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picInformation of the songs released last week and this week.
Depending on which particular version you’re familiar with, the joke entitled “A Man in the Desert” totals in at approximately 10,000 words, thus giving rise to its more well-known title of “The World’s Longest Joke.” At the risk of spoiling the particularly superb punchline, let’s just say that if you’re acquainted with the joke that the ending uncannily relates to the timeliness (or perhaps lack of) when it comes to this front page post. However, such delays should be expected when it comes to this time of year: if you’re like myself or any number of the other FFR denizens who are either actively pursuing or have already achieved a post-secondary diploma, you should know all too well that the tail end of November represents the dreaded era of due dates. Now is the time when libraries and student centers graciously open their doors and invite students to hole themselves up within their depths well into the godless hours of the morning, when professors and teaching assistants alike become swarmed either whenever or if they ever dare to peek their heads out into the public domain, and when the dedicated learner attributes the notion of “fun” in relation to themselves as being as about as likely to occur as going into a cupcake shop and not finding at least one incongruously placed and overly tattooed person working behind the counter. In dire times such as these it’s important to take the occasional break or two, to remind yourself that there does in fact exist a world outside of your dimly-lit study hall, and what better way to be granted relief from the world of bibliographies and multiple choice questions than by enjoying this week’s release of new FFR songs?

C’est la Vie by Protest the Hero (dore) – Very Difficult [51] / 3:29 / Rock / Metal
Louder!! Louder!!!! Louder!!!!!! by The Quick Brown Fox (AlexDest) – Master [70] / 1:19 / Dance2 / Gabba
Lunar Eclipse – a nation of moon #6 by guna (DarkZtar) – Very Difficult [47] / 2:32 / Misc / Instrumental
Pollyanna by Furries in a Blender (YOSHl) – Novice [7] / 0:42 / Classical / Piano Remix
Unicron Barbeque by XACKSECKS (I like it) – Guru [80] / 2:31 / Secret / Dancecore
My Little Pony Medley [Heavy] by Renard (megamon88) – Expert [65] / 1:45 / Skill Token / Happy Techno

We kick off this week’s batch of files with C’est la Vie, a Protest the Hero song stepped by none other dore. If history has taught us anything it’s that the five and a half other files that have been brought to us by the dream team of dore and Protest the Hero are ones that have more often than not been met with polarizing reaction: either people love the files to death and play them over and over into the long hours of the night, or they’re met with such scorn and disdain that players immediately begin weekly contributions to a secret savings account that in time will grant them enough money to cover the cost of flying out to wherever dore lives and giving him a piece of their mind in person. Regardless of your opinion on the song or the steps, players will nevertheless be treated to a high energy, head- and hand-bangingly intense piece in the usual Protest the Hero style. The file features copious amounts of stream and relatively soft layering (save of course for one particular stretch near the end of the file) that should make for a challenging yet enjoyable experience for intermediate players. Veterans can head over to the Rock section if they wish to give this one a try.

Do you have a short attention span? Do you want to hit so many arrows in such a brief period of time that you’ll be left wondering what just happened? Are you up to the challenge of facing upwards of twenty-three notes per second? Have you earned yourself the title of FFR Veteran? Well then indulge your desires with our next file, Louder!! Louder!!!! Louder!!!!!! Created by The Quick Brown Fox, one of Renard’s numerous aliases, and lovingly stepped by AlexDest, this extremely fast-paced file will keep even the most prodigious of arrow-smashers on the edge of their seats. Imagine the faster and denser section of All Y’all Bitches cranked up a notch and without the relief of the softer sections in between and essentially you’ll have LLL. Jumps, bursts intermittent with quick stream runs and a particular malevolent ending that can only be described as the musical equivalent of the song title’s twelve exclamation marks should prove to be a formidable adversary to any player to say the least.

If you’re searching for a piece that’s a bit softer in comparison to the previous two files then you’ll be more than enthralled when you give Lunar Eclipse – a nation of moon #6 a go! Performed by guna and stepped by DarkZtar, this laid-back song bestows the listener with a rather blithe image in their heads, perhaps one of being in and amongst a thick forest in the latter hours of the evening, gazing upwards at radiantly white moonlight streaming through the crevices in the foliage above you. However, rather than lazing around beneath a tree and staring up at the moon like the song may engender you to envision yourself doing, a relatively slow yet lengthy run of technically relevant stream interspersed with the occasional jump, hand or grace note will either provide ample challenge for the novice player or a sublime opportunity for jumpstreaming practice for the intermediate player.

Don’t let the particularly gruesome artist name of Furries in a Blender or the fact that you’re going to be going up against a song that’s created by a Renard alias fool you into thinking that Pollyanna is anywhere near as difficult a file as the majority of FFR’s Renard catalog tends to be. Coming in at only a 7 out of 100 on the new difficulty scale, YOSHl brings us forty-two seconds of blithe, airy piano music that will be enjoyable for even the most uninitiated of FFR players. Check out the very tip of the iceberg that we call the Classical section to give this one a try.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages, please welcome to the rapidly increasing FFR repertoire the debut song for musical artist XACKSECKS as well as the debut file for stepartist I like it! When it comes to uniquely spelled Unicron Barbeque, both artists embody the “Go Big Or Go Home” mentality down to a tee: with powerful kicks, very in-your-face vocals and a high BPM on the song side of the spectrum and dense layering, fast 32nd bursts and extended jumptrills and streams on the file side, this file earns its 80 out of 100 difficulty rating with flying colors. If you’re one of the lucky ones who have accumulated 72,000 credits over the course of your FFR career then you can go and check out the Secret section in order to try your hand at this trickster of a file and see if you like it as much as I like it likes it.

Those of you who had seen the [Standard] portion of the previously released iteration of the My Little Pony Medley should have seen this release coming from miles away. Our third Renard release for the week, and the only one that’s actually published under his usual alias to boot, is stepartist megamon88′s answer to those of you who had wanted a little more oompf out of the Standard release from a couple of weeks ago. Unlike its predecessor, the Heavy version of this 8-bit omnibus of songs from the simultaneously beloved and bemoaned television show contains denser layering, both mini and extended jacks, polyrhythms, grace notes, swipes, speedy stream runs and just a light peppering of jumpstream for added measure. Those of you who wish to try your hand at this particular rendition will need to achieve a full combo on the [Standard] version of the chart with nine or less combined goods and averages as well as zero boos in order to unlock the file. Good luck!

And thus ends another week of releases. As always, the previous week’s two veteran files have now been released to the public, so go and play Exotic Matter and Vortex if you haven’t already. Play the files, listen to the songs and leave your opinions or suggestions in either the respective forum thread or in the comments section of this post before taking a deep breath and returning to either the harsh realm of the academic world or the temporarily blissful universe of procrastination.

- plopadop

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  2. holy tl;dr batman

  3. “or they’re met with such scorn and disdain that players immediately begin weekly contributions to a secret savings account that in time will grant them enough money to cover the cost of flying out to wherever dore lives and giving him a piece of their mind in person”… LMAO plop you’re awesome

  4. I don’t know about anyone else, but My Little Pony Medley [Heavy] is probably one of the few pony songs I personally enjoyed playing (chart-wise).

  5. I love how there’s a picture of Fortress, when C’est La Vie is off of Scurrilous lol

  6. if you like it as much as I like it likes it


  7. Is FFR trying to become it’s own encyclopedia?

  8. I was gonna say what cedolad said so… yeah. Fix it.

  9. Thank you!

  10. …………. Omg thats so awesome. Thank you plop

  11. I love C’est la Vie to death :D Can’t wait to get in a warmer place so I can play it properly. Over and over.

  12. Also, forgot to say since this wasn’t up when I played it, more guna tracks would be great. It seems like no matter who steps it they’re fun, good listening, and relatively easy for me to AAA. As long as they stay in the 40s, I suppose.

    And thanks again for the writeup! I feel like it would be pretty awesome if you did (dramatic) readings of these.

  13. louder’s ending: get fucced

  14. ^ THAT ;.;

  15. I was looking forward to C’est La Vie in game, played the file and lost hope.

  16. Great job on C’est La Vie. I love playing it.

  17. school is for tools

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