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ffr friends
Posted on: November 10, 2007, at 11:51:04pm   [2 comments]
ppl i has a couple new noobies for u.s to join the ffr craze so dont give them a hard time (nova jk)

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mrpreggers writes...
at 11:23:11pm on 3/23/15
double d edd boy
RB_Spirit writes...
at 1:45:18pm on 2/6/13
Haha ohya!
RB_Spirit writes...
at 10:26:47pm on 2/3/13
Pretty chill haha, what's good with u
RB_Spirit writes...
at 11:36:08pm on 1/22/13
sup bro haha. I remember you. It's RB_Killer.
Hazelle writes...
at 5:51:53pm on 1/19/13
woah, hey!!! <3 whats up with everyone coming back to ffr all of a sudden - or at least me hearing from y'all xD
Hazelle writes...
at 6:59:31pm on 8/8/12
Oh haha still - all good! :D
Hazelle writes...
at 6:35:54pm on 8/8/12
YouuuUuuUUuUUUuuu plays da Satatarrrraaararararr crafffftttt? SWEET :D WIll add you tonight :D
Hazelle writes...
at 4:26:49pm on 8/7/12
lol woah hey johnny!!!
haha i like, never play anymore so you'll probably pass me up whenever you feel like whoring some arrows.
So how've you been dawg???
My soul has been stolen by starcraft, and it's just gonna stay that way :D
subin writes...
at 9:26:41pm on 2/28/12
Wasn't a dead zone :)
kenzie bear writes...
at 8:06:37pm on 10/12/11
Awe thanks.
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