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Name's Shervin. I keep quitting and coming back. FFR's like that ex gf you just can't get over with.
Piano, Snowboarding, Ice Skating, Playing Video Games, Soccer, Badminton...
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Anything but Death/Heavy Metal
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Comedy, and Action
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Posted on: November 26, 2013, at 09:08:08pm   [0 comments]
Got eliminated, no more motivation to play
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Posted on: November 27, 2010, at 09:22:07am   [20 comments]
FGO AAA's: (1) - "Frictional Nevada" (April 29, 2012)

1. Frictional Nevada (April 29, 2012)

FMO AAAs: (56) - "Demon Beast Appearance" (April 28, 2012)

1. Minute Waltz V2
2. Arrogant Cobbler
3. I'm Sick of Uprock
4. Midnight Dragon <--- ONI Get :P
5. Lawn Wake (LW EP Edit)
6. Summer Time Perfume
7. Battle Theme #37
8. Choprite
9. Novo Mondo
10. Grocery Escape Plan
11. Radio Heads
12. Gacha Gacha Hertz Figu atto
13. Puzzle
14. Jeanie And Caroline
15. Brandish Headless
16. The Divine Suicide of K [Heavy]
17. Epidermis
18. Setsujou! Hyakka Ryouran!
19. Disconnected Hardkore
20. Kanon Medley ~Metal Wings~
21. Thrash
22. Dance and Zeal
23. Cinnamon Roll
24. BB Evolution
25. Melonman's OP
26. Famicom Selecta
27. Variations 2
28. Overdrive <--- Favourite AAA
29. Strangeprogram
30. Staring at My Spaceship
31. Passage D [Heavy]
32. Largiloquent Dithyramb
33. Blindfolds Aside
34. Starwolf
35. Caprice
36. Yorukumory Yamikaze
37. Black Key Etude
38. Exciting Hyper Highspeed Star
39. Rottel-da-station
40. Document 13b
41. Heavenly Spores
42. Distorted God
43. Sonata Quasi Una Fantasia Mov.3
44. BB Revenge
45. Bogey at your Six
46. Fast Asleep
47. Miss Candy on TV
48. Defection
49. Determination
50. Ambient Angels
51. 0 (piano version)
52. Makiba
53. Colorful Course
54. Futsuu No Uta
55. Chaosmaid
56. Demon Beast Appearance
57. Stately, Wrong
58. Piano Etude (Demon Fire)

[57. Probably GOSW, Op.10, FFLBF, INFINITY Hspace, JULIA, The Rapids, or Papyrus's Adventure

FMO Flags:

Flight of the Bumblebee: BLACKFLAG
Final Fantasy Last Battle Festival: BLACKFLAG
Document 13b: BLACKFLAG
Rottel-da-Station: BLACKFLAG
Night and Day: BLACKFLAG
Church Bells BLACKFLAG
Exciting Hyper Highspeed Star BLACKFLAG

He's a Radical Rat: 3-0-0-1
honki sentai majrenjaa: 4-0-0-0

Notable FGO scores: SDG's: (20)
(SDG's include FC and non FC scores)

Gunkienen Tar Mercury: MISSFLAG and 2-0-0-1
Nomina Nuda Tenemus 2-0-0-0
Jamais Deux 2-0-0-0 & Missflag
Sparkle Downer: 3-0-0-1
Pants: 3-0-0-2
Adventures of Lolo: 3-2-0-2
Reality : 4-0-0-1
Lawn Wake II: 4-2-0-2
Katsarku Mozgalom: 5-0-0-0
BEER: 6-0-0-0
Mutant Corecore: 6-0-0-1
Integraation: 6-0-0-2
Tageri: 6-0-2-2
I Hate The 80's: 6-3-1-3
Time To Eye: 7-2-0-1
11ELEVEN: 7-0-0-1
Saddest RMX: 7-0-4-4
Holy Orders: 8-0-0-0
Mathsma Attack: 8-1-0-3
Indo No Sobaya (t+pazolite Remix): 8-1-0-4
Halcyon: 9-0-0-3
Canary Part V: 9-0-0-3
Across Rooftops: 9-1-0-1
Planet KARMA: 9-0-5-4
Little God Channel: 10-0-0-0
Electro Rush x8 v2: 10-0-0-3

RATO: FC with --Rank 20--
Comment wall
~Zeta~ writes at 1:16:43pm on 9/30/14
That rave7 was months ago lol.
back when I actually cared to play. 2much effort now, though.
Hakulyte writes at 4:40:39pm on 11/11/13
I can't even get under 30g now. I mindblocked that song to death.
Poison- writes at 7:13:32pm on 11/7/13
Do you think our file for Round 3 looks tough? From the preview video D5's song looks like it'd be harder for me with those jacks. Then again, the preview videos ALWAYS make a file look harder to me...
Poison- writes at 6:49:33pm on 11/7/13
I strangely didn't have a problem with the file at all. I thought the jump jacks would be way harder since they looked more intimidating in the preview video. I'm hoping the same thing happens for this round as well.
I hope that score is enough to keep you above the cutoff though! :)
Poison- writes at 6:44:03pm on 11/7/13
I saw that 2 clean on the front page
Poison- writes at 5:54:40pm on 11/7/13
Improve that score! I don't want to see you get eliminated :(
Hakulyte writes at 1:45:17pm on 11/2/13
well, hang in there and get rid of that rust. Feel like the next few rounds may be really interesting.
Hakulyte writes at 12:24:24pm on 11/2/13
Looks like you're back. Hello \o
Poison- writes at 10:20:01am on 10/29/13
I'm always better when I come back from a break, so I expect the same from you :)
Poison- writes at 10:09:41am on 10/29/13
No problem! Just remember to push yourself and you'll get better in no time :)