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FlashFlashRevoltion StepCharters with Most Songs i
Author: MarioNintendo
Type: Flash Flash Revolution Videos
Description: In this data visualization, I looked at the most prolific stepcharters from flashflashrevolution.com.
  1. Aye thanks to everyone who contributes to FFR

  2. You go, Bmah!! Woooo!!!

  3. bmah backwards is hamb

  4. Toon I was in the field doing exploration geology in 2010 lol, I was well in the grass literally

  5. *bmah

  6. 2010's blah needed to touch some grass

  7. fuckin sick

  8. the rise of bmah

  9. ohh wow! how about one with skill rating? i guess before the skill rating came out u can use avg rank

  10. NestleKwik is listed separately from Nestlekwik, it's possible there might be other entries to combine too if the names are being treated as case-sensitive.

  11. my pp grew after seeing dis vid

  12. cool dataset