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Uploaded on March 7, 2007 at 06:06:52pm

Picture Comments

  1. Prettiest One On FFr

  2. damn your hot

  3. ur really pretty

  4. I want that outfit =D

  5. love the outfit

  6. you look like your ready for a hike :)

  7. Geez Morgan...

    Since when do people date others based on their looks? I mean, if you date someone ONLY based on their looks; what is the purpose when they 50+ years old?

    Personality is your choice; you don't lose that over time. Even old people have unique personalities ^_^

  8. your very hot i want 2 go out with u!!!!!!!

  9. Very nice pic!

  10. omg! awesome!!!

  11. this is one of my favs

  12. Can you paint with all the colors of the wind?
    Pocahontas ftw?

  13. hay there i like ur hair who does ur hair i wanna go there

  14. Absolutely breath taking! I love it!

  15. i like the style ;)

  16. camera shy.

  17. ya look cute in this pic =D

  18. Your so awesome. <4

  19. Ommg! the hair is awesome, the style is awesome! WOW that really cool, i wish people would dress like that around here, all we got here are wannabe gangbangers and girls that dress too slutty X_X

  20. nice hair :)

  21. Amazing picture

  22. Soooo.Your suposed to be Shayne.

  23. Awesome hair!!!! =D

  24. yummy indeed =D

  25. yummmeh =3

  26. ...nice!

  27. whoa colors/

  28. i agree w/all of these people

  29. aww, your like a little rave girl!!<33333

  30. z0mg you're hair is so righteous!<33333

  31. i love ur hair!!!!!!!!!