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I can't think of anything
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IDGAF i love resident evil, halo, final fantasy, etc. I do have a life and friends that take preference over FFR, though if i can play FFR with friends that's great too.
FFR, SM, video games, basketball, and watching TV.
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SOAD, mindless self indulgence, slipknot, lifehouse, Good Charlotte, Van Halen, Queen, Foreigner, Jimmy Eat World, etc. pretty much anything metal or rock
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dawn of the dead,freddy vs. Jason, Shaun of the Dead, South Park the movie,Borat,I AM LEGEND and a bunch more
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Posted on: October 15, 2010, at 01:54:10am   [1 comment]
I think Im even worse than I was before. Some of its just my computer but yeah.

Edit: I take that back, its just the game.
Posted on: August 6, 2009, at 05:42:28am   [1 comment]
i suck at this game now
Posted on: August 18, 2008, at 09:19:31pm   [3 comments]

Posted on: January 13, 2008, at 11:22:56pm   [18 comments]

Posted on: July 31, 2007, at 02:28:22pm   [6 comments]

according to ign, this game should come out sometime before 2010 so around 2009 or hopefully late 2008
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KrazyKitsune writes at 3:27:50am on 4/16/14
race to husigi sdg? :P though you could probably wreck me if you wanted
CDCan writes at 8:14:15pm on 4/14/14
nice moves today bro !
KrazyKitsune writes at 4:09:06pm on 4/14/14
don't touch my husigi score yo D:<
(jk i suck at this game anyway)
CDCan writes at 6:21:12pm on 4/12/14
some good snow?
CDCan writes at 11:49:02pm on 4/11/14
shaddooooooooo is on line AND playing ffr !
CDCan writes at 9:58:49pm on 4/4/14
shadddoooooooooooooooo is online but is not playing
EtienneSM writes at 8:28:11pm on 3/23/14
My desktop needs a wireless thing that connects to my router in order to get on SMO and it hasn't been working lately x:
I'll try to see what's wrong with it and try to get it working and I'll let you know if I'm on.
KatyEatsPussyDick writes at 4:07:31pm on 2/24/14
Staiain writes at 12:46:18am on 2/8/14
WolfXhunter writes at 12:32:49am on 2/8/14
Your background is in the thread @ the first post under your name.