Songs of the Week and Weekly Update 4/8/2022

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Welcome to another Weekly Song Release in April! We hope you enjoyed the April Fools release. This Friday we’ll mainly be going into the specifics of some files that went through some changes over the last week, with a few reminders on some site features/events going on. We also have two new artists going in game!

StepCon 2022 is almost through week one of two for the first stepping portion! For those that are participating, today is the last day that you can swap classes if you so choose. Remember that this can only be done once for both participants.

Season 3 began last Friday, so you should see a new badge on your profile to reflect the division you finished in for season 2. (Only if you filled out your seasonal top 50!)

Difficulty Consultants
With a new season starting, there were a ton of songs with adjusted difficulties. Some of these were the result of the ongoing project of converting files from frame-based timing to ms timing. You can find a detailed list on difficulty changes here. Normally we’d list everything out in this post for your convenience, but there were over 40 files changed this time!

Regarding ms timing changes, you can find the information on which files have been converted by checking out the spreadsheet here.

The 2 veteran files we have for you today are:

Cybernaut 2 Opening Theme
Musician: Roy Berardo
Step Artist: gold stinger
Song Length: 1:25
Difficulty: 66

Taken from Roy Berardo’s website:

“Since the start, Berardo has always had a love for music and a creative mind. When his parents brought home an upright piano when Berardo was at the age of three, Berardo would spend hours sitting and playing. A few years later, he started piano lessons focused in classical and later in jazz. Whenever young Berardo sat at the piano, he would get distracted from what’s on the page by his own thoughts and improvisations. Starting from the first sounds on his old upright and continuing to today, Berardo has always had a desire to tell great stories through his art. He has always worked to innovate and deliver music that stands out and drives in emotion.

Roy Berardo is an award-winning composer who works on countless projects including animations, video games, films, and interactive experiences.”

Stay updated at the following:

Spotify | SoundCloud | BandcampYouTubeTwitter | Instagram

Musician: siqlo
Step Artist: WirryWoo
Song Length: 2:17
Difficulty: 69

From siqlo’s Spotify description:

“Japanese [Rhythm Game Music / Hi-Tech Full On / Others] Producer. I like complex sounds, so a lot of what I make is like that.”

Straight to the point! Check them out below:

WebsiteSoundCloudYouTube | Twitter | Instagram


-DossarLX ODI, the Game Management Team, and the Community Managers

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  4. I moderated the season that the Cybernaut Theme Song played for.

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