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About me:
hey...My name is Brianna but if you like you can call me Rin or Kikyo and im puerto rican.Immma cool,fun,smart,Dark,sarcastic,and funny person to hang with.Im not gunna say my age but if ur over 14 nd lookiin for a gf srry but i can't help...but we could be friendz.I love the colorz Blue,Red,and Black. im nice but trust me u dont wanna get on my bad side lol i love vampires and anime <3 awesome lol I dont judge or steriotype ppl (ex. my best friend is emo.oh nd btw im not emo or goth just to let you know). But the majority of the time i dont get along with girly girl preps. OK lets make this straight...IM straight so all u non-straights...dont even THINK about it unless u wanna be friends.....only.... just dont hit on me or you'll be in trouble. i dont like fake ppl who are always talkin sht bout u so if ur like that i dont need u in my life, basically mess wit me and ill f*** u up. thats all 4 now...c-ya....
VAMPIRES!! <3 i like anime alot too, like naruto, dbz, vampire knight, +Anima,Inuyasha,Death note....alot of other shows too. i like playin sports, listening to music, watching t.v. (doesnt everyone? lol), going on the computer, hanging wit friends and fam,writing stories and poemz....yea i think thatz bout it...
Fav Music:
i like a bit of favorite bands are Evanescence,maroon5, linkin park,Green Day,The gorillaz,nickleback,daughtry, and...uhh i think thatz it and dont get me wrong i like rap and all that other stuff too but just not country or heavy metal music..
Fav Movies:
i like... THE DARK KNIGHT!! (best movie EVER)pirates of the carribean 1,2, and 3,300, The ring, the grudge,The breakfast club scary movie 1,2,3,pretty woman...rush hour 1,2, and 3, batman movies,lady and the tramp, all lion king movies lol ...comedies, horrors, action...stuff like that
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To All Of My Friends On FFR: Im so Sorry
Posted on: January 16, 2009, at 10:46:24pm   [3 comments]
im sorry i have not been on lately. skool is so hard now-a-days. I can only go on ffr once every few months. Im sorrrry to u all who have been my friends and then one day i just happened to disappear. please forgive me. Like Kidko. ily buddy im sorry 2 u 2 mfdat phantom. yuna, ria, im so so sorry. i'll misss u all so much nd try to go on ffr as much as i can. thank you all nd i love u all.

~Sincerly - Brianna (Bri) AkA xXxBl@cK_rOs3xXx

Zutara - already over (zuko & katara)
Posted on: August 29, 2008, at 01:04:05am   [2 comments]

yea i am a zutarian nd if u r a kataanger wiff sum idiotic rude comment to post on this...its not gunna be pretty....but if u arent like that then feel free to comment.

Awesome ppl on ffr =]
Posted on: August 29, 2008, at 12:55:24am   [10 comments]
she is the most awesome person
i kno and that u will ever meet (except 4 me lol jk)
she is my REAL sis nd i love
her :D She rox more then anyone else on this damn planet nd is always helpin me out wen i need her. sure i dont show it much but i dappreciate everthing she
does 4 me. ilh (i love her!)

she is wonderful nd i love
her to death. she'z meh lil
cuzo =]

my sista from anotha mother
my sista from anotha mista!
my best friend on ffr thatz a
girl. (yea i actually kno her in real life lol love her
too :D)

my bestest guy friend on ffr
he is sooo much more awesome
then me =] luv him to death and he is taken already by my other bff so BACK OFF!!! lol he's a great guy. He is always there for me nd makes me laugh nd makes me happy. ily kidko ur the absolute best =] <3

she is so damn awesome. the most gangsta ninja eva none to man so u betta back up. lolz we always have fun nd i am her mini me hehe considerin we have the same
name nd allz yea. she rox

my crazy cuzo whom i love. =]
yea he is meh cuz. He is cool
but he doesnt ever go on ffr
sooo yea.

she is so sweet nd she is a
wonderful sister (not blood)
but she is an awesome person to talk to. love her ^-^

mfdat phantom
He is a really good guy. sweet and a gentle man he
is awesome. im glad i met him =]he makes me happy nd wen i
feel down he cheers me up.
he's great. meh other bestest
guy friend on ffr

sasusaku - here in your arms
Posted on: July 20, 2008, at 03:52:22pm   [3 comments]

Sasuke,sakura,ino - misery buisness.
Posted on: July 15, 2008, at 01:56:00pm   [4 comments]

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wats up
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