Happy New Year!

Posted in Flash Flash Revolution on January 1st, 2013

It’s that time of the year again. Let’s welcome 2013 with open arms, meaningful (or meaningless) resolutions, and a new song that everyone can enjoy!

Trinity by Step (TC_Halogen) – Expert [68] / 8:01 / Classical / Soundtrack

This lengthy but epic orchestral piece will take you on a journey through a medley of songs from the Monster Hunter series. Despite its length, the steps created by TC_Halogen are reasonable and will provide many opportunities for you to enjoy this musical wonder.

I’ll keep this short, so without further ado, please join me in celebrating the new year!

- bmah and the FFR Staff

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  1. 1st

  2. Happy new year, everyone! ^.^

  3. Happy New Years!

  4. Happy new year, guys! I really hope a lot of you enjoy this file – I spent an insane amount of time on it last week and I did my best to make it playable for all of the active forum community, providing some tricky parts for our seasoned pros while keeping the file tame for our not as adept keysmashers.

    With that being said, good luck!

  5. happy new year everyone. :D

  6. It looks promising :D

  7. Happy new year to all. Can’t wait to try this l8r

  8. I love the music choice, AJ. <3

  9. zzz, I wanted a BEER song……

  10. “a medley of songs from the Monster Hunter series”
    respect halogen.

  11. Happy new year ffr community !!!

  12. Happy 2013 Everybody!
    And TC_Halogen, thanks for this amazing stepfile!

  13. So many long songs … I’ll play it later

  14. “New Year, new weave.”

  15. Kidding, happy new year everyone! :)

  16. Happy New Year! I’m normally not a fan of marathon files or really anything over 5 min. but this one was worth it! Amazing song and file!

  17. Such a gay file to AAA but omg AJ I love you <3 Favorite was definitely the middle with the flute stuff and all the colors all over the place around 1500 combo~

  18. Happy new year FFR!

  19. AJ did i tell u this is one sexy stepfile u made if not im telling u now :)

  20. no more long songs please!!!!!!!!!!! also happy new year everyone out there!

  21. more long songs please!!!!!!!!!!! also happy new year everyone out there!

  22. WOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! :)

  23. now that FFR had its fun releasing songs that are over 5 minutes long. time to release a whole bunch that are under 2 minutes. kthnx

  24. yeah long songs are easy for ppl that dont try to AAA them! -.- im not saying that the song its “bad” i actually like the song but i dont like trying to AAA long files like this one

  25. or just playing long files is annoying.

  26. I love Monster Hunter! :3

  27. Did someone say Monster Hunter? HHNNNGGGG!!!! I just shat a brick. I hope it’s as up to snuff as I’m hoping from you AJ. >=D

  28. 28th.

    In case someone doesn’t know which way the thread goes. lol

  29. Really good song AJ, I loved it! :D

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