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Uploaded on August 23, 2007 at 08:18:34pm

Picture Comments

  1. =[
    i miss you.

  2. Awesome hair, you're hot, and according to this pic, you have superpowers. Awesome.

  3. is your hair really those colors?
    SWEET ^^)
    Nice powers!

  4. i pretty much love ur hair soo much

  5. I love your hair lol

  6. at least you manipulate power from your hands rofl

  7. magic powers 0.0 *gulp*

  8. I still stand....Most kick ass hair in the world.

  9. What Version of photoshop and ZOmg Wonder Twin Powers Activate

  10. hairy palm?

  11. what happened to your bottom eyelids? it looks like there are holes in them


  13. cool powers

  14. cool powers

  15. yewr hair!:O <3<3<3<3<2+1

    luv it.

  16. lol nice hair

  17. OW...you hit me in the eye with that friggen magic stuff coming out of your hand....wtf watch it XD

  18. I just want to meet you and poke and prod at your hair...

  19. ur awesomeness astounds me :D

  20. Feckin dragonbawl shizzle goin down thar

  21. ROFL! Crazy Kitty Kamehemha

  22. Your such a babe and your hair looks tight.

  23. Shoop Da Woop

  24. omg mew swabby <3
    *wishes* if only my hair is a as pretty as urs and like as clean as u ^0^

  25. sheza chargin her lazer beam onoz

  26. thats some nice hax, haxor.

  27. Are you firin yo lazuh? Or are you doing a million tiny Ka Me Ha Me Ha's at once?

    BTW: How do your eyes keep changing color. I swear to god, that is almost scary. 0.o