June 2016 Site Updates

Posted in Flash Flash Revolution on June 2nd, 2016

June 2016 Site Updates

Greetings, Flash Flash Revolution community! We have some exciting updates and announcements to reveal this month. It’s time to start seriously training, because the biggest tournament of the year will be kicking off soon!

New Features!
Rates and visual modifiers now award grandtotal, credits, and games played. Score saving is disabled when game mods or isolations are enabled.

Advanced stats have been added to the Global Leaderboards. Started tracking more detailed R^3 song results on April 17, 2016. Advanced stats tracking for Velocity and Legacy engines is in development.

• New unlock requirements for Normal tokens have been announced! Visit our Normal token revamp development proposal to learn more, and leave your feedback.

Community News
• The FFR Summer Scratch Card Event is now underway! Participate in this month-long challenge to earn loads of credits and a chance to win an Event Token!

• The 11th Official Tournament will open for registrations this month! So start training, and keep your eyes peeled on the front page for sign-ups.

RenegadeLucien and Hakulyte have been added to the Development & Design team!

Deadlyx39′s Bracket Tourney Two: Electric Boogaloo tournament is now in progress.

General Changes & Fixes
• Added error message when taking screenshots using older versions of Flash player.
• Fixed an issue where replay comments could not be deleted.
• Fixed an issue where Sudden and Hidden mods were swapped.
• Daily Most Improved Scores and Level Rank Compare now use Raw Scoring.
• Recently Played sidebar now displays Rates.

— FFR Development & Design

15 Responses to “June 2016 Site Updates”

  1. token revamp and scratch card are not actually links.

  2. Exciting news! These new advanced stats look awesome, Max.

  3. Corrected, thanks dvaskate!

  4. Since rates record for GT, I might attempt to go for the vrofl unlock ;)

  5. about that…

  6. I love the Advanced Stats! Can someone tell me what the Unranked Stats is? Also, what are rates and visual modifiers? You can answer this on my profile or pm me if you wish. Thanks :)

  7. Nice work, as always guys.

  8. rates speed up the song and allow you to become not shitty at this game much faster

  9. update HYPE! Wow really cool stuff here! I wonder how much you can increase the top daily score now that rates count lol :D

  10. inb4 whimper wall

  11. Please remove all the scores I’ve done today with the exception of the ‘Art of the Madness’ score. That one’s legit.

    Scores done on a slower rate modifier still record for 1.0x leaderboards, and I currently have a AAA on RATO, which gave me that 89+ AAA token. Please remove that too.


  13. Fixed, thanks for the heads up.

  14. official hype!!

  15. “Scroll Direction: Left” on R^3 got scrambled. The up and down arrows are in the middle, right’s on top, and left is on the bottom.
    From top to bottm, it’s always been Up, Left, Right, Down. Please fix this!
    I haven’t tested “Scroll Direction: Right”, but my guess is that it also got scrambled. Thanks!

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