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reading, composing music, playing violin
Fav Music:
anything as long as i can relate to it or understand it and it keeps me goin
Fav Movies:
Inception, Wreck It Ralph
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rayquazaoutrage writes...
at 1:15:26am on 10/5/20
im feeling rebellious and impatient, so i'm posting before two years. Also just in case the world ends because of COVID :)
rayquazaoutrage writes...
at 12:21:32pm on 1/17/19
quack (more than 2 years)
rayquazaoutrage writes...
at 6:25:44pm on 8/26/16
little more than 2 years since i last posted lul ggwp idk why I'm here
rayquazaoutrage writes...
at 11:59:57pm on 8/15/14
First time i posted in 3 years! (this is going to be a hobby)
rayquazaoutrage writes...
at 10:05:50am on 2/22/11
wow second time i posted in two years...!
rayquazaoutrage writes...
at 10:05:12am on 2/22/11
shadowtherapstar writes...
at 10:24:22am on 2/14/11
rayquazza is the best pokemon you can get
rayquazaoutrage writes...
at 8:46:50am on 8/22/09
man im bored
i want some money
rayquazaoutrage writes...
at 10:35:18am on 8/30/08
Synthlight writes...
at 11:25:15am on 8/9/08
First person to post on your wall.