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I suck, don't pay attention to me >.> <.<
All music games all the time.
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Dream Theater and lots of other stuff.
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Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
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Posted on: May 31, 2015, at 02:01:41pm   [1 comment]
I can't believe I've been on here for 10 years. A whole DECADE. That's just insane to me. Granted, I was gone for about for or five of those years, but I came back! I gotta say I'm kinda glad I took that extended break from all things FFR and SM. The community has come a long way, and these past couple of years have been a blast. Not sure how much longer I'll be at this, but I'm glad to be spending it with all of you (in one way or another).

Also I'm 28 now. UGH I'M OLD.
Posted on: April 27, 2015, at 11:50:22pm   [0 comments]
Metroid Prime is much better than I thought it would be. One game down, two to go.
Posted on: February 1, 2015, at 02:47:49pm   [0 comments]
Sure does keep you busy. It's also pretty frustrating sometimes. Ever tried to file taxes while in a domestic partnership? Good fucking luck.
Posted on: May 23, 2014, at 12:21:01am   [0 comments]
Since I've been living alone for awhile with my roommates out of the country, and we have this piano just sitting here that nobody uses, I took it upon myself to finally take the time to learn. I've only spent about four hours or so at it but I've made some decent progress I'd say. The hardest part is learning how to read bass clef since I've read nothing but treble my entire music career, and of course memorizing which keys correspond to what notes. The former is just going to take tons of practice and the later is coming along rather quickly. Helps that I have so much experience with hand-eye coordination from all these music games haha. Not to mention all the finger dexterity.

Current goal: Play "Rufus' Welcoming Ceremony" from FF7 perfectly. I can do the treble clef no problem, but reading the bass and doing both at the same time...yeah that's fucking hard. One step at a time.
Posted on: March 31, 2014, at 01:31:02am   [1 comment]
After spending all evening practicing my movement in Super Metroid and doing some run attempts I managed to cut my time by nearly 6 whole minutes :O Holy shiiiiiit talk about huge improvement. I'm probably gonna start to hit the wall and improve by mere seconds each time now lol. Though I'm pretty sure I lost more than a minute just by being horrible at Phantoon and Draygon, so if I can grind them a bit and get better I'm pretty sure I can cut the hour relatively soon :D

Unfortunately I got a bad stomach ache right after I finished x.x Not the celebration I had in mind.

Video of the run is here for anyone curious:

Can hear me talk to the invisible PrawnSkunk the whole time since he was the only person watching.
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evanescence_death4ever writes at 3:19:08am on 4/9/17
Nice to meet you!
DissonantMuse writes at 10:22:28pm on 8/24/16
Thanks! AAAs always used to be a lot more difficult for me until I learned to deal with the nerves. I still get pretty shaky when I'm AAAing something and I'm like 1000+ notes in but the more AAAs I kept trying for the easier it was to not get so nervous. And yeah man you should go for it! I'm sure you could get over 200 easily!
Lambdadelta writes at 5:37:32pm on 1/12/16
Been meaning to ask this for quite some time.
The fuck is your avatar, it's cute...
MarcusHawkins writes at 12:46:54pm on 5/31/15
Congrats on being FFR for 10 years! :D
How you you feel having a decade of FFR?
Make a random thought about it, please!
PrawnSkunk writes at 2:20:37am on 5/28/15
Happy Birthday, shenjoku! <:o)
axith writes at 6:51:20pm on 2/4/15
That's an impressive set of scores in the scores thread you posted today. Awesome stuff. Especially the op.9 and blue-violet.
Cerise79 writes at 10:25:25am on 12/12/14
Thanks for the comments on my BMS score threads :D
xAlphaWolf writes at 9:32:20am on 10/4/14
xAlphaWolf writes at 4:37:12am on 10/3/14
how have u been?: D
xAlphaWolf writes at 5:05:23pm on 10/2/14