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I like anime, n also DDR. I'm now a standard n i still know how to kick things out. I can b ur friend or ur emeny ur choice. hav a gud day ^_^ I'm 18 yrs old n i like to run yea that's all i'm going to say
Games, Music, Going out wit friends, doing stuff n playing DDR of course!!!
Fav Music:
anything that keeps me hyper n makes my head bang, n o yea i like anime n jpop, n jrock
Fav Movies:
Well I hav to say any movie where people die wit blood splatering everywhere. I like that ^.^
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Posted on: March 21, 2008, at 07:18:22pm   [2 comments]
to all the new people i hav check out the my pro on here n Myspace u'll like both n if u want comment me n comment n pics ok Thank U

Posted on: September 30, 2007, at 06:17:04pm   [0 comments]
Foamy Foamy ^_^

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CAFK writes...
at 8:46:32am on 6/18/09
What's up?
DannHellraiser writes...
at 9:33:36pm on 2/15/09
pretty good dude, not much has happend with me...
DannHellraiser writes...
at 5:56:36pm on 2/14/09
wow... i never new i was 8th person you added onto your friends list... lolz
CAFK writes...
at 3:39:28pm on 12/17/08
Ya, hi hows you. I'm doing pretty gud. [=
DannHellraiser writes...
at 10:24:52pm on 11/15/08
same here dude, what u been up to?
DannHellraiser writes...
at 7:53:40pm on 11/15/08
hey whats up dude how you been?
finalfantasy78629 writes...
at 12:20:45pm on 6/4/08
Nice Hellsing Theme! ^_^
shadowrougesonic writes...
at 9:31:38pm on 5/17/08
today is cute friend day
and ur one cute friend
send this to all ur cute friends
(even me )
if u get 6 back
4=some wat okay
3=a lil better not so bad lookin
1=fuckin ugly
if u get this more then 6 times its means ur one sexi babe
Zach R writes...
at 9:22:52am on 5/17/08
thanks dude same to you
tinathewolf135 writes...
at 8:50:09pm on 5/9/08
nice page
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