Stuck at Home Tournament

Posted in Flash Flash Revolution on March 26th, 2020

I know a lot of people are stuck home right now, cancelled classes, work closed or just straight up shut down of your city/state. I thought maybe to pass the time we could hold a semi-official tournament for something to do and take our mind of all the craziness for a little. Plus its good practice for the Official Tournament which will be coming in a few months.

I know the biggest question I’ll get is whether this will have all new songs like the OT does, it will not. However, I will try to sprinkle in new content throughout where I can. For all the details head on over to the thread

Signups are open now and will be open until Monday March 30th 11:59pm server time.

See you on the dashboard!


9 Responses to “Stuck at Home Tournament”

  1. what’s this about a homestuck tournament

  2. Truly a psycho angel.

    Thanks to you and AJ (and of course the rest of the amazing staff) for keeping us sane during these wild times.


  4. What a wonderful idea

  5. I approve of this. Thx to the devs for helping us out through these difficult times and we all appreciate the great work you do. Two thumbs up.

  6. this is my firt tormint. what should i expect?

  7. Just to show that it is beautiful is to say nothing because this sample looks unique and unbeatable to me.

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