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Uploaded on May 22, 2007 at 07:35:09am

Picture Comments

  1. Hey its you!

  2. Nice living room man. Those paintings are pretty awesome too.
    That grin is freakin' hilarious too. lol

  3. Lazy and skilled o.O

  4. Aha, I got one of those shirts too! Mine is navy though. It makes anyone look 10x awesomer :D

  5. nice shirt(it's badass)

  6. this is completely different from what i expected

  7. I love your place it's so antique looking

  8. what are the two weird pear shaped objects called? I MUST KNOW O.o

  9. you look very hott
    I love the paintings

  10. nice shirt

  11. like the paintings and shirt :]

  12. AWESOME SHIRT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. i like the paintings!

  14. your house looks good the paintings :)

  15. I wanna get the one with the ffr insignia on it the regular one i dont have enough skill to get the skill one XD

  16. Haha, us older guys need to stick together, keep rockin bud.

  17. lovetheshirt =]

  18. nah i pwn him.. Rofl

  19. this picture is telling me "ffr, i pwn you LOL"

    i dig it.

  20. dang you're old too!

  21. heyitsyouu

  22. yerr cute.