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Kai LaLa
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Location:Brisbane, Australia
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About me:
Well, where to start... I'm a tattoo designer, currently in training so I can legally start inking people. Studying my Diploma in Business and Management, 2 years left on that. I'm a part-time Kickboxer student/coach at the Red Dragon. Eh, you can inbox me if you want to know anymore. :)
My interests... Hm... Drawing- Photographic, Portait, Tribal etc etc. Spending as much time possible in the gym or outdoors. Love getting muddy, especially if it envolves Bikes. Hanging around with friends. Rave Parties and Kickbox tournaments. The list can go on... But it won't. :3
Fav Music:
Anything Bassy or Heavy such as; Techno, Trance, Screamo, Heavy Metal Etc Etc.
Fav Movies:
Anything that leaves you thinking at the end... "Wtf! That was gross..."
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champ757 writes...
at 11:17:48am on 5/25/13
thanks for the add
silentoath writes...
at 12:37:08pm on 8/30/12
lmfao omg :p
silentoath writes...
at 6:21:17pm on 8/21/12
haha yes ! :D
badman7772 writes...
at 1:50:28am on 8/6/12
Yep! At least I'm short and sweet! :D
badman7772 writes...
at 1:23:51am on 8/6/12
At least you CUT your list instead of people taking an hour to put their interests in alphabetical order. That's annoying. :D
squishy013 writes...
at 7:02:43am on 6/22/12
All your black and white pictures are stunning! Very photogenic : )
dvaskate writes...
at 4:37:35pm on 4/21/12
Well that's cool you actually know how.
And I bet that will look fabulous.
Once you dye your hair again you should definitely post
some pictures of what it looks like!
dvaskate writes...
at 8:07:57pm on 4/19/12
Well that's neat-o!
I am doing great, by the way!
I wish I could cut my hair, but that would be disastrous!
And I have seen a bunch of girls dye there hair,
a lot of em' would just use their handds and they would
stay colored for a long while. But their hair did look good.
Have you tried dyeing it yet? Just remember if you
mess up then you can always dye it back.
popsicle_3000 writes...
at 10:38:05pm on 4/18/12
ah well np. when i joined my 1st tournament i hadn't even AAA'd a 5 yet :)
you do what you have to do!
dvaskate writes...
at 4:03:50pm on 4/18/12
Also, are you going to sign up for popsicle's tournamnet?
popsicle_3000's Spring Spectacular!
I signed up for it, & I know it will be a really
fun & kickass tournament.
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