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Default Stepmania/ffr history thread

Hey guys, I decided I wanted to compile in a thread, and possibly later, have some sort of a scripted story reading of the history behind stepmania and ffr posted to youtube. We're a very historied community, going as far back as 2002 and there have been events, mindset shifts, metagame shifts, community members that come and go, stories for days, cheaters, liars, drama, and many many good things that persevere throughout that keep this game alive and thriving, such as community projects, packs, website developers, the forums in general, our connections with each other, and our passion for smashing arrows. I feel it'd be a darn shame if we let some notably large events, successful and/or failed projects, players, and contributors become nothing more than a thought of the past. This thread, though I may not see it to its completion, I want to kick things off with a lot of my findings throughout the digging i've done in the forums, and any help i've received from directly asking you guys, what things were like. Most importantly, I feel this is a very good opportunity to work together as a community to help put our history into a consumable manner for other people who are new, or us oldies that want some nostalgia.

I personally feel from my observations through searching the forums, that we are not a dying community, we are not a dying game, and in fact we have more activity than ever.

So without further adieu, here's everything that I've compiled so far, in spoilers because it's big:

I have found this story from an old timer named Tyra over on zenius I Vanisher that I found interesting!

The earliest DDR simfiles pre-dated Stepmania by a few years.

BM98 came out in 1998, and gave birth to the .BMS format. The progam could be skinned to play DDR, but this wasn't really a thing people ever bothered to do, since Beatmania was several times more popular than DDR, and it made no sense to create songs that only used 4 lanes of notes.

Delight Delight Reduplication came out in 1999. It was given a DDR skin later that year, and custom DDR charts for it came out right around the end of 1999. It used also used BMS , but also MSD files. The release of Delight Delight co-incided with the release of both official and bootleg home DDR controllers onto the market, and so all of a sudden, DDR could be played at home, and re-skinning BMS simulators to play 4-lane DDR songs made complete sense.

The earliest custom simfiles were definately in 1999, but were almost certainly just shoddy "conversions" of custom Beatmania simfiles, with 2 lanes of notes either deleted, or moved into other lanes. There's no way to tell who made them or what they were, because all of the websites that hosted them are long gone.

The first arcade simfiles I remember seeing were early 2000. There was no Youtube, so people would usually only put them together for songs they wanted to memorise, either for PA or freestyle routines. The music and steps could be copied from the Playstation games, but Japanese fans didn't really bother - they just played them on the Playstation, unless they had some specific reason to play the chart in a simulator.

The first real concerted effort to publish a "complete pack" was in 2002, when we put the original DDRUK arcade packs together. I'm sure that people collected sets of MSD files before this, and people probably had complete arcade-perfect collections, but they were never shared in public.

There's no way of knowing, because the internet was a different pace back then. Instead of having online services like Facebook and ZIV giving everyone a portal to communicate on the internet, everyone pretty much just had an EMail address, and a small website on a service like lycos or geocities.

Geocities was huge in Japan (it actually still exists), and pretty much everyone had one. The only way to find simfiles was if somebody hosted their simfiles on their Geocities site, and then made an effort to join a Webring. A webring was essentialy a massive HTML page of links to sites with similar interests. In this case, there would be a dozen or so webrings dedicated to people who liked Beatmania, and a maybe a handful of those pages would post their own DDR .MSD files. You really had to trawl through them to find stuff, and the vast majority of sites that were around in 2002 have now been deleted, to free up space on the Geocities server.

The DDRUK packs came about when Lawrence wanted to create a full set of files for Dance With Intensity, and contacted me at first, because I'd collected a full set of .MSD files for all of the DDR games that existed at that point. The thing is, I have no idea where any of those MSD files came from. Everyone just threw together MSD files for the particular songs they wanted to play at home, and you had to really search them out. In my search, I definitely did find websites that had huge collections of songs, but nothing I'd consider complete. I'd like to say that the DDRUK pack was the first publicly available 'complete' arcade pack, but I doubt it's true. Just like I had a complete set of .MSD files, there had to be others out there who had done the same, and like me, they had no means or reason to publish them on the internet. Some Japanese guys probably did, and we just never happened to find them.

The same applies for Original packs. There was probably a Japanese guy out there who put one together, and put it on his Geocities site, but because it was impossible for anything to get popular back then, it's impossible to say anything about early custom simfile packs, and impossible to go looking for information on them, because all of those Geocities sites actually pre-date archive.org.

Here are the earliest landmark simfile collections I can remember :

Bemaniruler (2002)
The first simfile artist to achieve any sort of recognition in the community. BMR's popularity co-incided with the IDMusic chat room and DDRFreak forums being opened, which was when BMR started experimenting in putting out simfiles that were far more experimental and difficult than anything DDR itself offered at the time. What was unique about BMR was that although he did crazy shit like a 16-foot song in 2002, or a song that was 10 minutes long, his songs were actually fun and could just about be completed by people playing at home on soft mats. Bemaniruler never really released simfile packs, but it was very common to see all of his files bundled together in a .LHZ file.

DWI Extreme / DDR4Ever (2003)
Two very early (pre-Stepmania) song packs that attempted to create an entire DDR game's worth of songs. Both used a combination of licensed songs (usually Dancemania songs that Konami passed up), and crossover songs from other Bemani games.

Foonmix (2004)
Foonmix only pre-dates In The Groove by a few months, but it was the first successful attempt to create an entire DDR game in Stepmania, with completely original graphics, sound, songs and BGA videos. Most of the artists collaborating to Foonmix were successful BMS makers, so this pack really is the most representative of what early (pre-Stepmania) simfiles were like. One huge difference between Japanese simfiles and western simfiles is how complete they were. It was very rare to find anyone outside of Japan who would compose the music, make the simfile, and also animate a background video.


It's also worth noting that when I say "pre-Stepmania", I mean before Stepmania became popular. Stepmania was unpopular for a long time, because it required a 3D video card in order to run, wheras Dance With Intensity could run from pretty much any PC or laptop of the time. I think it was around the time that Frieza joined the team that the project really took off, and became the de-facto simulator of choice.

I have also saved this from arch0wl that kind of continues off the story from Tyra (kinda) but it's still interesting since I think arch0wl was very influential or just generally well known (hi arch!)
Originally Posted by Arch0wl View Post
NOTE: I'm posting this here because a lot of newer players post on the brag board, in contrast to the Garbage Bin which is more old-school. I realize that this is the "brag board" which would imply that every post here should be about Stepmania scores. However, throughout the history of FFR people have used this board as the de facto board for general keyboard SM/FFR discussion, as the closest thing we have otherwise is the simulators board, which gets very little activity in comparison. As such I think my post here is definitely on-topic despite not seeming that way at first glance.

(note2: this is entirely from my perspective, so it may be inaccurate and/or biased in some ways.) (note3: this was originally posted on rfraction.com)

In the beginning... there was Delight Delight Reduplication. I wasn't around then, however, I know enough about it to know how it worked. Basically, .bms files were the Japanese equivalent of our .sm files--they could play different gametypes like DDR, IIDX, Pop'n Music, and so on, so when people made simfiles they made them in .bms format.

This was how BeMaNiRuler got started. Essentially, every file was intended for pad back then--his were too, even though probably very few, if any people could do them--but his were especially notable for how hard they were. BMR's "V", the same "V" that's in the KBMP, was essentially the hardest song available for a year or two. Most people either loved or hated his stepfiles. This was the closest thing available to a "keyboard sim" for a long time.

"Dance With Intensity" came out some time later. Stepmania was around too, but it was very, very primitive compared to how developed it is now. After a while, people began to switch to the .dwi format instead of the .bms format, and so did BMR.

The most popular websites for sims then were DDRManiaX (BMR's website), DDRUK, and DDREI (DDR east invasion). FFR and bemanistyle didn't exist yet. Those three sites still exist today, but DDRManiaX and DDREI are only traces of what they once were. DDRManiaX mainly hosted simfiles by BemaniRuler, later featuring files by cmcm (V Heavy Beat Remix and Manhattan Sports Club in the KBMP) and KeeL (who you now know as Kyle Ward, the creator of ITG's music).

DDRManiaX was the most popular. In terms of website function today, DDRManiaX would be comparable to FFR, this website, or ODI, while DDREI was comparable to the stepmania.com forums. Nearly everyone on the forums played on pad, and if you played on keyboard it was shameful.

This was magnified by DDREI's TournaMix series and DDRUK's "bumper packs", along with other prominent pad file sources like Animix and DWInsanity. However, TournaMix held by far the most influence. If your simfile was #1 in TournaMix, everyone would have played your stepfile--think of KBMP's popularity now, and imagine if each song was ranked according to subjective "quality". It'd be sort of like that.

The TournaMix judges held a huge influence over what kind of files were made. The thought of a keyboard file was preposterous. Lots of people played on keyboard, but not many talked about playing on keyboard. This was magnified when BMR released his "A" file and his "Gravity" file. They were, by far, the hardest files most of us had seen, but he insisted that they were to be done on pad.

The attitude most had towards hard songs back then was very different than the attitude now. While most people like to play hard songs now, players back then thought of hard songs as this entity entirely in left field. BMR was an analogy you used when you wanted to say something was absurdly hard to the point of being comical. To my knowledge, this type of thinking doesn't really exist in the SM community today, but you can see a remnant of it--go into your SM editor and you'll find a mod called "BMRize."

Additionally, the word "bull****" back then was not used in the same context as today. When a player called something "bull**** hard" it was more along the lines of "you have no business making something that hard." Steps that followed the music, as nearly every keyboard sim does today, were frowned upon as "karaoke steps".

Some time around TournaMix 4 or 5, BMR quit, and DDRManiaX gradually declined afterward. BMR was the essence of DDRManiaX, and I can't stress enough how much of an influence he had on simfiles. If he had never made simfiles, FFR would be very different than how it is today.

Around this time, the Stepmania team released "SMMAX" and epically pwned the Dance With Intensity team, because prior to SMMAX everyone joked about Stepmania and how awful it was. SMMAX was of much higher quality, and it rapidly gained converts, including myself. It was a much less polished version of the SM you're used to playing now.

When I say "much less polished", I mean it. All of your sims had to be made on 1x, there weren't any notes beyond 24ths (much less 32nds and especially not 64ths), and syncing songs was a royal pain in the ass because whenever you would select a certain section of the song and "record" your notes would go offsync. This is the SM editor equivalent of having to walk "fifteen miles uphill in the snow."

As many still used DWI, SMMAX had many opponents. One annoying but persistent attitude was the sense of superiority people who denounced the SM editor had. Nearly all files were made in notepad before the SM editor, so, given how esoteric making files was, very few people did it unless they knew exactly what they were doing. All of you are familiar with one person that made his files in notepad: DJ Ren, the author of "Cynic" in the KBMP, though he wasn't that bad about it, and not nearly as bad as the people on DDREI and DDRManiaX were.

I started making files a little after BMR released his "A". My first file was "Jam Jam Reggae (Jam Jam Mix)" from Beatmania Core. A guy named "Kamek", one of the most popular sim creators at that time, helped me with the syncing. Back then, syncing was much more difficult and there was no AutoSync, so lots of files suffered from what was known as "Yellow Arrow Syndrome", where all of the arrows are shifted a 16th note and are flat, yellow arrows, sort of like on older FFR songs.

Nearly all of my files were denounced for having "karaoke steps" or being "too hard." I gained a reputation for both. Again, at the time, the attitude was that playing on a keyboard is just simply absurd and you shouldn't even try to get better scores. A common condescending retort was "Why would you ever want to play on a keyboard? That's stupid. I'd rather play IIDX." That's partially how I developed the dickish personality I used to have, because it became difficult to stand up to those people in a civil manner. Very few of you, if any remember these people--they were before FFR even existed--but even to this day I feel an irrational sense of satisfaction in knowing how popular keyboard SM is, just because those pompous pricks have been one-upped to the extreme.

The prominent keyboard sim creators at this time were Cynic, DJ Ren, Skor (skorpion9x), and myself. A very good portion of the sims you've played in the KBMP are from the days before "keyboard sims" were a legitimate distinction, such as Cynic's LAB. Nearly all keyboard sims were made with the attitude of "well, someone might be able to do this on a pad..." although it's unlikely any of us expected our sims to be done on one. In fact, you may find this hilarious, but many of us were ridiculed by people on bemanisims.com (ran by Bemanistyle's Keith, and eventually merged with BMS to become the bemanistyle sim DB) because our sims were regarded as "impossible". Yes, the majority of people back then, even those that played on a keyboard, thought stuff like Kick Your A heavy was "impossible". I'm serious.

One sim creator that deserves focus is SkoR. He was the first stepfile creator to make keyboard steps to lots of music that differed radically from the DDR/IIDX norm at the time. SkoR can be held responsible for the majority of music associated with Stepmania up to the KBMP (you can credit the IDM craze to primarily aperson), including power metal (Dragonforce, Rhapsody), Mindless Self Indulgence, and especially the classic "stream file."

The first explicit keyboard sim--as in "keyboard only"--was made when Chakrila or "ChaQ" made Flight of the Bumblebee. VERY oldschool players might remember this file--it was 400bpm and started out with nothing but 8th note jackhammers on the left arrow for about 8-10 seconds, and had jumpstream at later points in the song, with rainbow arrows all over the background.

Even after there was a minor following of keyboard players, it was still very underrepresented compared to the pad scene. Pad file creators were still the majority, and when I entered a file in TournaMix, it was met with the usual complaints--"karaoke", "impossible", "too hard", etc. Keep in mind nearly everyone played 8 footers back then, and even 9 footers were occasionally regarded as "really hard".

FFR changed this dramatically. Without FFR, the SM scene would not be nearly as popular as it is today. The reason FFR changed everything was because it was explicitly keyboard, and everyone that went there was a keyboard player. The people at DDRManiaX and DDREI, of course, thought this was the most retarded thing conceivable, and regarded FFR and its community as ****. If you brought up FFR in an argument to show why keyboard sims shouldn't be discarded as a joke, their argument was that FFR didn't count because it was worthless, though they phrased it in a less blunt way. Currently, FFR is the most popular music game site on the internet that I know of and DDRManiaX doesn't exist, so we clearly know who got the last laugh.

The early days of FFR added some major contributors to the SM scene: Reach, Nima, and Hyrogashi. All of us openly competed with each other, which dramatically increased our skill levels, and all of us except Nima made sims. Reach, to my knowledge, was the first person to have made keyboard sims without a background in some sort of dancing game. He represented an entirely new generation of SM players.

Hyrogashi, Reach, Nima and I competed without much knowledge of "styles", "setups", or what have you. This is probably what made Hyrogashi so impressive, because he played with one hand and got a lot of scores I had trouble beating at the time on index, such as AAA'ing BMR's "A" around the same time I did.

Hyrogashi quit around when Yanah's "Club"--a techno song by FFR's own jewpinthethird--was released. The indexers, such as Volkov and myself, were destroying Hyrogashi's score on it. This file made the difference in styles, such as one-handed versus index, apparent to him, and he didn't like the inequality between styles, as he knew that, eventually, to be the best, he would have to give up one hand.

The first instance I can remember of "calling bull****" on someone was when Reach posted a fake score on Flight of the Bumblebee and I called him out on it. This is, to my knowledge, the only time he ever did that and he's been legit since. The first major BSer the keyboard community encountered was AlternateOblivion. At the time, the best player was a guy named Volkov, from Australia. Nima, Reach and myself later surpassed him, but for a while I was under his shadow in index ability.

Around this time, I had made "arch0wl.com" as a discussion site for people in the Stepmania/FFR community. Eventually we became oriented around impressive videos as well, but it still remained a forum--there was no need for an index or navigation page.

So, you had a keyboard community around this time, but as far as sim creators go it was very spread out. Bemanistyle's sim DB was pretty active, and I believe FFR's sim DB was in its infant stages, but we had no "packs" of simfiles to go off of, like the DDRUK bumper packs or TournaMix. This is where I got the idea for the Keyboard Mega Pack.

I noticed that, if someone was going to run a Stepmania tournament, they would need some sort of common "song list" to go off of. I organized what I thought were the most authentically "keyboard" files at the time by all of the major keyboard authors at the time, polished some files, added CDTitles for those that didn't have them, added song information, and released it. To my surprise, it was very popular.

After that, much more people got involved in the Stepmania scene--FFR, my site, and everywhere else. Spectere and a few others spearheaded the Community Keyboard Megapack, and eventually much more packs were created. Reach and Eggman had become some of the most popular sim creators out there. The scene sort of continued in this direction for a while, with a progression towards more technical simfiles like the kind Toph developed, but I don't remember much after that because my participation and involvement in the scene declined rapidly about a year after the KBMP was released. Eventually, we got to where we are now, but I don't know enough to write the post-KBMP history.

Timeline of files for prominent pre-KBMP file makers:


One other thing I found interesting, is that IzzySM has been a very good man in keeping his website up and available to download stuff from, with timestamps! mad props!
This is a list of packs hosted by izzysm currently available to be download from his website at http://www.izzy.nu/
it contains an idea of what your stepmania folder would be most likely to contain up to the point of the time it has been uploaded, and dates back as far as 10-11-2005 with one of the oldest stepmania specific packs of all time, keyboard mega pack.

Keyboard Mega Pack 2005-10-11
Keyboard Mega Pack 2 2005-10-11
Community Keyboard Megapack - Volume 1 2005-10-11
Keyboard Collaboration I 2005-10-11
P()G()'s Keyboard Mega Pack 2005-10-11
In The Groove (With Video) 2005-10-11
In The Groove 2 2005-10-11
In The Groove 2005-10-11
DDRExtreme.co.uk presents ChristmasMix 2005-11-03
Community Keyboard Megapack - Volume 2 2005-12-10
Keyboard Collaboration II 2005-12-10
Fresh Flock of Fantastic Files F4 2005-12-10
Fabulously Fresh Flock of Fantastic Files F5 2005-12-10
PIMP pack- 2nd edition...getting closer to perfection 2006-03-02
Video Game MegaPack 2006-07-01
Keyboard Collaboration III 2006-07-01
Keys of Flames 2006-07-01
Smiley pack 2006-07-01
xclusivemegapack 2006-07-01
SmO 2006-07-01
SM Evoution PacK 2006-07-01
Skor's Selection of High Quality Simfiles 2006-07-01
Solo Sims (30) 2006-12-30
Bemani.se Megapack 2007-02-07
CMDKDF Pack 2007-02-10
linus ¿ Megapack! 2007-02-26
Puritanical Penis Pack 2007-02-26
SMGpack 2007-02-27
Video Game MegaPack 2 2007-03-16
Keyboard Mega Pack 1.5 2007-03-16
In The Groove 2 (Official) 2007-05-28
In The Groove 1 (Official) 2007-05-28
ODIpack 2007-06-01
Ace Megapack 2007-06-11
Long Version Favorites Mix 2007-06-11
Puritanical Penis Pack II 2007-06-11
Super Keyboard Song Pack 2007-06-11
Super Simfile Song Pack 2007-06-11
Ultimate Simfile Pack 2007-06-11
Community Keyboard Megapack - Volume 3 2007-06-11
SMGpack 2 2007-07-22
In The Groove 1 (Official) 2007-10-07
In The Groove 2 (Official) 2007-10-07
SMG Community Revival Pack 2007-10-07
Hard Songs Megapack Volume 1 2007-11-14
Hard Songs Megapack Volume 2 2007-11-22
Hard Songs Megapack Volume 3 2008-01-15
ODIPack 2 2008-02-01
Hard Songs Megapack Volume 4 2008-03-08
Hard Songs Megapack Volume 5 2008-05-31
In The Groove 3 (With Video) 2008-06-01
In The Groove 3 2008-06-01
Astronomic Metal Collection 2008-09-12
Archmage and Dark0wl Hammer of Thor UltraHyperMegaPack 2008-09-12
Midare Megapack (a collection of opening themes, feat. M SQUAD & co.) 2008-09-28
Pokemon Pack 2008-10-05
Pokemon Pack 2 2008-10-05
Tikle's Pack 2008-10-05
Midare & Knoobish Megapack 2 2008-10-05
Video Game MegaPack 3 2008-10-05
Hard Songs Megapack Volume 6 2008-10-06
Anime Songs 2008-10-19
Official PPS pack 2008-10-19
Beyond Legends 2008-10-19
Essential Sim Collection 2008-10-19
Huasos kuliaos Megapack 2008-10-19
Japanese Collaboration Mix 2008-10-19
LOL Megapack 2008-10-19
Otakus Dream 1st Anime Mix 2008-10-19
Otakus Dream 2nd Anime Mix 2008-10-19
Otakus Dream 4th Anime Mix 2008-10-19
Otakus Dream 3rd Anime Mix 2008-10-19
Hard Songs Megapack Volume 7 2008-11-12
Izzy's 8-Arrowed Pack Volume 1 2008-11-22
Ace Megapack Songlist 2009-02-08
Anime Songs Songlist 2009-02-08
Linus Megapack 2 2009-03-02
Pop Candy 2009-03-02
Pop Candy 2 2009-03-02
Linus Megapack 2 Songlist 2009-03-02
Pop Candy Songlist 2009-03-02
Pop Candy 2 Songlist 2009-03-02
Swedish Summer Pack Songlist 2009-03-02
In The Groove 3 (With Video) Songlist 2009-03-02
In The Groove 3 Songlist 2009-03-02
Swedish Summer Pack 2009-03-02
In The Groove 3 (With Video) 2009-03-02
In The Groove 3 2009-03-02
Stepmania France Megapack 2009-06-21
Hard Songs Megapack Volume 8 2009-07-02
Stepmania.nu Competition Pack 2009-07-09
Hard Songs Megapack Volume 9 2009-10-18
Definitive Keyboard Megapack 2010-02-24
Hard Songs Megapack Volume 10 2010-03-22
KOMBO Minipack 2010-03-24
KOMBO Minipack 2 2010-04-21
Astronomic Metal Collection 2 2010-07-10
Community Keyboard Megapack - Volume 4 2010-07-10
Dark Chanchellors Pack 2010-07-10
Flash Flash Revolution Community Pack 2 2010-07-10
GLoVEs Stepmania Gym 2010-07-10
Kirby Pack 2 2010-07-10
Light Chancellors Pack 2 2010-07-10
Light Chancellors Pack 2010-07-10
Otakus Dream 1st Touhou Mix 2010-07-10
Otakus Dream 5th Anime Mix 2010-07-10
Otakus Dream Instrumental Mix 2010-07-10
Otakus Dream Japan Mix 1st 2010-07-10
Otakus Dream Japan Mix 2nd 2010-07-10
Otakus Dream Mix 2010-07-10
Parallel Rotation Minipack 2010-07-10
Patashu Solo Beginner Pack 2010-07-10
Rebound Vibrajacking Pack 2010-07-10
Red Fraction Pack 2010-07-10
Roar176 The Anniversary 2010-07-10
Roar176s Very Danger 2010-07-10
Subjectivemania Collab Pack 2010-07-10
TG09 2010-07-10
The Kirby Pack 2010-07-10
Touhou Pad Pack Rebirth 2010-07-10
Touhou Pad Pack 2010-07-10
UEMP 2010-07-10
Xiao's Solo Beginner Pack II 2010-07-10
Xiao's Solo Beginner Pack III 2010-07-10
Xiao's Solo Beginner Pack 2010-07-10
Xoon 2010-07-10
Xoon 2 2010-07-10
Xoon 3 2010-07-10
Xoon 4 Blue Version 2010-07-10
Xoon 4 Red Version 2010-07-10
Xoon 5 -The Transition- 2010-07-10
Xoon Drama Pack 2 2010-07-10
Xoon Drama Pack 2010-07-10
Xoon Finale 2010-07-10
Flash Flash Revolution Community Pack 2010-07-10
Otakus Dream Japan Mix 2nd Pad 2010-07-18
Otakus Dream 1st Hentai Mix-WS 2010-07-18
Guitar Hero Mega Pack 2010-07-18
Hard Songs Megapack Volume 11 2010-07-20
IcyWorld MiniPack 2010-07-24
Nuclear Blast JS Awesome Bomb Filez 2010-07-24
DragonForce - Ultra Beatdown 2010-07-24
KBU 2010-07-24
Mystery Pack 2 2010-07-24
Tachyon Alpha 2010-07-24
Tachyon Beta 2010-07-24
KOMBO Minipack 3 2010-07-27
Midare Megapack 3 2010-07-28
Rynker's Hard Techno 3 2010-07-28
Midare Megapack 4 2010-07-28
Otakus Dream 2nd Video Game Mix 2010-07-28
Midare Megapack 5 2010-07-28
Piano Minipack of Elegance 2010-07-28
Rebound Vibrajacking Pack Finale 2010-07-28
Rebound Vibrajacking Pack II 2010-07-28
Rebound Vibrajacking Pack III 2010-07-28
Roar176s Freezes 2010-07-28
TG10 2010-07-28
Xoon MAD Pack 2010-07-28
Kommisars 8-Bit STREM Pack 2010-07-28
Kommisars Kawaii Desu Pack 2010-07-28
Alice 4th Complete Step.part1 2010-07-31
Alice 4th Complete Step.part2 2010-07-31
SMOC 4th 2010-07-31
Mina Minimegapack 2010-08-01
Rebound Dump Collection Megapack 2010-08-02
Nuclear Blast JS Awesome Bomb Filez 2 2010-08-13
Sanji_70A3 Pack 2010-08-13
Subjectivemania Collab Pack II 2010-08-14
Melon Collaboration Pack 2010-08-14
Stepmania Factory Pack II 2012-04-08
Stepmania Factory Pack 2012-05-04
Hard Songs Megapack Volume 12 2012-08-10
No C-MODE Pack 2012-08-11
Metal Challenge Pack 2 RELOAD 2012-08-11
No C-MODE Pack Songlist 2012-08-11
Hellowen's One 2013-07-14

My personal digging through ffr forums, and generally the internet to find cool stuff, many titles and dates!:
informations to gather
What is X-Step? ~2003 era
and generally what programs were common programs that people used or suggested others to use throughout the years?
IVKAS style (IV=4 key auto scratch)
What were the SMG, ODI, otakus dream, dragonsfury, thirdstyle, keybeatonline, bluexoon, stepmaniaonline old eu and new, dwi, bemanistyle, zenius i vanisher, smoc, +more communities like? about? time active?

I'd like to get some input on very notable community members, players, devolopers, and content creators including for ffr and sm, including people who organized packs, made influencial simfiles, godly players, godly cheaters, themers, and generally anything you find interesting!

I also hate to put it so bluntly, but ffr has had some very spectacularly over the top drama, i might have missed some threads, and those aren't really important community changing events most of the time, but they make for good reads. Learn from the past etc. Share them if you remember/have them

Some additional info would be nice for what is good recent history (2017+) and any lackluster years i may have overlooked (2013)

December 1997 beatmania
source https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beatmania

11-18-1998 dance dance revolution
source https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_o...on_video_games

Delight Delight Reduplication came out in 1999

9-21-2001 Stepmania
source https://sourceforge.net/projects/stepmania/

12-??-2001 to 2003 Dancing with intensity DWI
source http://dwi.ddruk.com/history.php

2002-2003 Bemaniruler era "simfiles"
source file created dates for his .dwi files and recounts from arch0wl and tyra

10-23-2002 Flash Flash revolution
source http://www.flashflashrevolution.com/

11-29-2002 DWI or SM

3-6-2003 Stepmania CVS 2003 03 06
source http://www.flashflashrevolution.com/...read.php?t=585
the 3-6-2003 comes from the file download at the sourceforge link in this thread, there's also this
"the versions go
from izz.nu there's also earlier versions:

What program can i use to make dwi files? PLZ HELP
mentions of xstep simfile editor for .sm and .dwi files

8-9-2003 Stepmania 3.9 alpha 1 came out???
source http://www.flashflashrevolution.com/...81&postcount=1
also 3rd post mentions mines ayyy

DWI Extreme / DDR4Ever (2003)
source recounts from arch0wl and tyra

10-19-2003 Arch0wl's DWI making FAQ (better than nestlequiks ohsnap)

12-2-2003 BEST PLAYERS? vvolkov0073

12-15-2003 Reliable StepMania Song Sites + Bemanistyle Help

Foonmix (2004)
source recounts from tyra

8-30-2004 Arcade release in the groove
source https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/In_the_Groove_(video_game)

9-21-2004 stepmania 3.9-alpha24a
source http://www.izzy.nu/

kbmp and ckmp are largely what appear to be compilations of what were the best files up to their release including files from bemaniruler ~2002 up to their releases in 2004 and 2005.

10-14-2004 Keyboard Megapack discussion topic
source http://www.flashflashrevolution.com/...ad.php?t=16325

12-18-2004 the OFFICIAL top SM player list(s)

2-14-2005 Youtube is a registered domain, and 4-23-2005 youtube gets its first video.

3-1-2005 Nestlekwik's guide on how to edit .dwi files using notepad

5-16-2005 Keyboard Collaboration I announced
source http://www.flashflashrevolution.com/...ad.php?t=26015
mentions of ckmp1 and kbmp1

6-14-2005 Keyboard Collaboration I released

6-17-2005 NA PS2 release in the groove
source https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/In_the_Groove_(video_game)

6-20-2005 Stepmania 3.95 (stepmania online)
source date created file for 3.95 launcher there was probably stepmania online sooner than this

08-16-2005 Keyboard Collaboration II [submissions]

09-16-2005 Fresh Flock of Fantastic Files (F4)
source http://www.flashflashrevolution.com/...highlight=pack

10-11-2005 video game megapack
source http://www.flashflashrevolution.com/...highlight=pack

10-24-2005 Community Keyboard Megapack - Volume 2
source http://www.flashflashrevolution.com/...ad.php?t=33483

10-27-2005 Stepmania 3.9
New versions were released relatively quickly at first, culminating in version 3.9 in 2005
source https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/StepMania
source (date created file for stepmania 3.9 launcher final release)

11-2-2005 FFR Dumbass of the Year 2005 - Nominations!

12-10-2005 Fabulously Fresh Flock of Fantastic Files F5
source http://izzysm.mine.nu/

11-1-2005 Guitar Hero for PS2 released
11-1-2006 Guitar Hero 2 for Ps2 and X360
10-28-2007 Guitar Hero 3 for Mac Ps2 +4 more
source: https://www.giantbomb.com/guitar-hero/3025-289/games/

2 mass ban events 2006 and 2011

4-13-2006 Omg... did insane... -Nima

~04-20-2006 SS 1-27 (There are people stealing your simfiles!) Sweetsims
holystorm basically took files from ffr and bemaniastyle and other at the time simfile databases and made 27 bad packs.
this thread is a funny read actually
source http://www.flashflashrevolution.com/...light=stealing

5-3-2006 Top 10 nowadays?

05-9-2006 Keyboard Collaboration III
source http://www.flashflashrevolution.com/...highlight=pack

StepMania 4.0 CVS Work In Progress Revision

6-13-2006 through 1-3-2008
StepMania 4.0 CVS (20060613) through (20080103)
StepMania 4.0 CVS Alpha 4 and Beta 6

6-26-2006 Arch0wl Quasar 49p AAA 1.5

08-31-2006 Complete Mega Death Kill Dragonforce Pack (CMDKDF pack)
source http://www.flashflashrevolution.com/...highlight=pack

10-5-2006 Puritanical Penis Pack
source http://www.flashflashrevolution.com/...highlight=pack

10-15-2006 DDreamstudio is announced ~jyris1 ending on 8-5-2009

11-17-2006 Puritanical Catfish Pack II [submissions]
source http://www.flashflashrevolution.com/...highlight=pack

01-1-2007 Best of SS Mega Pack
source http://www.flashflashrevolution.com/...highlight=pack

01-14-2007 SMG Pack
source http://www.flashflashrevolution.com/...highlight=pack

03-11-2007 Puritanical Penis Pack II
source http://www.flashflashrevolution.com/...highlight=pack

07-21-2007 SMGpack 2
source http://www.flashflashrevolution.com/...highlight=pack

09-25-2007 Red Fraction [submissions]
source http://www.flashflashrevolution.com/...highlight=pack

09-16-2007 OSU released
source https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Osu!

10-1-2007 SMGroove Community Revival Pack
source http://www.flashflashrevolution.com/...highlight=pack

11-16-2007 A real guide on how to make a good simfile -ducky285

BBOY's 4.0 CVS Mod v1.1

1-20-2008 Jimerax A list of links for major released simfile packs
This will be a very good source for history stuff geez

3-19-2008 ATTENTION EVERYONE: Start posting on the official Stepmania forum.

4-6-2008 FFR Community Pack

08-6-2008 The VideoGame MegaPack 3
source http://www.flashflashrevolution.com/...highlight=pack

08-11-2008 FFR Community Pack
source http://www.flashflashrevolution.com/...highlight=pack
2nd post Last edited by moches; 08-11-2008 at 05:52 PM..

9-4-2008 QED Drama

10-6-2008 - 8-10-2012 Hard Songs Megapack Volume 1-12
source http://www.izzy.nu/

1-4-2009 OMG... did insaner... MrRubix bs's some scores on SM

02-9-2009 Dark Chanchellors Pack
source http://www.flashflashrevolution.com/...d.php?t=106257

03-7-2009 FFR Community Pack II [submissions]
source http://www.flashflashrevolution.com/...highlight=pack

5-10-2009 FFR Community Pack III [submissions]
source http://www.flashflashrevolution.com/...highlight=pack

7-21-2009 I'm made of fire

7-25-2009 Crowdpleaser DOMINATED

9-13-2009 New Hacked Scores thread

These were all some notable pack strings before ffr went down.

Flash Flash Revolution
The website was shut down on 12-21-2009, and brought back online on 10-9-2010
"Major upgrades and moving things around. We should be back online later today. Merry Christmas!"
http://www.flashflashrevolution.com/...d.php?t=114379 Official "Hey Look The Site Is Back" Thread
http://www.flashflashrevolution.com/...d.php?t=114486 hmm, I wonder, whats gonna happen now with admins/mods ....

1-8-2010 to 12-14-2012 icyworlds hosts A list of all Major Simfile Packs for StepMania
Originally I made my list so people would have the packs on Stepmania Online, that was my initial reason for making this list. xnix took over, then gundam, and now we have a magnificently mantained list by stepmaniaonline.net staff
There has been, and likely always will be community members who will host some sort of downloads page for stepmania content and songpacks. This is a fantastic community and I'm so happy and lucky to be a part of it!
I maintained this list of downloads shortly following FFRs shut down, and some time after it came back, and got tired of doing it, it's exhausting and mad props goes out to everyone that helps keep this game accessible!

2-15-2010 sm ssc 1.0 Public Beta 1 released
source https://jose.heysora.net/SMBuilds/

12-9-2010 Passing away of Steve aka Jellygod
with all due respect, this is a tragic moment as jellygod had touched many peoples hearts, and was a cool dude by many peoples accounts.

11-2-2010 In this thread we talk about rhythm gaming histories
MrRubix and many others share their stories
post 29 kommisar has probably the most informational post
Originally Posted by kommisar View Post
sharing where I came from

starting playing ddr in 2003, I had always thought of the game as a girl's game. Cuz who da fuc would play a rhythm game that involved dancing? HAH. Well I played it anyways. Feeling confident that I was good, passing 9's on ddrmax, I looked up videos online of other people playing. DDRfreak.com had a video of the first max 300 pass in america. Corey had an A on a song that I considered nearly impossible. It couldn't just end there, so I kept playing.

Later on in 2003, word of FFR had spread all over. I never bothered to sign up or join the forums since our group of friends just went on to play the actual game. I eventually did sign up to keep track of my rank and stuff in june 2005.

Stepmania was introduced to me through a friend at a lan center in 2004. At the time, it was just some other ddr simulator like dwi, only more appealing. They bragged that you could play two players through lan (who would've thought smo would revolutionize this). The only files everyone would have were arch's kbmp and whatever you could download on ffr. They were mostly considered complete bs and impossible. Trying to pass Exige's Hot Pepperz file was like listening to stevie wonder read the bible.

2005 came around and stepmania online was born. This is when, imo, stepmania was at the peak of its activity. Out of smo came smgroove, lead by DJ Ossa and jesushaxyou. This was the beginning of pure simfile elitism. ODI had close ties with smg and contributed to each others' simfile packs. The best simfile artists in the community hung out around odi and smg, until the latter died from a retarded admin.

smo was eventually raided by the new odi community. the site had been ruined and the only thing left from the forums were a few boards for bugs and such. everything else had been closed off and only re-opened a year later.

Next came red fraction in 2007. The site was founded by Rebirth who wanted to start a new community similar to smgroove's tight-knit simfile making group. The first red fraction stepmania pack was a great success and generated lots of activity. After ODI had decided they would no longer make stepmania packs, red fraction had any remaining activity regarding simfile making. Red fraction 2 pack was in production (as an invite only pack) but was soon brought to a close when rebirth stopped caring about the pack and the site as a whole.

From the remains of the red fraction 2 pack, Dew opened up his own forum to complete the project. These forums were unofficially known as the smg3 forums, later known as the Dark Chancellors forums. These forums were private and invited only the best simfile artists since the start of stepmania. Few were actually involved with the project (30 out of 100) but was eventually completed and hailed as one of the greatest modern stepmania packs of all time. Later came the Dark Chancellors Mystery pack, which was not as successful and marked the beginning of inactivity within the forums. A second dark chancellor pack was started, but barely anything was submitted.

Puppet decided to pick up the dcp2 pack and start the 3rd ffr community pack. this was just before ffr came crashing down for its year of downtime. Any remaining files from dcp2/ffrcp3 went on to Xoon pack 5. Bluexoon was a product of all the people remaining of smo/smg/rf who still played stepmania. Noon, the founder of bluexoon, had made his own xoon packs before I took over to make the 3rd and 4th ones. Rebirth then came back out of nowhere to help create xoon 5, another pack along the lines of dcp and the odi packs. The pack came out with great success. Plans of creating xoon 6 were discussed, but never actually took off.

The dark chancellors forums were completely dead. A new group of simfile artists was then born. It was to assemble the new age/old simfile artists into one big elitist circlejerk. The Light Chancellors board had been created on bluexoon. Having done 2 very successful packs to date, the Light Chancellors are the last remaining elitist stepmania simfile group.


11-3-2010 DOMINATED MrRubix

2 mass ban events 2006 and 2011

1-1-2011 Patashu's Stepping Guide for 2011

4-27-2011 So let's talk about QED stepfiles. (Let's talk about StepMania actually.)

4-28-2011 A new beginning for our SM community.

4-28-2011 so I want to code a ddream replacement since its website died -patashu

5-29-2011 Stepmania 5 Preview 1
source https://jose.heysora.net/SMBuilds/

5-30-2011 sm ssc renamed to sm5
source https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/StepMania

8-11-2011 Moches is a god let's try dividing Stepmania chart trends into eras
this will be a great thread for sourcing some history

12-18-2011 Suspicious Scores thread (Formerly Hacked Scores)

3-6-2012 to 3-16-2012 KONY 2012

3-18-2012 A Challenge for DossarLX ODI

3-20-2012 MrRubix was BS for years!!

4-10-2012 Stepmania 5 Tournament edition

6-26-2012 Why are people hanging on to 3.9/3.95? twistedphoenix

9-28-2012 Stepmaniaonline is back

10-08-2012 OsuMania
source https://osu.ppy.sh/help/wiki/Game_Modes/osu!mania

11-24-2012 Stepmania Terminology Thread (KBO repost)

10-30-2012 Actual art plageurism -darkshark

10-31-2012 I wasn't done with you yet, DS (Actual art plageurism continued)

3-3-2013 Rhythm Simulation Guide - 4k/6k Notecharting -stargroup100

3-4-2013 The Future of Stepmania

6-4-2013 Stepping Stones of Stepmania (Submissions Open!)

1-18-2014 Renard Queenston is a sex offender

1-26-2014 Who is the best rhythm gamer you've seen in your rhythm gaming career?

6-11-2014 StepMania Fun Facts
post 30 has some great info, and halogen has been around for so long and has lots of input!
Originally Posted by Arntonach View Post
Okay more stuff I remembered:

- There was gonna be a second expansion pack to mgd3, but was cancelled cause everyone involved got nothing done.
- I was told I won 50$ for stepping EternuS for the Stepmix 3, but the site admin apparently didn't see that my Hyrdocity file won instead.
- I got banned from the MGD forums for admitting I never played Super Metroid.
- IVKAS simfiles were supposed to be reminicent of early Beatmania files, where notes denoted certain sounds.
- Diverse System had simfiles and BMS's of some of their songs for D15, but are inaccessible since Konami's Cease & Desist.
- There was a "Stepmania CD" avaliable on the official site. It came with the latest build at the time as well as all Stepmix and Plaguemix simfiles.
- The steps in Utopia Challenge don't go to anything; Chris Foy admits to it.
- The Sweet Sims complications were done without the simfile author's consent, but oddly contain rare simfiles, such as stuff pre FFR and BMS database wipes.
- There's a solo file in Keys of Fire pack done by Malice.

2015 the stepmania chronarticles

3-31-2015 Stepmania 5.0.9 released

4-9-2015 Scores Purge of 2015

04-16-2015 What Keeps you using 3.95? kyzentun

4-30-2015 Requesting: Stepmania history 2008 - 2015
2008 to 2015 recounted by kraezymann pretty accurately

8-2-2015 SM Leaderboards (waffles)

11-1-2015 Jhlee drama
source: let me summarize here, it wasn't cool. it happened and no one is happy about it.

1-8-2016 So apparently people are mad that Stepmania was on AGDQ

4-17-2016 How often does anyone play this game anymore?

soul evans chronicles
7-23-2016 Soul's Aspiring D7 SM score progression thread~
7-25-2016 When you just play and have pain in your fore arms...
8-3-2016 I feel like it's the end for my arms
9-11-2016 bullshit
8-12-2017 Is it too late to redeem myself?

8-13-2016 Stepmania 5.0.12
source https://jose.heysora.net/SMBuilds/

08-19-2016 Etterna
source http://www.flashflashrevolution.com/...d.php?t=145215

9-15-2016 Rhythm gamer murdered by sister because it was "too noisy"
this news is grusome

9-22-2016 Make Stepmania Great Again

2-18-2017 "The Museum of DDR Simfile History"
This thread is nice since you'll be able to find a lot of dwi era simfiles saved by shuey, whatagod! Thanks also to foxfire/smo for hosting these!

Chord Cohesion removal
08-22-2009 mention
~5-12-2017 Public opinion poll on Etterna Chord cohesion removal
~5-18-2017 minacious grace explains convincingly why it's better not to have chord cohesion

12-16-2017 Stepmaniathings is back guys btw

1-24-2018 Stepmania 5.1 Beta 1

6/30/2018 - 12/14/2018 Queenashy

12-16-2017 Stepmaniathings is back guys btw

Originally Posted by icontrolyourworld
Speaking of videos, let me know more i should add to this!

Shashakiro plays hi19hi19's Destiny on Stepmania
May 15, 2006

Quasar Stepmania AAA arch0wl
May 17, 2006

stepmania Dragonforce fury of the storm vegarddd
Jun 5, 2006

Jul 2, 2006
7/02/06 BlueMystic - Another Planet RA

Stepmania Pac-Man (Powerpill) stepmaniafreak
Feb 6, 2007

Bluemystic - Azul 1.2x Rate
Apr 11, 2007

Izzy - Vertex Beta - AAAA (StepMania)
Aug 15, 2007

Thaor St.Scarhand - AAA
Jan 31, 2008

Thaor AAA Fury of the Storm
Feb 10, 2008

World End's Yama Xanadu 1.2x rate AA Laggy
May 21, 2008

aCiiiii Playing Freedom Dive
Jul 9, 2008

Magical 8-Bit Tour WookE
Nov 4, 2008

Jackhammer Madness AAA DossarLX
Dec 2, 2008

Mendes Solo Nekogon
Jan 25, 2009

aCiiiii Playing Destiny Gamma
Jan 23, 2009

aCiiiii Playing Air Light 1.2x
Mar 1,2009

NekoGon Playing Danse Macabre Oni on Solo
Jun 3, 2009

Bynary Plays Disregard
Jun 30, 2009

Emo nerd smashes his room (TeRa: Mad of Fire)
Jul 25, 2009

aCiiiii Playing Danse Macabre
Apr 19, 2009

Stepmania: PkGam Passes The Impossible Song 3!!!1!
Aug 11, 2009

Ledge It
Aug 16, 2009

ぷりずむっ☆ - Stepmania abokadoSM
Nov 13, 2009

midare plays motion
Mar 9, 2010

Destiny Gamma Heavy AA DossarLX
Mar 27, 2010

Minami Ikebukuro Hardcore Custom Oni AA DossarLX
Apr 4, 2010

Phil Goose
May 28, 2010

leonid plays Rain
Jun 28, 2010

leonid plays Bud Ran Back Out
Mar 10, 2011

leonid plays Milky Blue
Sep 15, 2011

Stepmania Nuclear Blast Quadrasphinx Rate 1.2 kikokinho
Dec 16, 2011

Dossar plays Reincarnation Oni
Dec 31, 2011

The proposal: FFR remix
Feb 14, 2012

WinDEU Loves You: The Redemption - Extra Stage
Mar 13, 2012

DossarLX ODI: Megalith ~Agnus Dei~
Jul 23, 2012

Ultra Beatdown Supreme 1.4x MinaciousGrace
Aug 10, 2012

Undiscovered Colors
Aug 26, 2012

WinDEU Hates You 5EVR - Extra stage
Oct 15, 2012

A Brief Odyssey In Time - AAAA oldCaartoon
Nov 9, 2012

One More Lovely / TOML 1.6x - AA staiain
Feb 24, 2013

[StepMania] Nuclear Blast 4: We Luv Lama [Oni] - 74p AAA
Oct 26, 2013

StepMania: Blue Planet - AA 98.59% / 6 CB's staiain
Mar 18, 2014

Airhand 1.2x - 38 perfects Dynam0
Jun 10, 2014

[Stepmania] Holy Orders (Patashu) - 2p AAA Dynam0
Jul 31, 2014

D.O.W.N.S. 5 Preview - Rob Swire Has a Nervous Breakdown
Oct 23, 2014

Bud Ran Back Out - 51p Dynam0
Feb 28, 2015

StepMania: Image Material 1.1x - AA 96% staiain
Mar 12, 2015

We Hate Lama 25p 1g EtienneSM
Jul 11, 2015

StepMania: Soldiers Of The Stamina 1.4x - AA staiain
Jul 12, 2015

CoS 1.1 J5 AA MinaciousGrace
Oct 27, 2015

basically the best js score of all time MinaciousGrace
Oct 27, 2015

Stepmania - MinaciousGrace plays Ultra Beatdown Supreme 1.5x (AA)
Nov 26, 2015

Peace Breaker (WRIST BREAKER) - 99.61% - 1 miss
Sep 28, 2015

StepMania 5.0 Live Stream (12/12/2015) jhlee0133
Dec 12, 2015

[Stepmania] Quadraphinix 1.4x - AA (Judge 5) April
Dec 12, 2015

AGDQ 2016 | Stepmania Showcase by Staiain
Jan 7, 2016

Stepmania: We Luv Lama 1.3 - AA EtienneSM
Feb 28, 2016

Gate Openerz 14p AAA zyphor000
Mar 10, 2016

Future Dominators 47p AAA zyphor000
Mar 17, 2016

[StepMania] Maid of Fire AAAA Dynam0
Mar 25, 2016

Stepmania: The Lost Dedicated - AAAA EtienneSM
Mar 26, 2016

Stepmania: Heart 1.1x - Destroyed EtienneSM
Jun 11, 2016

Stepmania: Uta - FC EtienneSM
Jan 9, 2017

Stepmania: Through the Fire and Flames 1.3 - AA EtienneSM
Feb 1, 2017

[NotITG] ∀NØMALY Ky_Dash
Feb 12, 2017

My Best Stepmania Session Yet - May 19, 2017 EtienneSM
May 19, 2017

Stepmania ft. Shoegazer: The Last Winged Unicorn 97% 附手元 (ham edition)
Jul 13, 2017

Stepmania: Freedom Why 1.2 95.5% - AA EtienneSM
Sep 12, 2017

Sep 21, 2017

StepMania: Pine Nut AA 94% + reaction staiain
Nov 9, 2017

[Cuphead x StepMania] Botanic Panic
Nov 26, 2017

[NotITG] Undiscardable [Future Release]
Apr 15, 2018

One last thing I want to leave a note on, considering my past record with losing interest with substantiating something this massive (the list of major simfile packs) I anticipate I may lose interest in maintaining/updating this kind of a thread in the near future. So I want to leave this with you guys, if you find it interesting!
I also don't think that I'd be able to write out a nice storyline including some major highlights of our community, if someone were interested and tallented/invested enough to do so, I'd be glad to read it out for youtube

I think it's majorly awesome how much we've grown on the shoulders of giants, going from single download simfiles, to community packs, to minipacks led oftentimes by a single person in conjunction with community packs (the current state of things); how we've always had someone who volunteers to host stepmania related packs and themes/noteskins; how we've always stuck together (in some sense) throughout the most trying of times (ffr going down); how we've constantly admired the best players, the best content creators, and pushed skill over the years to an absurd level (always going higher still even); how ffr and sm have always been seperate but together entities (we're all in the same boat in a sense); and just everything, I love you guys!

Another interesting fact is the internet in general has grown A LOT since 2002!

This is probably a nice time for all you veterans who have been around 10+ years to share your stories too hope you all find something interesting here, and have a good time!

Edit for more stuff:
@IcyWorld there was drama about mi40/anaru for botting heterochromia iridis in the 9th tourney round 8 d7

ApocolypseAp found this, props to him! I think that these scores are from about 2006
Originally Posted by ApocalypseAp View Post
A piece of history, now available again. I didn't edit it at all, and many links may not work.

New screens:
What Planet is This
Festival of Ghost 2
Disturbed Mind (full) Edit
Counting Snow
Mystical Potatohead Groove

Sertman Edit: I cleaned up all the broken picture links caused by tsutter.com going offline, so any score that doesn't have a pic is legit, it's just the pic went offline.

As the title states, I'm accepting scores so instead of just one score per song, there can be up to 5. I'll only take submissions however. If I see a screenshot that isn't submitted, I won't put it in here. You have to care enough to want to be on the list in the first place.

First off, credit to munsie for assembling and posting this.

Secondly, in addition to accepting scores in this thread itself, there'll be an e-mail in which you can submit scores to. the e-mail is:

stepmaniaworldrecords at gmail.com

Your score will have a better chance of being accepted if you mention the name of the song considering I know I don't know all the songs and can't just guess all the time.

It'd be super great if you also mentioned your name somewhere unless it's painfully obvious who you are according to screenshot or e-mail address.

THESE FILES HAVE BEEN AAAA'D AND TO SAVE ROOM HAVE BEEN PUT INTO A LIST. Note; Most of these have been AAAA'd by multiple people, I only linked one screenshot. Song names in bold are incredible and worth mention.
1989, 1st Samurai, A (kbmp), AA Heavy, AA Oni, Air (Vid), Ageha J7(Vid), Angel Eyes, Angel Stays on This Ground, Arrabbiata, Atmos Break[/b],Badlands, bbblow, Beat of the War, Beautiful Child,BF2014,Blazing, Blythe, Bright Pulse, Burning Noumander, Candyman, Cave Story, Colours, Cooking by the Book, Cynic, Daisuke, Dancing All Alone, Death Moon, Delirium Heavy, Delirium Oni, Disabled the Flaw, Disconnected, Dokudenpa, Don't Be Afraid, Endless Dream, Emerald Sword, Empathy, Ernst, Estella, Exe, EXD, Flower Awaken, Fly Swatting, Funky Sonic World, Galagzee, Geno's Woods, Halloween, Hats, Gloves, and Overalls, Haywire, High, Hishoku No Sora, Hit 'n' Slap, Holy Orders, Hyper Pressure, Hyper Pressure, It's A Small World, J219, Jive Into The Night, Jurs Op, Karma, Kasta Sten, Lawn Wake IV, LunaMarionette, Mad Blast, Manchurian Candy, Max 450, Maximizer Oni, Megaman III - Final Battle, Moulin Rouge Oni, Murmur Twins, Murmur Twins G-Pop, NeoMax, Never Say, Ninja Technique, One or Eight, One More Lovely, Oosanbashi, Princess Bride, Prophetess Oni, Radetzky March, Rebirth, Reploid Factory, Red Zone, Rislim, Road of Death, Sail Away, Senorita, Sewer Surfin', Spooky, Starmine, Stoic, Strangeprogram, Syntax Egon, Tamayura Drummania, Tamayura Oni, The Famous Polka, The Climax of the Tower, The Strong Jaeger, Tristam Rock, Turkey March, TurtleTurtleUp, Uber Rave, UGS Heavy, Vault of Heaven, Vertex Beta, Vijore, WAIT!, Wake Up Angel, We Met That Night, Witchcraft, X-Treme, Y31, You Are Oni, Z, Zeta.

0x1311 - Thaor - AA - 1140/64/5/0/0/0/32 - Pic
2nd - Reach - AA - 1117/89/3/0/0/0/32 - Pic
340 BPM Gabber - tsutter - 979/103/25/1/2/5/72 - Pic
A (Hayden's) - Laggy - AAA - 840/1/0/0/0/0/1 - Pic
A Deep Mentality - Dynamo - AAA - 638/17/0/0/0/0/228 - Pic
AA Edit - Dynamo - AAA - 1092/22/0/0/0/0/0 - Pic
ACI-L Edit - Dynamo - AA - 1378/101/12/3/1/10/0 - Pic
Acid Rain - Dynamo - AAA - 2807/44/0/0/0/0/267 - Pic
Admiral of the Seas - Dynamo - AAA - 768/6/0/0/0/0/34 - Pic
All Is Vanity - Dynamo/tsutter - AAA - 594/4/0/0/0/0/113 - Pic/Pic
Almost There Edit - Samtorx - AA - 1168/132/17/0/0/0/170 - Pic
Animal Minimal - Dynamo - AAA - 694/2/0/0/0/079 - Pic
AOAO - Sesshomaru - A - 1020/661/120/9/5/32/0 - Pic
Arch0wl - Bahamut-X - AAA - 821/36/0/0/0/0/13 - Pic
ASB - Dynamo - AA - 820/10/0/0/0/1/99 - Pic
Aurora - Dynamo - AAA - 762/3/0/0/0/0/54 - Pic
Aztec Templing - ieat - AA - 680/48/16/2/0/1/2 - Pic
2nd - Thaor - AA - 679/55/11/0/0/2/2 - Pic
B.B. Evolution - Bahamut-X - AAA - 2288/19/0/0/0/0/121 - Pic
Badger - Bahamut-X - A - 183/44/13/2/0/6/13 - Pic
Beyond the Earth - Bahamut-X - AA - 1014/5/2/0/0/0/0 - Pic
Big Apple 3 AM - Dynamo - AAA - 517/4/0/0/0/0/68 - Pic
Black Dragon Oni - Dynamo - AAA - 2601/5/0/0/0/0/33 - Pic
Black Lawn Finale - Dynamo - AAA - 1065/1/0/0/0/0/0 - Pic
Blazing - Dynamo - AA - 716/13/1/0/0/0/9 - Pic
Blue - Dynamo - AA - 994/115/31/2/2/12/22 - Pic
Blue Planet - Thaor - A - 1363/327/42/11/10/27/472 - Pic
Blue Rose - Bahamut-X - AAA - 1246/9/0/0/0/0/0 - Pic
Blur - Reach - AA - 404/56/4/2/0/3/6 - Pic
Boss Fight - Bahamut-X - AA - 457/22/6/0/1/0/0 - Pic
Bowser's Castle - cetaka - AA - 623/25/4/0/0/0/233 - Pic
Burly Brawl - Dynamo - AA - 1681/93/3/0/0/2/218 - Pic
Calling An Awakening Memory - Laggy - AAA - 1206/8/0/0/0/0/92 - Pic
Caprice No. 1 - tsutter - 1063/82/9/0/0/1/18 - Pic
Chaos - Dynamo - AAA - 2048/38/0/0/0/0/60 - Pic
Chill (X-MOD) - Sesshomaru - AA - 535/24/3/1/0/0/134 - Pic
2nd - blindreper - AA - 509/47/7/0/0/0/134 - Pic
Click Again Oni (cmod) - Dynamo - AAA - 808/39/0/0/0/0/90 - Pic
Click Again Oni (X-MOD) - Puppet - AA - 699/131/17/0/0/0/90 - Pic
Club - Bahamut-X - AAA - 1585/17/0/0/0/0/0 - Pic
Counting Snow - samtorx - AA - 296/114/23/3/2/2/0 - Pic
Cruel Whole - Bahamut-X - AAA - 464/7/0/0/0/0/7 - Pic
Cruel Whole - Bahamut-X - AA - 1280/43/0/0/1/5/19 - Pic
Cruisin' - Dynamo - AAA - 1276/20/0/0/0/0/139 - Pic
Cry of the Brave - Shashakiro - AA - 3032/48/1/0/0/1/52 - Pic
Cuka Rocka - Laggy - AAA - 826/6/0/0/0/0/8 - Pic
Cybertron - Dynamo - AAA - 889/6/0/0/0/0/43 - Pic
Cynic (kbmp) - Bahamut-X - AAA - 847/27/0/0/0/0/10 - Pic
Cynthia - BlueMystic - AAA - 1097/3/0/0/0/0/63 - Pic
Danger - tsutter - AA - 865/24/1/0/0/0/208
Data Drain Oni - Tsutter - A - 749/146/64/15/7/21/3
Dead and Direct (X-MOD) - Puppet - AA - 871/61/7/0/4/0/288 - Pic
2nd - Yesssss - AA - 755/161/24/1/1/1/288 - Pic
Death Moon Edit - Thaor - A - 1289/524/95/9/12/58/342 - Pic
Death Piano - Reach - A - 1426/370/99/12/2/32/0 - Pic
Death Reveals - Thaor - AA - 1400/162/18/1/3/2/26 - Pic
Desert Search for Techno Baki.ava - Bahamut-X - AA - 1465/93/4/1/0/1/16 - Pic
Destiny - BlueMystic - AAA - 1827/2/0/0/0/0/80 - Pic
Dignity - Thaor - AA - 979/104/11/0/0/0/118 - Pic
Disregard - tsutter - AA - 873/125/9/0/1/0/0
Disregard (Tank's) - Bahamut-X - AA - 710/141/16/1/2/5/6 - Pic
Disturbed Mind (full) Edit - chau - A - 1232/444/214/62/32/53/377 - Pic
Apocalypse - A - 1123/460/294/80/24/56/377 - Pic
2nd - Tenox - B - 1203/461/220/44/21/88/376 - Pic
Dokudenpa Oni - Dynamo - AAA - 1698/9/0/0/0/0/0 - Pic
DoLL - bboyflames - AAA - 692/2/0/0/0/0/36 - Pic
Doughnuts Town Map - BlueMystic - AAA - 1241/7/0/0/0/0/228 - Pic
Duality - Dynamo - AAA - 915/2/0/0/0/0/4 - Pic
Dungeon.1 joyous whatever mix - scatbreaker - AA - 6911/112/5/9/0/2/1261 - Pic
Earthquake Oni - Thaor - AA - 1445/320/44/9/10/16/234 - Pic
Electro-Fantasy HD - Dynamo - AA - 1000/44/1/0/1/2/170 - Pic
Eleventh Hour - Thaor - AAA - 742/40/0/0/0/0/200 - Pic
Enemy Storm Oni - Motoko - AAA - 948/5/0/0/0/0/39 - Pic
Enigma Beginner - bboy - AAA - 662/3/0/0/0/0/15 - Pic
Enraptured Soulz - Zaghurim - AAA - 738/4/0/0/0/0/69 - Pic
Epidermis - Motoko - AAA - 1115/5/0/0/0/0/76 - Pic
Erasermotor Maximum - Motoko - AA - 949/20/1/0/0/0/50 - Pic
Eternal Nocturne - Bahamut-X - AAA - 2152/4/0/0/0/0/0 - Pic
Etude Op.10 No.1 - Laggy - AAA - 1111/2/0/0/0/0/0 - Pic
Excel’s Theme Light - Dynamo - AA - 883/23/6/0/0/0/0 - Pic
Excite Bike chauster - B - 64/36/26/2/5/8/40 - Pic
2nd - ieat - B - 62/32/28/5/5/9/41 - Pic
3rd - Dynamo - B - 70/30/19/7/2/13/39 - Pic
Eye Opener - Dynamo - AAA - 1290/7/0/0/0/0/22 - Pic
Feldschlacht III - Dynamo - AAA - 639/1/0/0/0/0/70 - Pic
Festival of Ghosts - Jaite - AA - 670/94/1/0/0/0/36 - Pic
2nd - Yesssss - AA - 602/148/12/1/1/1/36 - Pic
Fetus of God - BlueMystic - AAA - 1091/1/0/0/0/0/79 - Pic
Final Step - Dynamo - AAA - 1111/28/0/0/0/0/105 - Pic
Flame Stag - Bahamut-X - AA - 567/30/1/0/0/2/0 - Pic
Flower Awaken - Laggy - AAA - 910/1/0/0/0/0/79 - Pic
Frog's Theme - ieat - AA - 638/152/35/11/4/6/62 - Pic
Fury of the Storm - Thaor - AA - 3683/195/4/0/0/0/213 - Pic
Fuzzies Stole My Shell - Bahamut-X - AA - 541/37/2/0/0/0/23 - Pic
Galvanotaxis - Dynamo - AAA - 1492/5/0/0/0/0/67 - Pic
Gamelan de Couple - Dynamo - AAA - 585/4/0/0/0/0/73 - Pic
Gaussian Blur - Bahamut-X - AAA - 953/15/0/0/0/0/89 - Pic
Gaussian Mist 2 Oni - Bahamut-X - AA - 958/40/2/0/0/0/45 - Pic
Geeks' Coup D'etat - Bahamut-X - AA - 512/11/2/0/0/0/22 - Pic
Gigadelic - tsutter - AA - 1144/111/14/3/0/7/171
2nd - Thaor - AA - 1056/185/19/5/4/10/170 - Pic
Genocide - Glove - AAA - 949/4/0/0/0/0/10 - Pic
Girl Boy Song Oni - Bahamut-X - AA - 1036/36/3/0/1/0/35 - Pic
Glitchcraft - Sesshomaru - AA - 1188/194/63/10/4/7/117 - Pic
2nd - Yesssssssssss - AA - 1133/232/69/24/6/2/117 - Pic
Go Beyond - Laggy - AAA - 518/2/0/0/0/0/72 - Pic
2nd - Gamester - AA - 517/2/1/0/0/0/72 - Pic
[b]Goblinz (X-MOD) - Puppet - AA - 688/53/3/0/0/0/105 - Pic
Going on Spring Wind Oni - Dynamo - AAA - 1099/42/0/0/0/0/78 - Pic
Gray Pianos Flying - Laggy - AAA - 1205/12/0/0/0/0/200 - Pic
2nd - Dynamo - AAA - 1197/20/0/0/0/0/200 - Pic
Guillaume Tell - Thaor - AA - 827/64/7/0/0/2/12 - Pic
Happy Adventure Delightful Adventure - Dynamo - AAA - 849/7/0/0/0/0/85 - Pic
Happy Rainbow Oni - Dynamo - AAA - 1082/11/0/0/0/0/2 - Pic
2nd - Ledwix - AAA - 1077/16/0/0/0/0/2 - Pic
Hatebreeder - Bahamut-X - AAA - 1858/35/0/0/0/0/307 - Pic
Higan Retour Heavy - BlueMystic - AAA - 1139/4/0/0/0/0/7 - Pic
Honey Cookie Oni - Bluemystic - AAA - 566/2/0/0/0/0/0 - Pic
Hot Looking Babes - Thaor - AAA - 1329/34/0/0/0/0/34 - Pic
how fast cen u roll niga wut - Isaac - A - 502/142/23/1/0/15/2 - Pic
2nd - Blade - A - 524/108/28/4/2/17/2 - Pic
I am Maid - Thaor - AA - 965/42/1/0/0/0/2 - Pic
I'm A Maid - Bahamut-X - AAA - 604/4/0/0/0/0/2 - Pic
Identity - Thaor - AAA - 3050/26/0/0/0/0/0 - Pic
Identity pt 1 - Thaor - AA - 1117/107/12/2/2/7/360 - Pic
Identity pt 2 - Thaor - A - 1138/494/77/15/11/76/324 - Pic
Idol - Bahamut-X - AAA - 781/2/0/0/0/0/3 - Pic
Insect Digestion Melancholy - Dynamo - AA - 1404/60/15/0/0/3/358 - Pic
Into The Oblivion - Zaghurim - AAA - 1168/15/0/0/0/0/46
It Plays Windows - Dynamo - AA - 481/12/1/0/0/0/162 - Pic
J'ai Envie de Plaisir X2 (X-MOD) - Yesssss - AA - 930/138/8/0/0/0/6 - Pic
Just Fly Away Edit - Dynamo - AAA - 1239/8/0/0/0/0/0 - Pic
K8107 - Bahamut-X - AA - 832/32/0/0/0/2/36 - Pic
K8107 - WookE - AA - 551/83/7/0/0/1/3 - Pic
Kagome-Kagome - Thaor - AA - 1188/102/7/0/3/3/277 - Pic
Kamaitachi - Thaor - AAA - 873/9/0/0/0/0/8 - Pic
Kasta Sten - Bahamut-X - AAA - 1146/21/0/0/0/0/0 - Pic
King of the Sea - Dynamo - AAA - 978/8/0/0/0/0/108 - Pic
Konata Chainsaw Gun - Dynamo - AAA - 1429/10/0/0/0/0/97 - Pic
Lash's Theme - Dynamo - AAA - 492/5/0/0/0/0/6 - Pic
Last Ocean Edit - Dynamo - AA - 1156/56/15/2/1/12/1 - Pic
Late Night Sneakin’ - Dynamo - AAA - 1149/1/0/0/0/0/25 - Pic
Lawn Wake III Oni - Rman - AA - 491/90/29/7/3/8/20 - Pic
Lawn Wake IX - Dynamo - AAA - 974/10/0/0/0/0/108 - Pic
Lawn Wake XIII - Dynamo - AAA - 1293/8/0/0/0/0/45 - Pic
Linuks - Laggy - AAA - 1350/1/0/0/0/0/0 - Pic
Linus' Bullshit - WookE - A - 392/127/37/6/0/7/11 - Pic
Loaded Futurefile - Bahmut-X - AAA - 885/7/0/0/0/0/1 - Pic
Love Tropicana Deluxe - BlueMystic - AAA - 1007/5/0/0/0/0/308 - Pic
Madness - Dynamo - AAA - 1165/2/0/0/0/34 - Pic
Magical 8-bit Tour Heavy - 1092/17/0/0/0/0/81 - Pic
Magical 8-bit Tour Oni - Reach - AA - 1359/177/29/2/2/10/68 - Pic
Maid of Fire - Bahamut-X - AAA - 687/5/0/0/0/0/2 - Pic
Malice - Laggy - AAA - 1103/1/0/0/0/0/0 - Pic
Marble Gallery - Dynamo - AA - 780/36/5/0/0/0/53 - Pic
Marisa - Motoko - AAA - 1272/4/0/0/0/0/261 - Pic
MAX 600 - Bahamut-X - AA - 459/92/3/0/0/1/4 - Pic
Mei Oni - Laggy - AAA - 1141/12/0/0/0/0/0 - Pic
2nd - Dynamo - AAA - 1139/14/0/0/0/0/0 - Pic
Meridian Dance - BlueMystic - AAA - 780/3/0/0/0/85 - Pic
Midnight Dragon Heavy - Bahamut-X - AAA - 992/8/0/0/0/0/281 - Pic
Midnight Dragon Oni - Bahamut-X - AA - 1124/51/3/0/0/1/135 - Pic
MIHC Oni - Tenox - B - 1240/586/270/69/15/100/6 - Pic
2nd - WookE - B -1073/660/326/100/43/78/6 - Pic
Miko Miko Nurse - Dynamo - AAA - 831/2/0/0/0/0/12 - Pic
Mischief Makers - Thaor - AA - 717/133/13/1/3/2/10 - Pic
Momentary Life (tora's) - Laggy - AAA - 1497/9/0/0/0/0268 - Pic
Monotune -respect- (X-MOD) - Linus - AAA - 393/1/0/0/0/0/12 - Pic
Motion - Dynamo - AAA - 940/15/0/0/0/0/108 - Pic
Moulin Rouge Edit - Laggy - AA - 1117/29/3/0/0/0/148 - Pic
Mr. 12000 is Sad Most of the Time - BlueMystic - AAA - 1078/6/0/0/0/0/97 - Pic
MSM + SMM - Dynamo - AAA - 1087/4/0/0/0/0/10 - Pic
2nd - smdude - AAA - 1083/8/0/0/0/0/10 - Pic
2nd - Dynamo - AAA - 1082/9/0/0/0/0/10 - Pic
Mystic Oriental Love Consultant - Laggy - 1951/5/0/0/0/0/0 - Pic
2nd - Dynamo - AAA - 1949/7/0/0/0/0/0 - Pic
Nauticus' Tragic Past Revealed - Reach - AA - 641/110/13/9/1/7/0 - Pic
Nemesis Oni - tsutter - AAA - 875/43/0/0/0/0/1
Nightmare Wizard - Dynamo - AA - 587/22/1/0/0/0/112 - Pic
Ninjas Are Still The Hardest - Bahamut-X - AAA - 740/1/0/0/0/0/59 - Pic
No One Wins - Tenox - B - 807/459/197/30/6/80/8 - Pic
Not Again - Dynamo - AAA - 750/2/0/0/0/0/138 - Pic
O_L - Dynamo - AAA - 1114/18/0/0/0/0/251 - Pic
Oblivion SC Style - Dynamo - AAA - 751/18/0/0/0/0/177 - Pic
One Minutes Edit - Wooke - C - 625/361/112/29/11/75/0 - Pic
One More Lovely Oni - BlueMystic - 1315/8/0/0/0/0/0 - Pic
Otaku Speedviba - Bahamut-X - AAA - 915/9/0/0/0/0/3 - Pic
Our Xenopittan - Dynamo - AAA - 811/1/0/0/0/0/145 - Pic
Outer Wall - Dynamo - AAA - 545/2/0/0/0/0/11 - Pic
Outer Wall (ODI Pack) (X-MOD) - Puppet - AA - 501/52/5/0/0/1/115 - Pic
OutLaw - Bahamut-X - AA - 1102/66/6/0/0/2/1 - Pic
Paradigm Shift - Dynamo - AAA - 911/17/0/0/0/0/37 - Pic
Paranoia -respect- - Bahamut-X - AAA - 589/12/0/0/0/0/19 - Pic
Peaches En Regalia - Motoko - AAA - 951/4/0/0/0/0/223 - Pic
Phases of the Moon - Laggy - AA - 565/31/1/0/0/3/163 - Pic
Yesssss - AA - 514/72/10/3/1/0/163 - Pic
Piano Concerto no. 1 - "Scorpion Fire" - Dynamo - AAA - 800/2/0/0/0/24 - Pic
Plastic Mind - BlueMystic - AAA - 1994/3/0/0/0/303 - Pic
Pleasant Farmer - Reach - AA - 1326/36/1/0/0/0/17 - Pic
Please Listen Heavy - Motoko - AA - 1113/7/0/1/0/0/0 - Pic
Please Listen Oni - Reach - AA - 1140/68/4/0/0/2/0 - Pic
Porco Dio Edit - Reach - AA - 547/45/11/1/0/7/0 - Pic
Power Plant - Laggy - AAA - 790/4/0/0/0/0/37 - Pic
Psicicite - bboy - AA - 1168/60/1/0/0/0/273 - Pic
R8U - Bahamut-X - AAA - 874/6/0/0/0/0/176 - Pic
Rabasladabingbong - tsutter - A - 749/164/29/0/4/18/72
Rain of a Thousand Flames edit - Laggy - AAA - 1833/14/0/0/0/0/26 - Pic
RAN (Cetaka's) - Dynamo - AA - 1212/92/6/0/1/1/151 - Pic
2nd - Linus - AA - 1185/116/9/1/0/1/151 - Pic
Reality.wav - ieat - AA - 242/61/19/1/1/0/41 - Pic
Reality - Bahamut-X - AAA - 701/12/0/0/0/0/7 - Pic
Reality (Toph's) - BlueMystic - AA - 702/6/0/2/0/0/5 - Pic
Red Lucifer Rising - Laggy - AAA - 2070/42/0/0/0/0/168 - Pic
Rep Pill - Dynamo - AA - 2056/183/44/12/2/15/264 - Pic
Red Sign - Reach - AA - 1483/210/39/2/1/5/156 - Pic
Reincarnation (0.9) - Wooke - B - 731/430/453/144/46/97/573 - Pic
Requiem Heavy - ieat - AA - 691/45/4/0/0/1/64 - Pic
Reversing Darts - Dynamo - AAA - 1107/5/0/0/0/0/180 - Pic
Rose - Laggy - AAA - 1063/4/0/0/0/0/83 - Pic
Sakura - Dynamo - AAA - 712/1/0/0/0/0/12 - Pic
Salieri Strikes Back - Dynamo - AAA - 2408/31/0/0/0/0/55 - Pic
Sandstorm - Thaor - AAA - 1355/53/0/0/0/0/24 - Pic
Secret Item - Dynamo - AA - 1062/2/2/0/0/1/75 - Pic
Senorita - Laggy - AAA - 860/1/0/0/0/0/151 - Pic
2nd - Thaor - AAA - 851/10/0/0/0/0/151 - Pic
Sepia Edit - Dynamo - AA - 2190/43/10/2/3/2/1 - Pic
2nd - bboyflames - AA - 2181/55/7/1/1/5/1 - Pic
Sex Friend Bomb The Bass - BlueMystic - AAA - 646/2/0/0/0/0/2 - Pic
Sex Friend Speed Bass - Thaor - AA - 580/67/8/0/1/2/2 - Pic
#est Heavy - Tsutter - AAA - 994/17/0/0/0/0/59
Shihen - Laggy - AAA - 2150/7/0/0/0/0/3 - Pic
Shining Collection - Bahamut-X - AAA - 2068/16/0/0/0/0/15 - Pic
Since 1983 Edit - Laggy? - AAA - 1399/43/0/0/0/0/6 - Pic
Snadstrom - Apocalypse - AA - 1075/255/62/16/2/3/40 - Pic/YouTube Video
Snow05 Edit - Laggy - AA - 1015/137/24/0/0/4/4 - Pic
Southern Cross - BlueMystic - AAA - 1348/11/0/0/0/0/31
Speedcore Dandy - Motoko - AAA - 1751/32/0/0/0/0/22 - Pic
St. Scarhand - Thaor - AAA - 1779/76/0/0/0/0/27 - Vid/YouTube Vid
Stage 2 Oni - Bahamut-X - AA - 850/24/0/0/1/0/85 - Pic
Suck a Sage - Dynamo - AA - 1383/31/0/0/0/1/10 - Pic
Superheroes Edit - Reach - AA - 903/79/3/0/0/0/11 - Pic
Superluminal - Thaor - AA - 1729/85/2/0/0/1/22 - Pic
2nd - Reach - AA - 1725/81/9/0/0/2/22 - Pic
3rd - Blade - AA - 1594/177/43/0/0/3/22 - Pic
Super Lovely - Dynamo - AAA - 988/5/0/0/0/0/38 - Pic
Surpassing Everything Oni - Dynamo - AAA - 879/10/0/0/0/0/54 - Pic
SYSTEM - Reach - AA - 1007/36/5/1/1/3/12 - Pic
Szerencsétlen - Dynamo - AA - 1744/48/1/0/01/181 - Pic
Terminal Strike - Reach - AA - 1393/172/33/3/4/2/189 - Pic
The A La Menthe - Thaor - AA - 1328/93/9/0/0/0/0 - [url=http://img201.imageshack.us/img201/3996/romtthealamentheyk8.jpg[/url]
2nd - Bahamut-X - AA - 1283/132/12/2/0/1/0
The Final Conflict Oni - Bahamut-X - AA - 902/50/3/1/0/7/0 - Pic
The Games We Never Played - tsutter - AA - 831/40/1/0/0/0/20
The Games We Played - Verny - AAA - 1418/1/0/0/0/0/0 - Pic
The Glass Prison - Laggy - AAA - 5396/25/0/0/0/0/22 - Pic
The Mooned Insects - Dynamo - AAA - 854/3/0/0/0/0/164 - Pic
The Mystical Potatohead Groove Thing - smdude - AAA - 833/7/0/0/0/0/47 - Pic
Dynamo - AAA - 829/11/0/0/0/0/47 - Pic
Thermosphere - BlueMystic - AAA - 1002/3/0/0/0/0/93 - Pic
2nd - Thaor - AAA - 991/14/0/0/0/0/93 - Pic
This is Sensation - Yesssss - AA - 830/74/6/0/0/0/447 - Pic
Tiny Toons edit (Glove's) - Bahamut-X - AAA - 350/9/0/0/0/0/16 - Pic
TKM - Dynamo - AAA - 627/5/0/0/0/0/42 - Pic
Toccata & Fugue Oni - BlueMystic - AAA - 1036/18/0/0/0/0/325 - Pic
Toph's Op - Laggy - AAA - 693/1/0/0/0/0/46 - Pic
Toph 2 - Dynamo - AAA - 881/8/0/0/0/0/36 - Pic
Tori no Uta - Dynamo - AAA - 1005/4/0/0/0/0/2 - Pic
Tranzport (cmod) - Bahamut-X - AAA - 1750/30/0/0/0/0/40 - Pic
Trisection Oni - tsutter - AA - 1141/48/0/0/0/1/40
True Born Junglist - Dynamo - AAA - 1685/54/0/0/0/0/6 - Pic
Tsuka Bazooka - Velious - AAA - 781/2/0/0/0/0/107 - Pic
2nd - Dynamo - AAA - 780/3/0/0/0/0/107 - Pic
V [SHD] - Dynamo - AA - 1027/31/11/0/0/2/20 - Pic
Variations 2 - BlueMystic - AAA - 869/3/00/0/0/0/63 - Pic
V1 - Dynamo - AAA - 870/4/0/0/0/0/11 - Pic
Vertex Delta - Thaor - AA - 1684/174/12/1/3/4/91 - Pic
Vertex Gamma - Thaor - AA - 1378/246/23/2/4/16/3/ - Pic
Vertex Gamma Oni - Dynamo - B - 1170/415/208/58/55/64/88 - Pic
Video Out D - Dynamo - AAA - 1173/12/0/0/0/0/301 - Pic
Visitor - Dynamo - AA - 2006/57/2/0/0/1/410 - Pic
Vivaldi Hip Hop - Dynamo - AAA - 598/5/0/0/0/0/125 - Pic
Vordhosbn Oni - tsutter - AAA - 799/11/0/0/0/0/10
Vortex - Laggy - AAA - 1001/5/0/0/0/0/0 - Pic
Wedding Peak! Oni - Dynamo - A - 1938/243/59/20/11/54/58 - Pic
What Planet is This? - IamMe - AA - 1750/20/0/0/0/1/457 - Pic
2nd - Dynamo - AAA - 1730/41/0/0/0/0/457 - Pic
Winnipeg is Fucking Over - Laggy - AA - 1161/80/11/1/0/1/102 - Pic
Wonderstory - Dynamo - AAA - 881/2/0/0/0/0/15 - Pic
World End's Yama Xanadu - Thaor - AA - 3235/253/15/0/0/0/184 - Pic
Wrapped Around the Pole (X-MOD) - Jaite - A - 623/201/69/16/9/17/61 Pic
Zenius-I-vanisher - Laggy - AAA - 759/2/0/0/0/0/143 - Pic
Zero-One - Dynamo - AA - 615/89/10/1/1/3/3 - Pic
%% - Dynamo - AAA - 969/7/0/0/0/0/5 - Pic

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Default Re: Stepmania/ffr history thread (input/help wanted!)

I've done nothing with my life in this department.
Originally Posted by thesunfan View Post
absolutely I want to vomit on your face irl
Originally Posted by choof View Post
It was like trying to throw logic at a fuckin brick wall lmao
Originally Posted by choof View Post
whats more dense, a black hole or an icyworld file
Originally Posted by Celirra View Post
I've never been so disappointed by a man from Alabama than I am right now
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Default Re: Stepmania/ffr history thread (input/help wanted!)

make sure you have a footnote for dossar about him drinking milk through a straw
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Default Re: Stepmania/ffr history thread (input/help wanted!)

LMFAO legit

edit: things i'll add later

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Default Re: Stepmania/ffr history thread (input/help wanted!)

don't forget that without the love rebirth had for his girl, we wouldn't have TGWP.
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absolutely I want to vomit on your face irl
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It was like trying to throw logic at a fuckin brick wall lmao
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whats more dense, a black hole or an icyworld file
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Default Re: Stepmania/ffr history thread (input/help wanted!)

make sure you have a footnote about the time mrrubix AAA'd excitebike while sleepwalking in ffr video chat with other people watching
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Default Re: Stepmania/ffr history thread (input/help wanted!)

This is sweeeeet
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Default Re: Stepmania/ffr history thread (input/help wanted!)

Some interesting tidbits here: http://www.flashflashrevolution.com/...137528&&page=2

I have a small post here: http://www.flashflashrevolution.com/...34&postcount=4

Mr Rubix did a thing: http://www.flashflashrevolution.com/....php?t=115062&

Also KBO is still around so you should find plenty of stuff on there!
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Default Re: Stepmania/ffr history thread (input/help wanted!)

those are actually pretty tight! thanks kraezymann!

edit: oh dang i found this thread by you too kraezymann

I guess I kinda fulfilled your wish with this thread, afaik this thread probably is the beginnings of the most complete history for this dear game

also kbo was kind of shortlived, only lasting the duration ffr was down in terms of activity, the best things that came from it of course were solo being more fleshed out, prominent old timers hung out, patashu made the terminology guide of all guides, someone found out about sounddriver=waveout for stepmania 3.9 and 3.95 improving performance, i hosted (along with many other people) a convenient list of packs, staiain started the stepmania wiki, patashus equally impressive guide to stepping files, the rise of minipacks and individuals making their own packs in general; subjectivemania, nuclear blast, uemp, mystery pack, tg10, piano minipack of excellence, light chanchellors pack, Kommisar's Keyboard Singles Originals, Farewell, My Little Stepmania[Pack],Parallel Rotation Minipack Released, german dump mini pack, cyrenics, kombo, dossars mp3, dossars dump pack, icyworld minipack, melon collab.

there were also a few big name megapacks, xoons around this time were your go to packs, ckmp4, hsmp was still going, rebound vibrajacking, otakus dream was getting really big around this time, smoc was coming around. mainly xoons though

dj roar is #1 and roar speak was leet

kbo as a game was pretty awesome. the community in general was super sociable, we played minecraft had our own server with stargroup iirc, and irc games, and generally lots of smo. Actually the scoreboards was the most active portion of the site really! We played so much, and posted so many scores
irc games


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Default Re: Stepmania/ffr history thread (input/help wanted!)

Originally Posted by Patashu View Post
make sure you have a footnote about the time mrrubix AAA'd excitebike while sleepwalking in ffr video chat with other people watching
i remember watching this lolol
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Default Re: Stepmania/ffr history thread (input/help wanted!)

Originally Posted by blindreper1179 View Post
don't forget that without the love rebirth had for his girl, we wouldn't have TGWP.
oh yeah speaking of this, there was the whole i love you pretending to be a girl thing, and i think many other instances of users getting popular pretending to be girls.

I also remember there was this one thread where a guy posted that his "brother" died and he would continue his brothers legacy by continuing to play and post in this site/game.

there was also that whole thing with mi40

added soul evans stuff, and updated op with kraezymanns stuff, and shuey's ddr simfile history

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Default Re: Stepmania/ffr history thread (input/help wanted!)

There was also this in history, back when nois-or-e was admin.

There's also a lot in legendary threads that made a moment in history for FFR, good example is the darkshark threads.

Also I vaguely remember, yet lost to time, there was one official tournament while Nois-or-e was still admin, and there was someone in D4 that had a separate account prepared for himself in D1. I forget who it was that did it, I think it was either Reshiram, or Zekramcross, but they were caught because they carried the same setups across accounts. The official thread lost their fucking mind for like 10 pages and there were no moderators online to handle it. Had like 150+ people screaming in there, and that was like 2012, 2013 as well. All the content was deleted as soon as nois-or-e came home that night.
Originally Posted by YoshL View Post

- Tosh 2014

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Default Re: Stepmania/ffr history thread (input/help wanted!)

hoooly moly you just reminded me that alongside cheaters, there was some really bad sandbaggers back then, lots of counteractive measures to ensure sandbagging is way less likely to happen and the such were taken

fuck now that i think about it, i wasn't around for avmiss being a thing and the impact it had on players
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Default Re: Stepmania/ffr history thread (input/help wanted!)

Originally Posted by icontrolyourworld View Post
oh yeah speaking of this, there was the whole i love you pretending to be a girl thing, and i think many other instances of users getting popular pretending to be girls.
we have a couple MtFs around here too (don't count me in because I'm still living as male full time rip)

http://www.flashflashrevolution.com/...d.php?t=139994 SaFyre13 getting banned for AAAing Staple on Smile iirc

there's also the FFR scores database crisis at some point as well http://ffr.wikia.com/wiki/Scores_Purge_of_2015

also back in 09 I vaguely remember people calling each other all sorts of slurs, but I can't remember if it was done in jest or if it was unironic, perhaps it may be worth mentioning political atmosphere back then vs now??? (especially w/ ODI and KBO being very noob-unfriendly iirc) in that regard, perhaps talking about the divide between timing & vibro players before a gradual metagame shift starting around 2011 to 93ing files
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Default Re: Stepmania/ffr history thread (input/help wanted!)

Originally Posted by Aquellex View Post
also back in 09 I vaguely remember people calling each other all sorts of slurs, but I can't remember if it was done in jest or if it was unironic,
are you serious?
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Default Re: Stepmania/ffr history thread (input/help wanted!)

I'm Sirius
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Default Re: Stepmania/ffr history thread (input/help wanted!)

free kommi

Originally Posted by bluguerilla
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Default Re: Stepmania/ffr history thread (input/help wanted!)

Originally Posted by icontrolyourworld View Post
the community in general was super sociable, we played minecraft had our own server with starcraft iirc, and irc games, and generally lots of smo. Actually the scoreboards was the most active portion of the site really! We played so much, and posted so many scores
irc games

#kbo as a community still exists, just as a discord channel that I administrate and chat in the most.

funny enough, the name of the "kbo" community has nothing to do with keybeat as a game, but we kept the namesake since this was where the vast majority of users met, lol.

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Default Re: Stepmania/ffr history thread (input/help wanted!)

Originally Posted by icontrolyourworld View Post
fuck now that i think about it, i wasn't around for avmiss being a thing and the impact it had on players
Think of butt herpes, but in a playable format. I for the longest time didn't even know it was a thing, so needless to say out of frustration keyboard #1 didn't make it.

Might want to mention 0 and 1 frame jacks too lmao. Game play in the 03-04 era was super archaic.
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Default Re: Stepmania/ffr history thread (input/help wanted!)

Originally Posted by choof View Post
are you serious?
icy has answered ur quetiion
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