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This is a group account used by the Rivalry Leaders to handle various event matters. You may see this account being used when receiving a PM, obtaining credits, or when a new event in the division rivalry threads are posted.
The Novice/Intermediate/Advanced Rivalry [2015] EM Rivalry [D4/D5]
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botchi246 writes at 12:28:56pm on 10/29/15
you are hot!
ShadowDueler97 writes at 10:24:37pm on 1/1/15
I'm not a rapper
ShadowDueler97 writes at 5:59:33pm on 1/1/15
Two and a half men, I watch that.
Deidara837 writes at 1:30:14am on 12/31/14
NIA is D1/D2/D3, Carrot runs that. EM is D4/D5, I run that. D6 and up do their own things
Xiz writes at 1:28:26am on 12/31/14
Hope this doesn't go inactive. This would be cool to see for a few years.
Also, should this be all divisions shared by multiple peeps instead of D4-5?