Songs of the Week 01/17/2021

Posted in Flash Flash Revolution on January 17th, 2021

Apologies for the delay everyone, been a bit under the weather. But here we go! 4 brand new songs for you to smash your keys to:

Come In…
Musician: Pogo
Step Artist: Deamerai
Song Length: 3:35
Difficulty: 14

Welcome New World
Musician: eoll
Step Artist: bmah
Song Length: 1:44
Difficulty: 51

Choprite [Oni]
Musician: Venetian Snares
Step Artist: ositzxz369
Song Length: 3:57
Difficulty: 81

Flight of the Bumble Bee [MonstDeath]
Musician: MonstDeath
Step Artist: Psychotik
Song Length: 1:35
Difficulty: 87



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  1. under the weather? get well soon

  2. Take all the time you need <3

  3. ositz VS file as expected

  4. take care! also choprite oni finallyyyy

  5. R80 VS comment as expected

  6. hot

  7. That’s cool..

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