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Hey, I'm Ian. I play rhythm games and stuff like that. I guess I'm okay at it.
Living, breathing, they're fun, but mostly this game, other rhythm games, chemistry, cello, game development, and parkour (I dabble).
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Lapfox stuff is pretty good usually.
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Posted on: October 2, 2014, at 09:38:27pm   [3 comments]
D3... let's see how this goes!

Round 1: Session (Ghost in the Machine Remix) AAA

This took me longer than I thought :P Had some mental blocks but I finally got past them, yay round 2 hype!

Round 2: Rat Twist AAA

Eh, not too tough, my main issue was getting my offset correct. Really fun chart, awesome song as well.

Round 3: Be-Music Polyphony AAA

This file. Wow. It's a lot of fun and very varied. Near the end, my hands were really shaking, but I finally picked up the AAA. This is also my highest AAA to date, so yay I guess.

Round 4: Autumn Breeze (5-0-1-1)

And now we've reached the files that I can't AAA. I was in the yellow for a while in this round, and the song of course was one of my weaknesses (grace notes). But hopefully I can do well enough on the next file for the top 8!

Round 5: We Met Dat Night (10-1-0-2)

Yeah, this was too hard for me.

Finished: 15th place
Posted on: June 30, 2014, at 04:05:55pm   [0 comments]
These are just my general goals, don't mind me just putting this out there.

[X] 100 AAAs
[X] 150 AAAs
[X] 200 AAAs
[X] 250 AAAs
[X] 300 AAAs
[ ] 350 AAAs
[ ] 400 AAAs

[X] 300 FCs
[X] 350 FCs
[X] 400 FCs
[X] 450 FCs
[X] 500 FCs
[X] 550 FCs
[X] 600 FCs
[ ] 650 FCs
[ ] 700 FCs

[X] 1,000,000,000 Grand Total Score
[X] 1,500,000,000 Grand Total Score
[X] 2,000,000,000 Grand Total Score
[X] 2,500,000,000 Grand Total Score
[X] 3,000,000,000 Grand Total Score
[ ] 3,500,000,000 Grand Total Score
[X] Top 5,000 by FFR Rank
[X] Top 4,000 by FFR Rank
[X] Top 3,000 by FFR Rank
[X] Top 2,500 by FFR Rank
[X] Top 2,000 by FFR Rank
[ ] Top 1,500 by FFR Rank
[X] AAA at least a 50
[X] AAA at least a 55
[ ] AAA at least a 60
[ ] AAA at least a 65
[X] FC at least a 60
[X] FC at least a 70
[ ] FC at least a 75
[ ] FC at least a 80
[ ] FC at least a 85
[ ] FC at least a 90
[ ] FC at least a 92
[ ] FC at least a 95
[ ] FC at least a 97
[ ] FC at least a 99
Posted on: November 22, 2013, at 05:07:51am   [1 comment]
"“Thank you for having us!” portalbob340 gushed to the owner of the tavern they had just spent several days in. Smiling, he waved back."
Posted on: November 18, 2013, at 02:25:40pm   [1 comment]
Wow, this was great. My first tournament, in D2, and I finish in 14th. Not too shabby. I'm happy with where I've gotten with this.

Round 1: AAA
Round 2: AAA
Round 3: AAA
Round 4: AAA
Round 5: (7-0-0-0)

It's kinda relaxing now that this is all over. XD
Comment wall
CDCan writes at 10:02:16pm on 1/10/17
8k games played, gg gj fellow new jerseyan !
DDRNGGin writes at 7:32:38pm on 9/11/16
Hey, I'm here to let you know that I have the team tournament up and running. Sit-ups are currently open if you are interested. :)
DDRNGGin writes at 11:59:45am on 6/22/16
Thanks! :) As far as if anyone has ever gotten to D7 on Index, I'm not sure. You may have to ask FFR player that play Stepmania a lot to see if they know.
DDRNGGin writes at 10:26:33am on 6/22/16
Thanks! :D
I still have a long road to reach D7 on Index, but, I know it can be done! :)
DDRNGGin writes at 1:17:09am on 6/22/16
Regarding Index play, it is easier to progress through in lower division (D1-D3, and maybe even D4). And it is also more of a comfortable play style for me in the long run. My main goal in the OT is to prove that an Index player can be capable of doing as well as spread player, even when the charts give Index players a huge disadvantage. My ultimate goal, however, is to become a D7 Index player.
DDRNGGin writes at 6:39:17am on 6/20/16
Trust me, where I am on the Leaderboards (D5), it is pretty much impossible as there are only about 5-7 Index-friendly charts in D5, with D6 and D7 having no Index-friendly charts whatsoever. The charts that are made now essentially discourage players from playing Index at all. :(
To be fair, I should have said that I was an Index player when I joined the NIA Rivalry about a year and a half ago.
DDRNGGin writes at 5:20:21pm on 6/19/16
An Index player can only accomplish so much at this point. There are essentially no Index-friendly charts for me to practice at this point and the tourney charts especially do not favor Index players anymore. :(
DDRNGGin writes at 4:45:03pm on 6/19/16
Alright. The tourney will most likely be posted in the threads hopefully once the Top 8 round(s) start as I am definitely going to get eliminated within the first 2 rounds of the OT. If I do somehow get past the first two rounds or get to Top 8, then the tourney will probably be up on the threads as soon as the OT ends. :)
DDRNGGin writes at 4:02:48pm on 6/19/16
Hey portalbob! :D It's been a while since I last saw you on FFR!Anyways, you should check out my latest Random Thought(s). :D
Kawaii025 writes at 9:31:39pm on 9/3/15
Congrats on reaching 600 FCs! :)