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I was going to delete all these damn comments and start fresh from the people I actually remembered, but that shit be to hard and I'm lazy asf right now so. I'm back for anyone who cares
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Zauriel writes at 7:37:47pm on 11/7/19
Leave your phone number, and I will call you and text you too, I just hope you come back and see these messages, you hoped and I came back >w<... I hope my hopes are heard too...
Zauriel writes at 7:30:36pm on 11/7/19
I hope you appear again... please fo appear again... communicate to me through my twitter or facebook... I ho0e to see you again T.T... No matter how long has been.. I remmeber you.. and I am glad you are okey u.u just wish I would have come back when you did... but please, if you come back again... that twitter and facebook, do DM me please.
Zauriel writes at 7:24:00pm on 11/7/19
I miss you too.... old friend
Zauriel writes at 7:23:40pm on 11/7/19
please... I hope you talk to me again u.u
Zauriel writes at 7:17:38pm on 11/7/19
it says that last time you where arround was on april, but I have hope n.n
Zauriel writes at 7:16:55pm on 11/7/19
Whenever you can you can DM me on any of these 2 n.n I trully hope I am not too late, I hope I can see you again ood friend n.n I missed you.
Zauriel writes at 7:14:48pm on 11/7/19
Sorry has been many months away x.x but I havent been here since a long long time o.O
Zauriel writes at 7:14:19pm on 11/7/19
Whenever you are back, I would love to talk to you again >w<
Zauriel writes at 7:11:41pm on 11/7/19
HI LONG TIME NO SEE! I am sorry but I havent been arround here for long time x.x I hope you are still arround x.x
j3553k1tty writes at 11:03:06am on 4/15/19
Guess what? I'm back you loverly fucker :p