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aka Assertive
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weeb stuff
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Gaming Region:Canada
Location:Sunnyvale, California, USA
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megamon88's Music on FFR
Song NamesSong StyleDate
Mysterious DesertArabian Techno18-04-11
Town Theme 1 (WIP Edition)Soundtrack29-09-11
megamon88's Stepped Songs
Song NamesSong StyleDate
Chaoz JapanEdo Techno22-03-09
KatharsisClassical Rave09-08-09
Extreme Dishwasher RaceDystopia06-12-10
RANEdo Techno24-12-10
Voodoo PeopleTechno08-02-11
He's a Pirate - F-777 ReMiXBuchiage Trance11-04-11
Pokemon GSC Elite FourOrchestral Remix07-07-11
System FailureTech Breaks29-07-11
FF7 BattleEpic VG Rock20-12-11
Treasure PlanetHardcore20-12-11
Fish HellRockin' Jazz03-01-12
VS PSYCHOSHYGame Music23-02-12
All Y'all BitchesGabba09-03-12
Pokamen PartyBreakcore11-05-12
Pinkie's CastleChiptune16-06-12
404th of JulyTechno03-07-12
Hearth's Warming Holiday CheerHappy Festive28-07-12
FlamingoBroken Jungle28-07-12
Find a Pet (Candy Mix)Happy Hardcore04-08-12
Hello (Luke Da Duke Remix)Electro House22-09-12
My Little Pony Medley [Standard]Happy Techno27-10-12
Rarity Attempts 400 Dresses (LOOMING MIX)Breakcore04-11-12
My Little Pony Medley [Heavy]Happy Techno 17-11-12
New Fluttershy (MONSTER MIX)Breakcore02-12-12
SoulcrusherHardcore Jungle08-12-12
Call Upon the Seaponies (EuroSHOOBEDOO Mix)Eurobeat14-03-13
Mozart on CrackClassical Rave27-04-13
gPrOeWaEtRaFnUdL (Dave! Remix)Hard Gabba18-05-13
Still Shy VIP InstrumentalDubstep08-06-13
Lost [Addictia]Hardstyle29-06-13
Random Thoughts
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Posted on: December 6, 2011, at 08:11:59pm   [3 comments]
Posted on: October 6, 2011, at 12:07:46am   [6 comments]
...since I've written a random thought. Over 2 years, even. I don't really have a reason to write them so I guess it's justified. I'm really tired right now and have no idea what I'm talking about. CUPCAKES

P.S. Ponies

P.P.S. My gamertag is HologramViral now whoops
Posted on: June 13, 2009, at 06:15:12pm   [0 comments]
Sooooo...I got a 360 for my birthday! If anyone wants to add me, my gamertag is megamon88. :D
Posted on: April 5, 2009, at 09:37:27pm   [0 comments]
Woot, 3 billion! That's a lot of points. O.o Also today I got 100k credits from gambling! Yay me!
Posted on: March 20, 2009, at 08:10:58pm   [0 comments]
So, I've come to notice that I've lost all my skill. I didn't play for a week because I got grounded, and then after that, I started sucking really badly. So, no more good scores from me. :(
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Diamondblaze writes at 1:06:50pm on 2/21/20
Holy shit, Assertive had an FFR account? o.o
Rapta writes at 10:29:59pm on 4/23/18
who is that girk?
rzr writes at 9:57:12am on 11/11/15
lots of people are like that I noticed. I deleted all my social media so I only have this for now haha. Good to see you're still around though (:
rzr writes at 3:34:33pm on 11/9/15
long time no see! can't believe you're still here (:
rzr writes at 11:53:28am on 11/7/15
dAnceguy117 writes at 8:22:25pm on 5/31/14
oh oops I just saw the comment below mine lol
dAnceguy117 writes at 8:22:12pm on 5/31/14
do you use skype? I sent you a skype friendy thingy!
Lambdadelta writes at 8:56:45pm on 5/28/14
You never come on skype anymore ;-;
Lambdadelta writes at 8:18:37pm on 2/27/14
Yo alex I started stepping Skybound, Mind if I submit it to FFR when it's done?
klimtkiller writes at 10:29:06am on 12/22/13
what is team pony?