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Merry Christmas!
Posted on: December 25, 2008, at 07:31:49pm

  1. First comment <3

  2. That was creepy o.o
    Merry X-mas :D

  3. o.....k weird, merry christmas to ya too Troy

  4. So this is one of the reasons why I am allergic to cats.

  5. lol interestingggggg
    merry christmas everyone <3

  6. I dont know what to say to that

  7. are those cats on something!?! XD lol
    Merry Christmas, anyway!!!

  8. Merry Christmas everyone!
    Don't tell -anyone- where to find the audio for this, I don't want some idiot to try to step it.

  9. That was.... umm
    eh, that was......
    No comment.

  10. I'll finish your sentence Rushy: epic.
    Also, where can I find the audio to this? I want to step it! No, jk haha.
    The end sounds a bit like Family Guy.. anyone agree?

  11. I was watching this last night.

  12. Uhh interesting :D

  13. Im scared of cats now...

  14. dude......rofl

  15. Merry Christmas! XD
    btw I love cats... but this I do not love. D:

  16. barbershop quartet feline style 8D

  17. EPIC!

  18. Lol wth?

  19. ha ha ha. ho ho ho.
    gg maldon would watch again

  20. It had the South Park backdrop, so I watched it.
    That was bad judgement. Gtfo stupid video.

  21. haha nice ^,^

  22. You know... My iPod is full of Jingle Cats. I hate you.

  23. Wow, that's absolutley awesome, kinda.

  24. I was looking at this for a few days then finally decided to watch it...
    wow did I make a mistake or what...

  25. hehehe i found the mp3 file for it...would i need permission to step this? heh


  27. To whoever who downed that, it was a joke, grow a sence of humor -_-

  28. shut up nate seriously


  30. weird.

  31. That was so cute, i just LOVE cats =D

  32. same here tG

  33. lol..... 8D