April Fools Day Winners~

Posted in Flash Flash Revolution on April 2nd, 2012

Wow guys, just wow… Breaking 17 million arrows in 24hrs hasn’t happened in a LOOOONG time. Good work ;)

We had a lot of rivalries throughout the day. GTS was heavily contested in the 2nd/4th places for quite a while, and it was pretty obvious that no-one was catching Jerry DB on his attempt of breaking the all time #1 Grand Total list.
I am very pleased with how many people logged in and had a go, some people that got onto the top ten GTS didn’t even start until lunchtime! All in all it was a fun event that has inevitably given a whole lot of people sore hands for their Monday/Tuesday.

So without further delay, here are your winners!~

(spoiler alert: Jerry killed it…)

~Credit Prizes~

Jerry DB – 150,000 credits
Elite Ninja – 100,000 credits
magicturbo – 100,000 credits
usapon – 70,000 credits
popsicle_3000 – 65,000 credits
V-Ormix – 60,000 credits
coolrun – 55,000 credits
omega_grunt666 – 50,000 credits
FFR Pro 21 – 45,000 credits
ilikexd – 40,000 credits

The top ten for the daily Grand Total Scores were a combined 7.7 Billion points!!! With the 10th spot being seperated from 8th by only 2.5 million, and plenty of places changing in the final minutes. Our 6th place get V-Ormix managed to swipe his 3rd token for the day at 11:59pm server time, making the 700 million milestone by less than a minute and 70,000 points. And lastly, our copycat and equal 2nd place winners were following each other point for point from 800,000,000. (yes, they were exactly on 800 million…) Elite Ninja & magicturbo finished up with an insane 832 million each.

Congrats to you all for getting over 600 million and landing a credit/token prize for your efforts. (you are all nuts ;) )

The remainder of the credit prizes were for the top 3 in each of the categories below. Some early competition regarding games played and AAAs was rather entertaining to watch, qqwref came out with an amazing strategy that saw him rack up over 1000 games per hour which soon spread to the others vying for a top 3 spot. I’ve included the screencap of the top 5 in each category below.

other results

Most Perfects: 50,000 credits – Jerry DB, 30,000 credits – Elite Ninja & 20,000 credits – V-Ormix

Most Games: 50,000 credits – reuben_tate, 30,000 credits – qqwref & 20,000 credits – 8 Hour Whore

Most AAAs: 50,000 credits – reuben_tate, 30,000 credits – flash dualist & 20,000 credits – Tattsu

All in all we awarded 1,035,000 credits, 9 vRofl tokens and 12 others, FREEDOM DiVE being the most popular unlock.
Once again, a great big thanks to everyone who participated, congrats to those who won tokens or credits and we shall see you again for our next exciting SponCon!!


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  1. first..again

  2. I’ll get back to you this summer. :p

  3. qqwref is a magician

  4. o

  5. hehu :>

  6. congrats guys

  7. Oh no my first comment made me sound cocky and now people are gonna hate it, oh well was trying to be funny and get it in lol. Anyways great contest, I can’t believe 10-15 people got over 600 million, that has never happened I’m pretty sure so good job everyone.

  8. Comment votes aren’t important Jerry ;D Don’t worry about it, just a ton of people hate the ‘first’ comment jokes~

  9. In the near future with GTS contests disable vrofl.

    It makes this contest not worth trying if ONE person with it is playing it.

    Good job to the winners though.

  10. I know I don’t care I hate first comment jokes too unless I’m lucky enough to be on the front page when these things first pop up. thanks for all your support Jae and to everyone else. Wouldn’t have done it without you guys <3

  11. Well done, guys. :)

  12. so much fun :)

  13. Alternating name colors o.O

  14. Hard stuff, really a contest of sheer willpower. Great job all around!

  15. 1,337 AAA’s?


  16. I spent all day earning one of those 9 vrofl tokens… and my name doesn’t appear in this post q_q

    But that’s okay lol I was legit outdone

  17. Aww snap Mike, my bad. I only really focused on the top 10 & 3 from each of the credit payouts ;___;

  18. 2 days later, not even 50% of the arrows hit on gamewhore day


  20. spoiler alert: imgur killed it

  21. april fools! you guys get no credits! lawl :P

  22. The image you are requesting does not exist or is no longer available. — imgur.com

  23. This one was screenshotted like a minute before, so V-Ormix’s perfects should only be a bit higher. Otherwise yeah =P


  24. @Flandre Scarlet: All from Excite Bike…all day, everyday. (well, not the everyday x.x)

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