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Freyja_4k writes at 10:22:55am on 11/27/18
totally not a late congrats on tier 2 owo
ifeelit writes at 8:15:33am on 8/18/18
he was a great man
Freyja_4k writes at 11:06:50am on 8/10/18
TheGreenBastard writes at 8:48:51pm on 7/5/18
is this even ormix anymore
Chubisque writes at 9:53:10am on 7/3/18
OMG! tier 2 gratz dude u monstre 8u.. XD
xXOpkillerXx writes at 11:23:20pm on 7/2/18
That Anime is pretty dece my man, I like it when you post acc scores lmao. (not biaised at all......)
Xx{Fallen}xX writes at 11:18:10pm on 7/2/18
yo thanks for accepting my friend request dude. I saw that tier 2 and i just knew i had to make you my friend :}
QueenAshy writes at 11:05:01pm on 7/2/18
Congrats on tier 2
TheGreenBastard writes at 4:37:17am on 7/2/18
FirstMaple8 writes at 12:39:09am on 7/2/18
u wot