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I play the drums in a marching band. i'm a total crazy awesomeness, irreplaceable. i love peace more than the mountin air
drawing, cool shows, happiness. sweet and honest guys. love. sweet and sour chicken(delicious!!)
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Elizabeth Gillies, Marie Digby, Victoria Justice, Jennette McCurdy, Jon Mclaughlin, Kelly Clarkson, and Miranda Cosgrove
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Enchanted, Snow White and the Huntsman, Despicable Me, and Avatar: The Last Airbender.
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Xxmr_kuddlesXx writes...
at 12:05:03pm on 4/16/15
Same here I just recently gain been able to get on so I'm trying to get on as much as I can so that I can keep in contact with a few people lol. I'm doing alright though for the most part, how are you doing if I may ask? Been a hot min :3
Xxmr_kuddlesXx writes...
at 9:22:48am on 2/6/15
Droping by to shoot you a hi
bmah writes...
at 3:38:40pm on 6/13/13
Why thank you! I didn't make the gif animation, but I do know that it's entirely hand-drawn from a program called Flipnote Hatena on the Nintendo DSi. Whoever drew it did a very good job.
badman7772 writes...
at 1:26:01pm on 6/13/13
Wajjit writes...
at 10:50:58pm on 6/12/13
Thanks! :D
Xxmr_kuddlesXx writes...
at 12:40:12pm on 4/20/13
Yes that is true I'm around a lot of prego girls but I see it as normal now concidering where I grew up at
Xxmr_kuddlesXx writes...
at 11:13:39am on 4/13/13
Nah I haven't been on in a bit and my memory failed me on remembering the last thing we were talking about not your fault haha
Xxmr_kuddlesXx writes...
at 5:59:49pm on 3/21/13
I din't even know what we are talking about-
Xxmr_kuddlesXx writes...
at 5:03:52am on 3/15/13
Aw that sucks
SK8R43 writes...
at 11:56:31pm on 3/13/13
Oh thats really cool! :) And nah i dont go to college either lol
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