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Hello my name is Juile i am a calm chill person I play Elsword and sometimes VRChat (if it works on me which sometimes it doesnt) but yea i like listening to music and chill I like listening to Kpop my favorite one im most into right now is BTS since i'm kinda a fan of them my favorite is Kim Taehyung
Anime, Drawing, music, Kpop,BTS, Elsword, VRChat, Reading
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Classic music and Kpop BTS currrent favorite BTS songs Run Fire Mic Drop Fake Love Idol Danger Boy In Luv Dope Im Fine Best Of Me
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Any anime movies and any other movies
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Posted on: April 30, 2019, at 05:55:44pm   [0 comments]
Wow its been hella of a long time since i came back to FFR again this place has changed freakin lot i use to be on here quite alot in the past and whatnot but again wow!...But since now i've been sometimes coming back hardly now a days i've been doing other stuff now i've been playing Elsword and games on steam and such watching streams on twitch also been playing VR games like beat saber and VRChat also been caught up with lots of BTS stuff lol yes i'm a big BTS Fangirl and i'm proud of it...been looking at my favorite bias from the group Kim Taehyung hes my most favorite guess you can tell from the pics i uploaded to my FFR profile....

But would also like to say kinda feels good coming back to FFR once in awhile and stuff but yea i log on here little bit often here and there just to peek whats going on but again hardly on at times mostly been on discord and stuff...so yea...alot has changed though the site has looked different then when it use to be in the past....
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JounouchiKatsuyagirl writes at 12:16:31am on 8/28/18
Well damn Hell i havent been on this site for hella long time lots has changed i see but think i will be back here again i guess see whats friggin new around this place now
Xx{Hunter}xX writes at 8:21:49pm on 4/7/16
I, er...May have forgotten your Skype, by the way. How embarrassing...
Xx{Hunter}xX writes at 6:40:36pm on 4/7/16
I'm alive! Constantly busy, but alive!
Mrs.Moonlight writes at 9:18:28pm on 8/8/15
You're very welcome =P
Mrs.Moonlight writes at 9:02:00pm on 8/8/15
Cute page =)
Rapta writes at 6:14:16am on 6/5/15
Where is the profile picture from?!
HikamitheSoulReaper writes at 3:59:17pm on 4/21/15
nice add wall~ ^~^
Litodude writes at 5:42:41pm on 10/7/13
is that you in your avatar
Tim Allen writes at 10:35:07am on 9/8/13
I am
RNGRX writes at 10:23:14am on 4/3/13
I am a disturbance.