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Posted in Flash Flash Revolution on September 16th, 2022

Hello everyone, today I’m going to talk about upcoming changes beginning at the start of Season 5 (October 1st, 2022) to the global leaderboards, division boundaries, and skill rating in general, along with a new difficulty AAA token for a recently released song.

Top 15 -> Top 50

For a few years FFR has used a system where the Skill Rating of a player was based on a weighted curve of their Top 15 scores, with the majority (76%) of the rating coming from just your 5 best scores.

With the introduction of seasons nearly a year ago, we experimented with basing the skill rating for those players using their Top 50 scores on a more even curve, thus requiring more scores and a better balance in how players are ranked against each other.

The global leaderboards will be switching to the same Top 50 system Seasonal leaderboards have used since the beginning. Overall this will result in a drop in Skill Rating for basically all players as your best score no longer counts 24% of your skill rating but just 3%.

The long term goal is to reward players who excel in a more general skill set instead of just a hyper focus on a handful of songs. This should also lessen the effects of overrated / underrated songs on a players overall skill rating.

Division Boundaries Changes

In addition to the skill rating curve changes, there are also changes to the division boundaries that will smooth out the increments between lower divisions. Each division will always result in a skill range that is smaller than the previous division, as shown below.

Old Boundary
D1 0 0
D2 26 +26
D3 50 +24
D4 59 +9
D5 69 +10
D6 83 +14
D7 94 +11
D8 101 +7
New Boundary
D1 0 0
D2 24 +24
D3 42 +18
D4 58 +16
D5 72 +14
D6 84 +12
D7 94 +10
D8 102 +8
D9* 108 +6*

This should hopefully decrease the time it takes to pass through the lower divisions while not affecting the upper divisions as much.

Along with the changes, we will also be including the Mythical division D9 for the first time with a skill rating cutoff of 108. While this division will be exceedingly small and with the changes going forward no current players qualify, this acts as the final milestone that players can strive to achieve.

In regards to Season, Seasons use a different set of boundaries and those will not be changing at this time, nor will that include D9 as it doesn’t seem realistically achievable currently.

Token Changes

Tokens that once relied on getting a AAA within a certain range such as the OTAKU SPEEDVIDEs and St. Scarhands will now just have a lower bound, awarding the tokens for any AAA above that difficulty. This will bring it in line with OWA Raged at Home Run Derby as that currently is provided for any AAA on a 95+ song.

Going forward, in the event of a new score meeting the conditions to unlock multiple of these tokens, all of the tokens will be granted at once. Furthermore, these AAA tokens can now also be unlocked retroactively by having met the AAA requirements and visiting your levelranks.

Even though there have been some drastic changes to the division boundaries, the lower bounds of these will not be changing and will act more of a difficulty milestone as opposed to a division milestone.

In regards to a recently released song, Heartbreak Furry Fandom will be moving from a public file into a new token and have a song difficulty of 0. This token will be for achieving a AAA on a song with a difficulty of 102+.

Visualizing Changes

During the development of these changes as both a means to test alternative song weights and amount of songs in a more timely manner, and also present the effects of these changes to staff during a recent meeting, the following tool was created.

[Leaderboard Graph Visualizer]

This tool shows the Top 500 players on the leaderboards and depending on the page selected, the song weight curve will be displayed at the top, with the division boundaries below that, and finally followed by the leaderboard as affected by the ranking option.

At the top of the page there is a multitude on different options based on the following groups:
- Old vs New Division Boundaries
- Song Weight Curves
    - Exponential Curve (OG)
    - Linear Curve
    - Even Weights
- Ranges:
    - 15
    - 25
    - 50
    - 100

The changes going into effect are effectively the [50 Seasonal - New] option as presented in the tool.

- Top 15 Scores -> Top 50 Scores
- Division Boundaries Changes
- AAA Milestone Token Changes.

Also there’s a thread for discussing these changes found here.

- Velocity (no longer D7)

15 Responses to “Global Leaderboard v3 Changes”

  1. Changes.

  2. Look mom I made it to top 50 :D

  3. Cool am I D3 now

  4. wtf im gonna be D7

    I coulda got lvl 102 if i tried grinding at peak ._.

  5. Well it was nice being D7 while it lasted.

  6. play more D6 xD

  7. Something in me wonders how this works for D8 with limited songs. But I’m sure you guys got this figured out.. maybe >p<

  8. we fell down

  9. If you’re going to rebuild a system you need to leave room at the top so you don’t just have to do it again a year later.

  10. These changes seem to be nice for most players. I like it!
    But I still wonder how this top-50-scores-thingy will work for D8-D9 players. :thinking:

  11. crazy to see D9 be a thing now, you mad lads

  12. Maybe I’ll have a shot at SPv0 now :)

  13. It will just be substantially harder to get to d8/d9 than it was. No more people coming in from another game, playing 15 songs and being on the top 10 players list

  14. finally, I can be in d2 where I belong

  15. This provides a more “accurate” skill distribution assuming players complete 50 scores within their “best” range. It adds integrity to the leaderboards, really.

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