FFR Rivalry Recruitment — We Want You!

Posted in Flash Flash Revolution on April 2nd, 2014

What is a rivalry? — Rivalries are weekly hosted events, aimed at accelerating the playing ability of each participant through the drive of friendly competition. These rivalries provide a place for beginner and veteran players alike to compete as casually or fiercely as they choose.

Structured in the familiar format of the Official Tournaments, participants are given one week to post the best score they can on a selection of songs. At the end of each week, a credit prize pool is distributed, and each player is awarded rivalry points based on their performance.

This week’s Rivalries are already underway! Joining either rivalry is as simple as posting in your rivalry thread. Unsure of which division you belong in? Just ask, and we will be happy to let you know!

Carrotcake94’s Division 2 & 3 Rivalry is targeted towards Novice, Intermediate and Advanced players.

axith’s Division 4 & 5 Rivalry caters to hardened keysmashers in the Expert and Master skill brackets.

Good luck!
- axith (Rivalry Coordinator) and PrawnSkunk (Event Staff)

16 Responses to “FFR Rivalry Recruitment — We Want You!”

  1. What about a Division 6 & 7 Rivalry thread?

  2. ha

  3. go make one (inlove)

  4. Can I have a programming rivalry division?

  5. yes, first one to make vidchat wins

  6. The revival of FFR… I like it…

  7. cats

  8. herpderp

  9. neato!

  10. i wanna be good at smashing arrows

  11. I’ll play but I call being gary oak.

  12. How do I find out what division I’m in?

  13. Here is a rough outline for those who are unsure of which skill bracket they belong to: http://www.flashflashrevolution.com/vbz/showpost.php?p=4106405&postcount=129

  14. I’d be to pissed off to try this and jealous that I couldn’t win.

  15. D2 rivalry represent!

  16. too*

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