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About me:
Hii, I'm Brianna. I'm just your average 20 year old girl who try's open the microwave door before it beeps. I'm a Call Of Duty, World Of Warcraft, Oblivion, (and now) Skyrim, just overall gaming kind of girl. (You'd think I was a tomb boy!) I chain-smoke, I out drink most people, and I'm an asshole. I'm definitely not what you've been looking for.
Beating the odds, PS3, gaming, and shuttlecock, don't know what that is? Google it. lol my PSN is Aidenxtara :)
Fav Music:
Bayside, Brand New, The Sleeping, H.I.M., Taking Back Sunday, Eminem, Skrillex, and Anything with a good beat, and lyrics with heart.
Fav Movies:
Seven Pounds, The Notebook, 300, Spirit: Stallion Of The Cimmaron and Watchmen.
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CammyGoesRawr writes...
at 1:26:02am on 3/28/21
thank for the voteee :P
yumi yumi XD
wow you're so handsome :P
ze3ro writes...
at 2:26:29am on 12/27/12
Hey Punk.. Lol I actually finally got on this again. Lol. XD
austen parker writes...
at 5:19:36pm on 8/28/12
yo! yea it has
How have you been?
New Jesus writes...
at 11:46:30am on 2/16/12
Be my babyyyyy
Illiko writes...
at 10:38:46am on 12/24/11
Happy Holidays!!!!!
DrugstoreCowboy writes...
at 10:12:12am on 11/26/11
Dang! You should come stop by thirdstyle and try it out. It's more like SM than FFR. Just give it a try ^_^
DrugstoreCowboy writes...
at 6:50:07pm on 10/22/11
Haha, I just came here to get a file of mine and saw the heart. You know I run right?
Brandon Negron writes...
at 6:44:26pm on 6/9/11
based upon your about me ive come to the conclusion that you r awesome:)
johnTM writes...
at 8:12:46pm on 12/22/10
oh wow, look who it is. haha i havent bee on here in FOREVER.
Rasengan022 writes...
at 12:13:56am on 10/11/09
thanks for the vote :)
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