad with the blue and white right now, but I'm very limited with what I can do to enhance that at the moment, sooooooo yeah.

EDIT: The fact that you can't make the background unreatable is incredibly stupid. All it really leaves is vignette and patterns to place on the sides of the background, and everything else is just impossible to be creative with. Quite annoying, but on that note the template is definitely going to be a heavier focus on your avatar and header banner more than background.
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hey, jake whats up
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PUNKYPREPPYGiRL writes at 3:00:58pm on 11/11/08
gahh! we havent talked in months!
i miss you kidddo=)
Dannn51 writes at 4:08:12am on 9/17/08
my dragonforce videos;)
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Haha thanks,g.
xoLove_iN_CoLoRxo writes at 9:20:58pm on 6/25/08
lol well then...
i've got no advice for you on that one
because im bored too lol
Family_Of_Geniuses writes at 9:10:37pm on 6/25/08
oh wow, that's alot