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Hi! I've been playing FFR on-and-off for awhile now, since 2007. I stupidly play an awfully basic style: one-handed (three-fingers on the d-pad) and have the arrows come towards the left of the screen. Don't ask me why, but Scroll: Left just seems to translate the arrows to keys better in my head. It's definitely made sure I stay sucky long-term, but it is what it is 'cause it's what makes me enjoy the game most. It's been fun, but I guess it's true that there's only so much one hand can do ᕦ(ò_óˇ) --but yea, feel free to reach out or shoot me a message if you want. I'm mainly here for TWG and the random casual game, but I'll get back to you for sure if you hit me up
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XelNya writes at 10:48:19pm on 7/10/22
There’s a few I adore, a lot i’d rather ignore. I really like sis puella magica and nightfall but mfdfy is absolute trash
My etterna stuff is way better
XelNya writes at 9:04:01pm on 7/10/22
Bruh I totally just cheated them all don't you know~
XelNya writes at 6:32:09pm on 7/10/22
I chart as an outlet, I don't think I'm good at it lol I haven't actually "layered" a file in ages
XelNya writes at 2:01:54am on 7/8/22
holy shit you actually play the ffr game
TheThong writes at 8:36:12am on 9/22/19
oh hey! <3
the life of a noob writes at 7:01:03pm on 5/18/19
Thanks my good man.
Svaz writes at 3:27:25pm on 4/12/19
is that a Gunnerkrigg Court reference in your signature?!
TheThong writes at 11:42:24pm on 8/18/18
Rapta writes at 1:49:21pm on 10/21/17
What was I even asking about?
Rapta writes at 8:09:00pm on 10/5/17
is that a lot?