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Hey, I'm Omar. I've been playing FFR on-and-off for awhile now, since 2007. I play a pretty unique style: one-handed (three-fingers on the d-pad) and have the arrows come towards the left of the screen. Don't ask me why, but Scroll: Left just seems to translate the arrows to keys better in my head. It's probably negatively impacted my performance in the long run, but it is what it is. It's been fun, but I guess it's true that there's only so much one hand can do ᕦ(ò_óˇ) --but yea, feel free to reach out or shoot me a message if you want, I'll get back to you the next time I log on.
I find it difficult to spontaneously think of everything I'm interested in. To name a few, I like books, festivals, and billiards. If you wanna know more, just talk to me. I won't bite. (つ˘▾˘)つ
Fav Music:
Very wide range of favs, I'll like anything if it sounds nice, no matter the genre. If I reeally had to pick a fav genre though it'd probably be Rock or EDM depending on my mood.
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TheThong writes at 8:36:12am on 9/22/19
oh hey! <3
the life of a noob writes at 7:01:03pm on 5/18/19
Thanks my good man.
Svaz writes at 3:27:25pm on 4/12/19
is that a Gunnerkrigg Court reference in your signature?!
TheThong writes at 11:42:24pm on 8/18/18
Rapta writes at 1:49:21pm on 10/21/17
What was I even asking about?
Rapta writes at 8:09:00pm on 10/5/17
is that a lot?
Witch of Certainty writes at 9:57:50pm on 3/20/17
Taking this here since I'm not sure it belongs in the signup thread, but that game idea does sound interesting, are you planning on hosting it?
Kawaii025 writes at 1:06:29pm on 3/19/17
Koro-sensei is saddened by your words. However sensei says you must never give up.
Kawaii025 writes at 7:00:02pm on 3/7/17
Hello my name is ShadoWolfe your profile caught my attention for a faithful friendship you can reach me with my email at ( ) i have some thing important to shear with you i can do it here ok
Sanjixcon writes at 7:11:56pm on 1/26/17
haha yeah that was pretty sweet :D thanks dude!